Absence of Rear Reflector: Problem and Solution of Harley Davidson Bike

absence rear reflector problem solution harley davidson bike
Absence rear reflector problem solution Harley Davidson bike

Developed in Finland in the 1960s, bicycle reflectors are simple safety devices based on prisms. When light strikes a prism coated reflector, it is redirected via two tiny right angle mirrors back in the direction it came from.

Vehicles must be equipped with at least one rear reflector. Vehicles remain clearly visible at all times when this method is used.

Define Reflector

Reflectors are only visible if the viewer emits light, like a driver with oncoming headlights. In general, bike reflectors do not provide sufficient visibility aids for night riding, even when the right conditions exist. Usually attached to the rear, front, pedal, or wheel of a bike, this device increases visibility in dark conditions.

On the rear, the front, and the wheels of bicycles, there is a bicycle reflector or prism reflector, which serves as a safety device for a bicycle. This bicycle uses the principle of retro reflection to draw the attention of another road user to the presence of the bicycle on the road. A reflector is typically constructed from a clear tile of plastic that has been molded into a rectangular shape.

Define Rear Reflector

A rear reflector is designed that headlight light reflects clearly off it. As a result, your car will be much more visible at night. When your car is parked with the lights off, these reflectors, in conjunction with your tail lights, make it easier for other drivers to see your car.

Workflow of Rear Reflector

The light is usually mounted on the back, front, pedal, or wheel of a bike and it makes it easier to see when riding a bicycle in low light conditions. In order to redirect the light that strikes the rear of a prism or bead coated reflector in the direction it came from, two tiny right angle mirrors are employed to reflect the light back toward the direction from which it came.

Usually, the rear reflectors are mounted on the stem under the seat. Be careful not to block them off with your seat or jacket if they are too high. Normally, the front reflector should be mounted on the handlebar stem or even the stem itself.

It is possible to use reflective tape on your bike instead of reflectors if you do not want to attach reflectors.

Demerits of Rear Reflectors in Harley Davidson Bikes

The rear Reflectors of Harley Davidson bikes have two disadvantages. It only works when a light source is provided by the viewer. Motorists generally use their headlights at night, but this does not work for bicyclists, pedestrians, skateboarders, and animals.

The second problem is that variable conditions can make a reflector essentially useless. A light source’s entrance angle might make reflected light practically invisible. Observers may also be outside the narrow path of light reflected by the bike reflector, known as the observation angle.

Importance of Harley Davidson Bike Rear Reflector

It is advisable to have a rear reflector on Harley Davidson bikes when riding at night or in low light situations in order to be more visible to motorists. It would also be nice to have a front light, if for no other reason than to be seen by cars and to see potential potholes or other obstructions that could lead to any hospitalization.

There is a federal law that requires all new bicycles (including Harley Davidson Bikes) to be equipped with reflectors, but some older bikes may not have them, and some owners remove their bicycles’ reflectors after they purchase them. The removal of the reflectors from your bike and riding without them is legal as long as you do it in daylight but it is illegal to do the same in low light conditions

When Harley Davidson bikes are required to be sold with reflectors as part of their standard equipment, it will be easier for people who want lighting to obtain it.

As a result, the cost of lights would also decrease, and standardization and innovation would be encouraged. There is no way to say definitively how many lives would be saved from bike crashes due to the lack of data.

Rear Reflector of Harley Davidson Bikes Problems


It is possible for the reflective material to fade over time. Consequently, nighttime visibility is reduced. The reflective material may need to be replaced if it is no longer visible from 100 meters away.


After being hit by an object, a rear reflector may crack after being struck by the object. Consequently, some or all parts of the reflector may fall off as a result of this. When a part of the reflector is missing, it can reduce the visibility of the car at night, and the car may be less visible.

Losing & Falling Off

Sometimes, heavy duty glue is used to hold a reflector in place. This glue may lose its effectiveness over time as a result of exposure to the elements. This will eventually result in the reflector falling off.

Solutions of Rear Reflector in Harley Davidson Bikes

The rear reflectors for Harley Davidson bikes do not have any specific solutions for them. In order to avoid having to remember to bring them with you or having to worry about them getting stolen, you would prefer rechargeable and inexpensive reflectors to avoid having to remember to bring them with you.

It is important to note that Harley Davidson bike rear reflectors can be used as an auxiliary or backup visibility aid. Bicyclists can use them to increase visibility because they never run out of batteries, only fail when severely cracked or broken, and never require batteries. Even though LED lights have limitations and flaws, bicyclists should always ride with powered lights under any condition that may impede visibility, such as darkness, rain and fog.

Comparing data on car crashes with and without lights. Injuries and fatalities could be reduced significantly if bicycle manufacturers or dealers required lights.

It is vitally important to note that lighting and reflectors on Harley Davidson bikes are decided based on Harley Davidson bikes driving data as well as common sense of the rider while driving at night.

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