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Best Battery for High Compression Harley

Do you want to know what the best battery is for a Harley? Then this review is for you.

A high compression engine should have at least 90 lbs of compression, and the cylinders should not be more than 10% apart from one another.

If an engine gets built with many compressions, it should have electronic compression discharges, and you need to find the perfect battery for it.

A good battery is the beginning point for the bike’s electrical system.

As a result, there are currently hundreds and even thousands of different batteries made.

At first sight, that is a marvelous thing, but on the other hand, a wide range of batteries makes the search process harder.

To make your research a little easier, we will review all of the best batteries for high compression Harley on the market, but before that, we need to take a little buying guide to know what kind of features you need to look for.

Best Battery for High Compression Harley

4 Best Battery For High Compression Harley

Antigravity ATX12 – HD – RS Lithium

First, let us start the review by saying that this battery will work with any 12-volt motorcycle, and it is one of the most cost-effective ways to drop weight from your bike. That gets guaranteed from the technology it gets made from, to be exact, lithium-ion technology, which is a different form of battery-powered delivery. 

A battery with a lithium-ion has a different core, so it performs a big hit of power upfront, is small and surprising light.

The installation on this is pretty easy since this thing gets made to factory stock battery dimensions, so it bolts right in.

With all of these pros, there are still some things you need to keep in mind if you are thinking of purchasing an Antigravity battery. 

If your bike is something that you will start constantly, then this battery is not for you. Constant starts and stops drain the accumulator, as they do not have a bunch of capacity. The amp power rating will be a little lower than the lead-acid or AGM battery. 

Keep in mind, do not use this battery if you are doing lots of cold weather ridings!

Yuasa YUAM720GH GYZ20HL Battery

Firstly, let us talk a little about the company Yuasa. The brand is based in the USA and is the industry standard. They are the largest provider to the OEM of batteries, so you know that trusting this brand is not the wrong choice.

Their batteries are standard lead-acid batteries and are great since it has persuasive technology and very effective response time. Even though a lead-acid battery is a classical model, it still works well to this day.

This Yuasa battery is super heavy, as they have used every possible bit of this particular accumulator.

The terminals of this battery are flush mount on these for the Harley’s, which means you do not have to use brass spacers. 

Another vital bit about this battery is that it does not have brass terminals built into the lead plates that poke out into battery terminals. It is fundamental with the terminals brass, is a great conductor, and it means you are not going to be struggling with getting the hardware inside while trying to line everything out.

The battery goes perfectly with any 12-volt motorcycle.

RG20L – WS Wicked Start 500+ CCA Battery

One of the most significant parts while buying the battery is the price of it. As already said, most batteries cost a lot, and a lot of times, it gets caused by brand names. If you do not want to pay more for just signature, the best 600 cca motorcycle battery is RG20L-WS. 

Often some people complain about the durability of batteries, but if you be very careful with it, you will not have any problem. Considering the battery’s power, you have to keep in mind that they do not get built to take a regular charge. If you want your battery to work at its optimum, then you should charge the battery every 30 days when not using.

All and all, the maximum time of RG20L-WS working is around two years.

The technology in itself is pretty advanced regarding storing and transforming power.

Another thing you need to know is that this battery is slightly heavier than other ones on the market. Therefore if you are a racer, or you are probably putting together a motorcycle, you need to go with a different, slightly lighter battery.

BikeMaster MG14L-A2 TruGel Battery

BikeMater batteries might not be the best ones on the market, but they are a bit better than what comes in your bike stock. There is one additional plate inside the battery to give you more amps, which helps to turn on the bike faster.

They are the cheapest batteries out there, but it comes with the negative sides.

First of all, they will not last as long as any other lithium battery, and you will need to check and fill levels frequently. Standard is a one-year warranty, but during this time, the battery will 100% get the job done.

They are the heaviest of all the options, and activating a lead-acid battery means that you will be handling acid, which can be harmful and destructive to anything that it touches. Therefore be sure to follow the instructions provided,

It has an easy installation process, you have to peel the top of the battery, apply the acid and force it down. The acid is going to ventricle into the power unit. Allow 20 minutes after you have stamped the acid to let it breathe.

The interaction between the lead cells and the electrolyte acid will cause some pressure in the battery.

Battery For High Compression Harley: How To Buy

First of all, when you decide to buy such a vital part of your bike, you have to make sure it is durable. If you find the best battery for a Harley, it will be long-lasting.

After nearly four years of buying a new battery, it will lose a small amount of amperage, which means you have a 50% chance of starting the bike. When the battery starts going weak, the charging system has to go harder till everything breaks, and you have to pay for a new battery. As you probably know, they can cost much, which brings us to our second point.

Batteries cost much as it is, so why spend more overwhelmed prices, with the fancy brand names when you can cut the price by 40%, and still obtain identical batteries.

Another crucial thing you need to keep in mind is the installation process, for example, late models of Sportsters are the most complicated bike to put an Aftermarket battery in. The reason is that they put the ground on the inside where you slide the battery in, so if you do not connect it in the right way, it is going to come apart, or it will not let the battery go all the way in.


What is the difference between lithium and lead-acid battery?

First of all, lithium-ion batteries are extremely light compared to lead-acid. They are also a lot smaller and offer a lot of cranking amps for their size. The only downside is that when it is cold out, lithium batteries may not crank right away.

Which one is the best battery for a Harley Davidson?

It depends on what you are looking for, again if you are someone who is a racer, then you need something like Antigravity ATX12–HD-RS, but if you live in the cold side of the country, then the best replacement battery for Harley Davidson motorcycle is Yuasa batteries.

How long until I have to buy a new battery?

It is a little hard to say, it depends on multiple things, but approximately it lasts from 2 to 6 years. If you spend more money and find the perfect battery, there is a good chance that the battery will live up to 5-6 years, but cheaper versions like Bikemaster have a one-year warranty.


Are you struggling to find the best battery for your Harley? It is understandable. There are many choices out there with different amperage, technologies, and weights that might confuse you.

First of all, you need to make sure you know the difference between the technologies, to be exact, what you want lithium-ion or lead-acid.

Furthermore, it is vital to know how much your battery weights, sometimes the whole point of changing the battery is to cut some weight from the bike. Pay close attention to the dimensions of your battery and check that it fits in the spot perfectly.

You also need to take CCA into account. Most batteries will have it written right on the front, for example, a 12-volt battery can generate two amps at 0 degrees. The higher the cold cranking amp range of a battery is, the stronger it will be.

Hopefully, this review helped you find the best battery for high compression Harley.

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