BEST Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music

What are the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset for music? Confused about which features are included in the chosen helmet speaker? With the development of technology, it is essential for any person riding a bike to stay connected in any way. The reasons include communicating with friends or listening to the best music.

Thanks to the upgrading in technology, anyone can buy a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom for talking to other riders through the intercom, making phone calls, making wireless calls, and listening to your loved music.

The top 10 best motorcycle Bluetooth speakers for music with a high-quality sound so that anyone can buy after reading this review here. So, keep reading, here is the solution to all your queries!

BEST Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music

Sena 20S-01 4.1 Communication System

Sena Bluetooth Intercom is a low-profile Bluetooth Motorcycle Speaker that includes a two-way intercom. Share music or make a chat wirelessly with the other rider for almost 400 meters away. It comes with a Jog dial button that makes it perfect to use while moving and utilizing only one hand. 

The Bluetooth intercom works up to 430 yards or 400 meters in open areas. It also has an attached wired Microphone and Boom mic in the same device. The weight of this tool is around 13.1 ounces, with a size of 5.3 x 2.5 x 8.3 inches.

It utilizes Bluetooth 3.0 technology with increase noise control to offer high-quality audio with decreased noise in the background. Hence, listen to music clearly without the need to speak or shout aloud. Pair with other Bluetooth supported devices that support Advanced Distribution Profile and Hands-Free Profile/Headset Profile. 

This helmet speaker comes with a voice function that helps everyone to control phone calls, GPS, and adjust volume without taking away the hands from the scooter or motorcycle. When charged for a single time, it can give every individual almost 8 hours of talk time before charging for the next time. It involves lithium batteries while going to buy them.

  • It is slim, so it fits most of the motorcycle helmets.
  • It has an intuitive jog dial knob.
  • It consists of a long battery life.
  • It has a flexible microphone.
  • It constitutes enough volume .
  • At high volumes, you will feel the sound distorted.
  • This device does not have the perfect bass response.

LEXIN LX-B4FM 4 Motorcycle Intercom

Lexin B4FM motorcycle Bluetooth intercom communication system is best for the people who ride motorcycles, who love listening to music, keeping in touch with friends, and set professional commands while they are riding fast. Take benefit from it if you are among those busy people who are on the move and have rainproof motorcycle entertainment for adventures. 

The HiFi Stereo Headset is fixed with the wireless Bluetooth v3.0 protocols to offer you to enjoy the music, make calls through hands-free operation and FM broadcasting. 

This system can empower for navigating the inexperienced territories and routes while moving fast because the GPS is also Bluetooth supported.

Ride with a solid pack as this Bluetooth v3.0 HiFi Stereo Headset can let anyone organize conference calls with almost four other people. There is a technology of full-duplex intercom communications can offer every person to communicate wirelessly with others up to 1.6 kilometers. 

The batteries can make use of Bluetooth speakers, FM radio, 15 hours of talk time, and 15 hours of music steam. If the weather is snowy or rainy, there is nothing to worry about because of its waterproof abilities. Switch between or manage the headset profile or the hands-free profile.

  • Voice controls for Bluetooth, FM, and cell phone music for unlimited entertainment.
  • GPS voice directions for easy navigation.
  • Voice-controlled outgoing and incoming calls empowered by Samsung (S Voice) and iPhone (Siri).
  • Comes with the microphone and speakers for increased volume and high acoustic performance and quality.
  • The device loses frequency waves and voice quality when the speed exceeds 120 KMPH.

SENA SMH10-10 Bluetooth Headset

If anyone likes riding long distances with his/her friends, they should go for SENA SMH10-10 INTERCOM. It assists them in chatting with them when they speed along. While keeping a distance for racing or strategy, this system allows us to talk with them while keeping the mind calm with the beloved music. Link it with the Bluetooth devices to entertain hands-free schemes such as making and taking calls along with altering the audio playing on FM or stereo.

