Best Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans 2024: Explore Top 5 Jeans

Do you want to buy the best kevlar motorcycle jeans which can ensure your safe riding? Motorcycle jeans are one of the important motorcycle gear to ensure riders’ safety and protection of our body, head, and lower side of a human body part is significant.

Motorcycle driving jeans is not a simple type of jeans pant like we are using for daily uses. Riding pants have some specialty on fabric in the inseam and outer part. Besides, these jeans can provide some safety equipment attached to the inside with a unique measurement from other pants. Driving jeans are more comfortable and reliable than traditional jeans.

A biker must use riding jeans to ensure safety and security at the time of driving. Those who are like to drive fast and drift must use this type of pants. Driving pants build with abrasion-free denim, Kevlar fiber on the inner side, knee protection, hip protection, and stylish. 

Best Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans

List of top Kelvar Motorcycle Jeans for 2024

5 Best kevlar Motorcycle Jeans

1. MAXLER jeans

Best Motorcycle Jean

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MAXLER JEAN Biker Jeans are stylish, comfortable, and safe for any motorcyclist. This pant is suitable for bike riders, uber riders, and scooter commuters. Besides the inner side and outer shell made with cotton, spandex, and Kevlar. Not only this aspect, but these jeans also has some unique features with ensuring high quality. 

Outer shell: Frontal part of MAXLER made with 2% spandex and 98% cotton. The cotton is used to make you comfortable, and spandex can cause the outer part more flexible. Spandex fiber is a synthetic fiber that can provide exceptional elasticity and make your driving more comfortable. 14oz denim was used to make these pants.

Design: Not only protection but the design also plays a vital role. You find an attachable zipper function to adjust knee protection with an air vent mash. The calf zipper helps to fix the knee protection at the time of riding.

Style: Style is significant for many people, but not for all. Keep that in mind; the manufacturer company provides you to use these pants casually. If you want, you can remove the knee and hip protection and use these pants wherever you want.

Knee and hip protection: MAXLER offers you knee and hip protection. These jeans reinforced by Kevlar fiber to provide extra strength. 

Be careful: The measurement of these pants follows the South Korea standard. So, be cautious about the size before ordering. Try to order one size bigger than your usual size.

Are MAXLER jeans safe for Motorcycle?

MAXLER JEAN is a complete package of safety tools and styles. Before buying riding jeans, you think about the design and safety armor. These jeans can provide you all. 

Dupont Kevlar fiber, CE signed visor, can offer you safety for enjoyable riding. This 3.81-pound pant can provide you with a comfortable design with adjustable knee and hip protection. 

It is such a pant that can provide security, comfort, and style. Dupont’s denim is used on the knee and hip to resist abrasion. 2% spandex mixed denim was used to make this pant more flexible. Zipper system removable knee and hip protection can help people to use these pants as casual and riding jeans also. Quality and design are also top-class in the market from other jeans. 

2. ScorpionExo Jeans

ScorpionExo Covert Pro Jeans Men's Reinforced Motorcycle Pants

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ScorpionExo Convert Jeans is fashion conscious pant in the market of riding jeans. In the name, you can see the word ‘Convert.’ The name is similar to the function of these pants. A biker can use these pants for regular use.

Outer shell: Convert jeans made with high-quality denim with abrasion-free fiber. 14 ouns denim uses to make these pants. Weith these pants is very light at 1.82 pounds. The outer look is stylish and uniquely designed. The apparel of these pants is dark indigo washed.

Protection: ScorpionExo can save a rider from getting injured from the knee and hip. A biker finds knee and hip armor pockets. From knee to wrist 165GSM DuPont Kevlar lining is used to protect the user’s knee and hip. Here riders can fit optional SAS-TEC armor for extra protection. The denim is mash-lined to flow air.

Style: Convert jeans are famous for a stylish look. Bikers can use this pant for hangout on his Saturday night. Five traditional pockets make these pants more stylish. 

Are ScorpionExo jeans good for motorcycle riding?

First of all, these jeans fit the biker’s body perfectly for any size. The inseam is 32-inch, which is standard and fit for all. The armor lineup is also in the exact position. The use of the YKK zipper adds another dimension to this pant and pocket depth is average. A biker can use casual pants also.

Sizing is significant for any pant. Getting a slack that fits your body is more difficult if you order from an online shop. Convert jeans can help you in that way where you get a pant fit for your body. 

People like ScorpionExo for the fashionable design and safety armor. If you find any issue, you can replace these pants with their one-year warranty. A biker can fit their D30 armor without any problem.

