Best Motorcycle headlights with LEDs: 4 Most Rated Lights Included

Nighttime visibility is important with motorcycle headlights. You need a motorbike headlight that highlights obstacles, provides a wide field of view and makes you visible to other road users and vehicles. The motorbike headlight is most responsible for ensuring this safety, especially while riding in the dark, and it may appear sporty and cost-effective to ride a motorcycle.

A motorbike headlight can help you maintain your visibility on the highway, preventing mishaps and preventing accidents by allowing you to see the road clearly. That is why this article will provide you with some best options for your motorcycle LED headlights, to choose the right one.

Motorcycle headlights with LEDs

It is important to note that motorcycle headlights play a significant role in motorcycle safety. The purpose of these headlights is to increase your visibility in low-light situations or at night, as well as to alert others to your presence in those circumstances.

In the present day, there are many types of headlight technology available for motorcycles so that you can be visible and avoid miss happenings.

Pros and Cons


  • One of the most effective elements in bikes.
  • Available in various styles to give a tough look to your bike.


  • Installation requires specialized hands.
  • You need to choose wisely as per your bike models. 

Types of Motorcycle Headlights

Make sure you are familiar with the types of headlights you’ll find on the market before heading out to find your perfect motorcycle headlight. The headlights of a bike can be classified into three broad categories, those are as follows:-

Reflector-type bike headlights

It is important to note that the purpose behind this kind of headlight is to throw as much light forward as possible by having a filament bulb surrounded by a reflecting substance.

The purpose behind this design is to make this as efficient as possible. Despite being cheap, they use more energy and burn out more quickly than other headlights.

Projector-type bike headlights 

Modern projector bike headlights have a small housing and are high-tech. Its magnifying glass serves as a magnifying lens, which expands the power of the light and maintains focus, and it emits high-definition light for nighttime visibility.

Multi-directional LED-type bike headlights

As for these headlights, they come with high-intensity LEDs packed to deliver multi-directional lighting patterns plus superior illumination capacity.

The great thing about multi-directional headlights is that you can program them on the ride, so for example, if you wish to turn on or turn off a certain part of your light, you can do so to illuminate the road better or avoid disturbing traffic moving in the opposite direction.   

Motorcycle Headlights: Features to Consider

These are a few factors you need to consider while buying motorcycle headlights:-

Fits your motorcycle

Make sure you choose a headlight that is compatible with your bike. In general, manufacturers identify which makes and models their goods are compatible with, although certain assemblies may require minor adjustments. The websites often have a search tool for confirming your bike’s compatibility with the lighting. To ensure that the proportions of the headlamp you intend to buy match your current one, it’s a good idea to measure the one you currently have.


There is no mid-segment in terms of pricing for a motorcycle headlight because the assemblies vary from bike to bike. Sometimes headlights can cost more when purchased directly from the brand’s manufacturer than from an aftermarket company. Halogen headlights tend to be cheaper, but they don’t last as long, so you need to decide whether you want to pay more upfront for a more durable unit or spend a smaller amount more frequently.

Headlight intensity

A motorcycle owner usually decides to update his or her headlights because he or she wants them to be brighter. One way to determine the brightness of a headlight is to examine the specifications. Headlight’s intensity is measured through lumens, and brightness increases as lumens increase, and color temperature is also taken into account.

List of best-LED headlights for your bikes

Below are a few best options for your bike’s LED headlights:-

01. HogWorkz LED 5 for Harley Davidson Bikes

Price- $220

Hogworkz® 5.75 Inch LED Halomaker™ Headlight -...
  • HOGWORKZ Lifetime Warranty! DOT / FMVSS Approved & Compliant
  • Plug-n-Play fit on Harley-Davidson & Indian Motorcycle models
  • Incredibly bright 4000 lumen high-beam / 3400 lumen low-beam
  • Ultra-durable shatter resistant poly-carbonate lens
  • Anti-interference radio, bluetooth, CB safe design

To see more of the road when riding at night, you might want to consider the HogWorkz LED 5 Headlight if you own a 1988 Harley-Davidson. In addition to six vibration-resistant LEDs, it emits brilliant white light with a wide range of color temperatures.

On the majority of Harley models, users claim it is a much brighter light than factory Harley lights.

Speaking of its drawbacks, these Harley-Davidson Softail Cross Bones, for example, have a tight fit with their high beams, which aren’t that bright compared to the low beams.

02. Baja XL Pro LED bike headlights

Price- $340 to $480

Baja Designs Dirt Bike Light XL Pro Dual Motorcycle...
  • Baja Designs 500011
  • Highest performing off-road lights on the market
  • Race-Proven Dirt Bikes Lighting Solution
  • Baja Designs engineers and manufactures American made products
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturer defects

By converting 40 watts of power into 4,900 lumens of output, the Baja Designs Squadron XL Pro LED headlamp kit is putting a whole new level of performance into the off-road and enduro motorcycle market.

The Cree XP-L LED array built into this direct-swap bezel makes the upgrade of your standard light a simple task, thanks to its ability to be easily swapped out.

An XL Pro LED assembly that has been tested for waterproofing and impact strength can be considered an example of a high-quality product designed to withstand the demands of the racing industry.

Using hard-anodized and powder-coated cast aluminum for the housing and billet aluminum for the bezel, the unit weighs just over 1.85 pounds. Polycarbonate and a strong coating are used to make the removable front lens.

03. Sunpie Bright LED 5.75-inch bike headlights

Price – $45

SUNPIE Bright 5-3/4 5.75 inch Silver LED Headlight...
  • 【MUCH BRIGHTER THAN OEM HALOGEN HEADLIGHTS】Super bright led headlights,...
  • 【BACKED UP WITH SUPPORT FROM SUNPIE BRAND】If you have any question...

One of the top-rated led headlights for motorcycles comes from Sunpie, and unlike our previous model, this one fits all bikes with a 5.75-inch diameter, including Harleys.

Many motorcycle riders have expressed their delight and satisfaction with this headlight’s performance. As a result of the 6000k color temperature, the light emanating from these headlights appears cool and white as if it were daytime.

There is a sturdy metal casing on the light. This Headlight also includes shockproofing, waterproofing, and dust proofing, increasing its longevity.

04. J.W. 8690M LED 5 bike headlights

Price- $590

JW Speaker 0555091 Model 8690 LED High and Low Beam...
  • offers breakthrough improvement in visibility and safety
  • includes dot and ece dual-compliant headlight
  • features dual burn high and low beam optics for extra punch of light
  • plug and play solution for 5.75″ round (also known as par46) motorcycle...
  • utilizes high beam optics and adaptive technology to produce a superior...

The Model 8690 M Series is equipped with Modern ComfortLite technology, delivering an impressive amount of light over the horizon and down the road. Riders and other drivers will benefit from improved sight thanks to the exclusive solid optics.

The Model 8690 M Series fixed LED motorbike headlight features tough die-cast aluminum housing and solid optics along with cutting-edge LEDs for a stylish design.

The Model 8690 M series, is designed to comply with both the DOT and ECE standards, which makes it street-legal around the world.

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