 This product includes a Boom Microphone and a kit for fastening onto the helmet. Hence the device is secure in place. The intercom is also made up of high-quality stuff and technology of cutting-edge for offering increased acoustic performance and an automated volume booster to reduce the noise from the background.

People use this headset for secure communications due to its easy navigation and GPS wire’s voice directions. The cutting-edge technology also makes the voice quality pleasant and clear. Additionally, this tool is made for user-friendliness and escalated convenience. There is an Advanced Noise Control technology, thus offer the user interface. There are different languages for voice control, flexible volume controls for every audio source, and music playback control features.

  • Suitable with other intercom and Bluetooth brands for inclusivity and convenience with several other riders.
  • Combined voice prompts in multiple significant languages for inclusivity.
  • 12 hours of rechargeable battery talk time.
  • Advanced Noise Control technology for automatic response to the loud backgrounds.
  • Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity with various multimedia devices for music tuning and voice calls.
  • Wireless GPS voice commands for ease and convenience, and safe navigation.
  • There come a data cable and a USB power with the product.
  • The charging time for a battery is 2.5 hours.
  • It appears with a manual for an increased user-friendliness.
  • The device comes with a two-year warranty against the manufacturing shortcomings.
  • It needs repeated profile alterations.
  • It requires installation into the helmet through clamping.

Cardo PACKTALK Motorcycle Headset

It is the best helmet communication system for riders all around the world. Packtalk is the product, and it is famous among the people who ride bikes. The technology permits you to hear the desired radio station, music, or GPS navigation while having communication over the intercom with the other party. DMC Mesh Networking provides an interface for almost 2 to 15 riders. 

The DMC Bridge approves a standard Bluetooth intercom or any mobile carrier for joining a mesh-group chat.  There is also a choice for a Private chat, where two riders can talk to each other when no one else is hearing their conversation.

The brand guarantees the clients they get high-quality technology for the best cost. Packtalk is the best feature set that permits universal linking with Bluetooth. The product is waterproof; go it everywhere, no matter what the time of year it is. The scala rider is also dust-free, it is a big deal if going for a long drive up to many weeks or days. The device is safe from any grease, dust, and dirt.

It has clear voice recognition, self-adjusting volume, SmartSet app Customization or Remote Control, flat-plate control panel, distinctive roller-wheel, and changeable HD speakers. The speakers have 3.5 mm in length, and it is the average diameter for most of the headsets.

The device is itself light, as it is easy to carry and weighs only 2.5 pounds. It can be adjusted to any helmet, and its shipping is all across the United States and several other countries internationally.

  • It has a Universal pairing, and it can pair up to almost 15 riders.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is suitable with other Bluetooth devices.
  • It has removable speakers.
  • It allows group chats as well as private chat.
  • There is multitasking, including voice recognition.
  • This device does not fold

iMC Motorcom Bluetooth Headset

Are you among those riders that prefer going on the road with modular helmets or open face? Well, this helmet speaker is best as it can enhance the commutes and adventures with great hands-free control, quality, and audio freedom.  Perhaps, it includes a multipurpose ear padding structure that you can use with any helmet. Just install and move its systems quickly with the aim of switching multiple helmet options. 

This helmet speaker is intended for canceling noise so that the loud backgrounds cannot interfere in the transmission of the entertainment and calls.

This product includes flat panel speakers that improve the audio music entertainment and acoustic range of the intercom.  Plug its DIN connector cord into the motorcycle stereo and assure that it is securely and firmly installed into the helmet. After that, use the intercom to chat with friends, and enjoy the way with well-organized communication.

  • Directional cancellation of noise for clear and enjoyable communication and entertainment.
  • Suitable with multiple types of speakers for user-friendliness and extra ease.
  • High-quality structure with a warranty of 2 years.
  • Best with Harley 7-Pin audio systems.
  • Easy to install on helmets.
  • Flat-panel speaker for the sound of high-quality.
  • There are minimum wireless functions in this device

TORK X-PRO Motorcycle Headset

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Do you need exceptional audio in the helmet? Here is the best product. The Tork X-Pro consists of wired speakers that appear with a volume extension control cord that makes it easy to set the volume when in use. They work with different devices, which include iPhones, Androids, MP3s, and iPods.

