Everything you need to know about the new 2023 Kawasaki KLR650S

An overview of the 2023 Kawasaki KlR650 S is provided in this article. It covers the features, ergonomics, engine, price, availability and other important aspects of the motorcycle. The KLR650 S is a new and enhanced version of the well-liked and dependable Ducati KLR650. It comes with a fuel-injected 652cc single-cylinder engine, multi-functioning digital gauge panel, high-tensile double-cradle frame, and LED headlamp.

With lowered front and rear suspensions for 2023, the KLR650 S improves the rider’s reach to the ground while maintaining its excellent handling and comfort. There are also new low seat settings, updated shifter-to-footpeg distances, and shorter side stands in addition to the lower suspension settings.

2023 Kawasaki KLR650S Ergonomics

It has been a standout characteristic of the KLR650 over the years, the fact that the rider is seated comfortably and upright, and in 2023, the KLR650 S has been refined even further to provide an easier reach to the ground, while maintaining a lower overall seat height.

A 15mm gap has been added between the shifter and footpeg, allowing the toe to enter the shifter with ease and move around freely. People with different foot sizes can therefore use shifters without difficulty.

2023 Kawasaki KLR650S Seats

For most bikes, a new seat with re-shaped internal foam will reduce the seat height easily. The overall thickness of the foam has been reduced by around 1.37 inches (35mm), but Kawasaki is quick to point out that overall comfort has not been affected, the padding that’s still there has also been strategically placed for comfort while riding on long trips.

It has a 35mm thinner seat than a standard motorcycle seat. The side stand length was also shortened by 30mm by Kawasaki, allowing the seat height to be lowered and making sitting more comfortable.

Other Ergonomic feature

With the adjustable position of the handlebars and footpegs, the rider’s position can be adjusted to help him or her remain comfortable for longer periods of time in the saddle. There are rubber-mounted handlebars and footpegs on the bike, resulting in excellent comfort due to reduced vibration.

2023 Kawasaki KLR650S Suspension

There has been a reduction in suspension travel and a switch to new damping settings on the S model in order to boost agility and steering response.

There are 6.7 inches of front-wheel travel thanks to the 41mm male-slider fork, and the new linkage in the Uni-Trak rear suspension allows an additional 7.0 inches of rear-wheel travel thanks to the new linkage. The front has 1.2 inches shorter travel, while the rear has 0.3 inches less than Kawasaki’s previous KLRs.

2023 Kawasaki KLR650S Chassis

The engine and basic chassis components of all 2023 KLR650 models are similar. There are two balancing shafts in the large 652cc four-valve DOHC single engine, with bore and stroke measurements of 100mm by 83mm.

 For this size of engine, the 40mm throttle body smoothes the throttle response and flattens the torque curve. The injection ECU receives information from an oxygen sensor in the exhaust system.

2023 Kawasaki KLR650S Engine

The KLR650 S is powered by a reliable, dependable, and trusted engine.  The 652cc, four-stroke, liquid-cooled engine features a DOHC cylinder head and produces a flat power curve for cruising at freeway speeds on challenging roads. The fuel tank has a great useable volume, contributing to the vehicle’s excellent range between fill-ups thanks to fuel injection.

When starting the KLR650 S in cold or high altitude conditions, fuel injection makes starting easy. Furthermore, it increases the performance and reliability of the engine. Air-fuel mixing is enhanced by a fine-atomizing injector with ten holes, which sprays 60 m droplets for efficient combustion. There is a strong mid-range power and torque characteristic provided by the intake and exhaust cam profiles. The material and shape of the cam chain guide contribute to the reliability of the chain.

Designed to deliver strong mid-range torque characteristics suitable for daily riding, the exhaust pipe diameter was carefully selected to ensure the best possible performance. Fuel injection is controlled by an oxygen sensor, which contributes to clean exhaust emissions and high fuel efficiency.

2023 Kawasaki KLR650S Braking System

ABS is available as an option on the front brakes, which feature a single 300mm rotor and a two-piston calliper. KLR650 S wheels feature 90/90-21 semi-knobby tires on the front and 130/80-17 on the rear.

The KLR650 S motorcycle’s powerful engine is complemented by a huge 300mm front disc that offers strong stopping force. Its tough appearance is enhanced by the round disc. Heat is effectively dissipated by the thick disc design on the rear brakes when under heavy braking.

The rear discs have the same round shape as the front discs. ABS is available as a feature on models with and without low-friction surfaces, providing additional rider reassurance.

Wheels of 2023 Kawasaki KLR650S

KLR650 S features a 21″ front wheel and 17″ rear wheel, which allows riders to continue riding even when paved roads end. Tube tires are used on the front and rear, making roadside repairs easier. Both durability and handling are enhanced by large-diameter wheel axles.

Weight of 2023 Kawasaki KLR650S

The weight of the 2023 Kawasaki KLR650 S is very well-balanced, the total weight of the motorcycle is just around 207kgs or 456.4 lb. Keeping the weight to a minimum is made easier with a sealed battery. All components of the bike are designed to keep the weight to a minimum, including the starter, ignition coil, and evaporator canister

Bodywork and Led lights

The KLR650 S’s robust design reflects its ability to take you on an unforgettable adventure. In order to emphasize its ruggedness, the colours and graphics were carefully selected. It is aesthetically appealing and functional, with a shrouded design that includes protectors, while its side cover design, tail cowl, and side cover all contribute to a robust look.

Besides providing great wind protection, the windshield also enhances the KLR650 S’ rugged adventure bike appearance. In addition to providing illumination after sunset, a bright LED headlight contributes to the intended adventure styling. Redesigned taillights and turn signals add a tough look to the back. The rearward field of vision can be improved with long mirror arms.

Featuring a large LCD display and white backlight, an all-digital instrument panel allows for easy reading of information. The instrument panel also features a dual trip meter, a fuel gauge, a clock, and an indicator lamp in addition to the speedometer and odometer. Fuel gauges and speedometers are prioritized in the display list.


In addition to personalizing the look of their KLR650, Kawasaki Genuine Accessories (KGA) offer added comfort and convenience. With Kawasaki’s accessory side cases and top cases matched in design, a clean appearance is guaranteed.

Mounting the side cases on the bike is easy because they feature top-opening designs. Easily clipped onto their mounting brackets, the side cases provide a secure fit. A helmet of the off-road style can be fitted in the top case.

One-key systems are available for side cases and top cases, improving convenience. Additional luggage capacity is provided by an aluminium rear carrier that complements the accessory luggage. A grip heater set, LED auxiliary light set, engine guards, DC power outlet, and USB port are included in its exclusive luggage, as well as accessories such as grip heaters and LED auxiliary lights.

Pricing and availability

The pricing of the motorcycle starts from $6,900 for the standard model and if you want the model with ABS then the price goes up to $7,199.

The motorcycle is available in Pearl Storm grey for both versions and the non-ABS version has a special colour which is Candy lime green.

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