The dual speakers provide a loud volume, even at increased riding speeds. This product offers high performance, and it is famous for being comfortable, flat, and thin. The quality is guaranteed, and its parts are hand-assembled. The Tork X-pro is among the loudest speakers present in the market, similar to having a party in the helmet.

This device has a frequency range of 20 to 22,000 Hz at 106 db/1 KHZ, around 500 mW Signal, needs the power of 32 ohms, and it constitutes a volume control cord. The speakers are thick around 5 cm Round x 1 cm thick with a stereo Sound. 

It comes with a one-year warranty. It also includes an excellent sound quality, including the high bass response. The size of the product is 5 x 8.2 x 0.8 inches, and weighs 3.2 ounces, and cannot be folded.

  • The device is light and thin.
  • It has a quality and high volume.
  • There is a volume control cord.
  • It can be used with different devices.
  • This product is not well-matched with Bluetooth.
  • It requires linking to a device.

IASUS Premium Audio Headset

iASUS Xsound 3 High Definition Helmet Speakers is an updated version of XSound 2 and XSound 2.1. The latest model is light and sleek with a tuned chassis made of aluminum. It consists of reliable audio drivers that offer the most evident and maximum sound in comparison with the full-sized headphones present in the market. 

The slim XSound 3 utilized in any helmet with foam pads makes the helmet comfy. It constitutes Kevlar-reinforced wires that can endure pulling tensions to almost 10 lbs. The left wire is 40 cm, while the right one is 20 cm.

 It has a high speaker placement with foam pads that place the speakers at a place where they can reach the ears. It is made and proved great on Stealth Bluetooth headsets, iASUS portable amplifiers, and other devices of mobile media.

This product includes high definition audio from tuned 40 mm drivers that come around with it. It has multiple lengths of cables for excellent installation and stands for almost 10 lbs of increased tension. 

It also comes with comfort covers and foam, Velcro, and spacing pads to be put around the ears in the helmet for a fixed fitting. It weighs 1.28 ounces, and its size is 0.3 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches. It comes with a Support and warranty from the company.

  • It has a long left wire for secure storage.
  • There is a crystal-clear audio sound.
  • It has comfort pads that make sure the comfortability while using.
  • It constitutes foam pads for proper fitting in the helmet.
  • It is Bluetooth supported.
  • The quality of sound is not good when you play it at slow speed.
  • It has to be plugged into a device to use.

VR-Robot Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

This headset is a wireless helmet headphone, and it is the best way for the riders to hear the best music, converse on the phone, and more without utilizing their hands.

The feature of VR-Robot Motorcycle Helmet Speakers Bluetooth allows the connection of speakers with other Bluetooth-supported devices. Also, there is a feature of a smart reminder that tells the user when the battery requires charging. Anyone will love this piece for these Bluetooth headsets as they will not run out of battery while riding. It has a unique design that allows music around life at any time.

It has a cohesive Bluetooth technology aspect so that you can enjoy listening to music wirelessly. It is easy to answer a call and effortless to use, supported by a hand-free function that makes it comfortable in hand. This device has q rechargeable battery that offers a long working time. There is a 4.0 CSR chip of Bluetooth with a Hi-Fi earphone. 

The DIY design makes it easy to remove when you want. There is a function of a smart sound reminder that reminds an individual of multiple phone activities. It also manages the power demonstrating on the iPhone, making it easy to be aware whenever there is a low battery. It weighs 1.92 ounces, and it has a size of 1.5 x 5 x 7.7 inches.

  • It is hands-free.
  • The product is compatible with Bluetooth.
  • There is a feature of reminder for charging.
  • You can use it with different devices.
  • It is not as loud as other products.

UClear Digital Helmet Bluetooth Headset

UClear Digital Helmet speaker system consists of high-definition audio in any helmet. It can claim the best motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom in the present market. They are suitable for any device having a 3.5 mm audio jack, which means anyone can listen to the best music anytime when they want. Also, switch it between any Helmets easily. It consists of high-quality sound, which every individual can enjoy. 

The Pulse offers a quality bass with a crisp sound, therefore providing the best quality of music. The sound drivers of this tool allow you to have increased performance and give the best music sound in-helmet audio. Switch the speakers quickly from one helmet to the other effortlessly. Enjoy the ride anywhere and anytime while going.

It includes a standard and gold-plated 3.5 mm stereo audio jack as well as a driver of 40 mm in diameter. It consists of pulse speakers that you can plug into mobile phones, audio devices, and most helmet communication systems. 

Also, it has an increased Fidelity Audio that offers the HD quality sound in the helmet you put on. Get an installation mount set and a speaker set when buying this product. The weight of this gadget is approximately 1.92 ounces, with a size of 1 x 3 x 6.5 inches. It also comes with Support and a Warranty from the company.

  • It is suitable with different devices.
  • It is quite easy to install.
  • You can easily switch from one helmet to the other.
  • It needs a wired connection to the device for you to hear to the best music.
  • For some users, it is not that loud as they want.
  • It cannot be comfortable to some when you wear it inside the helmet.

Consider Before Buying motorcycle Bluetooth headset for music

For the people who want to purchase the best product, here are some essential things to consider before buying the latest helmet speaker. The factors include:

  • Helmet Size: There are different sizes of helmets. Some helmets fit tightly as compared to others, so you will want to select the best speakers that will be easy with the helmet. Having a tighter helmet means there should be the smallest motorcycle helmet speakers and vice versa.
  • Multi-device Capability: The latest helmet speakers can switch between various devices easily. Select a helmet that can easily support a GPS device, satellite radio, and a Bluetooth wireless speaker helmet so that there is no need to change the speakers when anyone needs to swap the device.
  • Durability and Ergonomics: Choose a speaker that is seamless to use. DON’T FORGET! You are buying a helmet speaker to emphasize riding the motorcycle, not playing with the wires or buttons of the speaker. It is excellent to prefer a speaker that can endure the dangerous elements of Mother Nature like sweat, sun, sand, rain, or wind.
  • Sound Quality: It is where the best stands out from the others. High-notch stereo quality is the principal point of attention to look at while choosing the best motorcycle helmet speaker. Obviously! You will not want to learn a flat sound or the one that disturbs sound while riding at high speed.
  • Loud volume with easy volume control: You need a motorcycle speaker with high-volume selections since riding beside loud exhausts or noisy trucks. It is of no use if you do not hear the music or a friend from the other line, and it will be a waste of time if you cannot switch the volume.
  • Battery Life: It is always great to buy a motorcycle helmet speaker with the best battery life. Multiple devices take much energy, so anyone needs to focus on the battery life of every device. Hence, the wireless devices can finish a full charge fast, based on how to use it.

Buying Directions: motorcycle Bluetooth headset for music

Everyone works hard to earn money. So, it is okay to do some research to be sure of spending the amount wisely. That’s the reason anyone will require searching for the best helmet speakers to purchase on the budget. It is excellent when going down the highway, listening to the desired music in the best sound delivery, acknowledging that an individual can talk hand-free with his or her fellow bikers or passengers.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: 

The primary reason behind purchasing the Bluetooth helmet speakers can be to have hands-free phone dialogues while riding. There are multiple versions of this technology accessible, like 4.1, 4.0., or 3.0. The versions with increased numbers provide everyone with long-lasting power, connectivity, and a better range.  

It is convenient to have hands-free communication through Bluetooth-supported mobile phones, and it is a safety feature as well. Numerous states have introduced regulations that do not allow the use of hand-held gadgets when driving, and you want to assure that the hands are fixed on the bars all the time.

  • Audio volume and quality:

The best helmet speakers offer high sound quality without any distortion. You will require sufficient volume to listen to music and conversations when riding. How much noise does anyone face while riding on a bike? Does every person find himself going at high speeds on jostling or interstates with big vehicles in increased-traffic situations? 

If yes, he will need speakers that can play conversation and music at a volume sufficient to be heard while having an undistorted and clear-cut quality of sound. Check out for the speakers that feature the cancellation of background noise, particularly the wind noise. Do not wish to find yourself on a call with anyone unable to hear you because of wind noise on the road.

  • Easy and Safe Control:

The easiest and safest way for controlling the speaker system is with a built-in microphone that offers to give audio commands. Otherwise, look for a system having accessible buttons. There should be large buttons that can be changed while wearing gloves too.

  • Installation:

Search for speakers that are easily installed and fit the best helmet. These aspects alter not only the ease but also the audio clarity and volume. Often, the best way to check the real-life data about the comfort, installation, and fit is to read the review on different websites from the bikers who have used the speaker system that an individual is going to buy. See what others have written about the fit, comfort, and installation before going to buy a helmet speaker system.

  • Intercom Range Capability:

If a person likes an intercom feature, think about how far away he is from his friends who are riding with him. Will he require intercom talk with a rider who is a mile away or more than that? Or, is a 500-yard radius enough for the intercom connection with all the individuals of his team? Several systems offer multiple ranges, and some Bluetooth helmet speaker systems allow connectivity up to around 5 miles.

  • Intercom Capability:

It is an essential feature while riding with fellows. Some Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers support the conference call with various riders through an intercom system. How many passengers will anyone require communicating while they are driving on the road? Check out the speakers that offer sufficient connections with all the members of the team.

  • Connection to the Device:

The best thing about Bluetooth helmet speakers is that they are well-suited with any Bluetooth-supported mobile phone as well as satellite radio, GPS, or audio devices like iPod nano. While touching a button,  it helps to switch between devices. Think about the tools and find out the different connection abilities of the system before purchasing it. Look for a unit that constitutes separate volume control for every audio source.

  • Battery Life

Do you take the bike on road trips? If yes, there is a need to check the battery timings for Bluetooth helmet speakers that you are going to buy. Go for the one with the extended battery life to last through a ride for a full day. Additionally, look if a person can use the speakers when they are charging on long trips. That easiness is the additional bonus for long rides.

Why Should You Buy Motorcycle Helmet Speakers?

BEST Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music
Best Motorcycle Helmet Speaker

As compared to only speakers, the perfect motorcycle helmet speakers having Bluetooth capability are something more. They are the top hands-free communication system; they are essential to riding enjoyment and safety. We are well aware that everyone takes care to prepare the bike with excellent mechanical features for power and safety, and they focus on the comfort considerations that permit them to take road trips. 

Similarly, start searching and finding the best motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom system for hearing, enjoyment, and for talking about crucial information.

Invest in helmet speakers that offer comfort, sufficient volume, and perfect audio quality inside the helmet. Get the advantages of not only hearing to favorite music but also getting relevant directional data from a GOS and talking with the fellow rider or passenger. Thus, the best set of speakers leads to enjoyment as well as the safety of the ride.


You have seen that in the above list of best motorcycle helmet speakers, both wired and wireless speakers have been discussed. The cost of wireless speakers is almost double as compared to wired ones. Based on buyer preference and choice, they will prefer the one that suits them well. 

So, these are the top motorcycle Bluetooth intercom system that is present in the market nowadays. From this detailed guide, you will see that every product consists of some unique features that others do not have. Anyone can use these individual motorcycle helmet speakers, particularly the ones with Bluetooth, as they are more convenient.

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