3. BILT IRON jeans

Best Motorcycle Jean

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BILT IRON WORKERS steel motorcycle jeans are known as ‘tough as nails in the present riding jeans market for extra strength and toughness. Denim, stitch, fiber, protection system, and quality make this pant extraordinary in the market.

Outer shell: Outside of BILT IRON made with 100% pure denim. That’s why the weight of these pants is a little bit high from traditional jeans. The whole pant stitch with high-quality multi-line fiber provides extra strength to the impact zone.

Inside zone: Inside of steel jeans makes with DuPont Kevlar. Kevlar is a synthetic fiber that is abrasion and heat resistive. Because of Kevlar fiber coating, these jeans are thicker than other jeans.

Safety equipment: All types of traditional safety kits are adjusted here. Bikers find CE-approved EN-1621-1 knee and hip protective components. All the impact zones build with Kevlar and polyester mix fiber to provide extra strength and protection. 

Design and measurement: The design of these jeans is stylish, smart, and comfortable for the biker. Loose-fit leg helps you to wear these pants over your boot. A rider can use an optional jacket by connecting with a short two-part zipper. The color of these jeans is dark blue.

Why should you buy BILT IRON WORKERS steel motorcycle jeans?

BILT IRON WORKERS use DuPont Kevlar fiber throughout the inside zone that other riding jeans use only in the impact zones. Steel jeans used Polyester and Kevlar mix fabric in the impact zone, where others use only Kevlar. 

So, this is very clear to all that steel jeans can provide extra strength and safety to the bikers. Besides, all types of safety components like knee, hip, and seating area protection are added here.

Generally, at the time of buying jeans, people look at fitness first. In that way, BILT IRON jeans provide people with fitting jeans. The measurement of these jeans is perfect for all types of people. Loose-fitting leg part, relaxed seating portion can provide extra comfort while wearing over a boot. CE-approved armor is another preferable point for people. 

Steel jeans look great with a dark blue color. Though some riders complain about the heavy weight and thickness, they mark this problem as a common issue.

4. Speed and strength jeans

Best Motorcycle Jean

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Speed and strength rust and redemption jeans make with 12 ouns pre-distressed denim. The knee and seat are reinforced with DuPont Kevlar for extra safety. Speed and strength jeans provide bikers’ articulated knee and stretch panels for better flexibility and free movement.

Outer shell: Outer shell of these jeans build with pre-distressed denim. The stitch of rust and redemption jeans are stitched with high-quality fiber to provide extra strength in those areas.

Inner side: Inner zone of Speed and strength jeans makes with DuPont Kevlar to provide extra strength and elasticity. Bikers find a stretchable component on the knee and seat portion to ensure comfortability.

Safety and Security: To ensure safety, here bikers find CE-approved armor for knee and hip protection. Abrasion-free DuPont Kevlar for them those who want to go at high speed in urban areas.

Why should you buy Speed and strength rust and redemption jeans?

If bikers want to drive drift and fast, then these jeans are for them. Here, you find all types of safety equipment with CE approval, like knee protection. You see a flexible knee and waist zone for comfortable riding. All the armors are portable. You can wash this pant at cold water and hang for drying.

General bike riders look at the necessary safety armor, denim quality, fitting, and comfortability. But those who are bike racer or want to drive at fast, they want some extra features. Rust and redemption jeans can provide those types of additional features. Speed and strength jeans can offer you a stretchable panel at the knee and waist. Streight fit at length. DuPont Kevlar thread reinforcement.

5. Klim K Fifty 1 jeans

Best Motorcycle Jean

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Klim K Fifty 1 Jeans is such a type of apparel that anyone can use these pants as riding jeans as well as casual jeans. 

Protection, denim quality, abrasion-free impact areas, five-pocket makes Klim fifty 1 as preferable jeans for every biker.

Outer shell: High-quality abrasion-free Cordura denim makes K Fifty 1 jeans top class in the market. Outer and inner side stitched with Nylon Cotton fiber. Impact zones coated with DuPont Kevlar.

Inner zone: Inner size of Fifty 1 makes with DuPont Kevlar to provide extra strength. Bikers find an additional layer in the internal area.

Safety Armor: Kilm Fifty 1 is a full package of safety armor. Here, you find D30 EVO knee and hip protection. All the shields are CE-approved. Safety components are portable.

Design: The design of Fifty 1 is top-notched from other riding jeans. Knee and hip protections are placed on the exact place at the time of driving. A rider can use these jeans as casual pants also. Klim fifty 1 is fit for all types of bikers.

Why should you buy Klim K Fifty 1 Jeans?

It can provide you the best protection with D30 EVO knee and hip protection. You don’t have to think about fitting. You can change if Klim jeans size is not fit for you. 

You find removable CE-approved jeans and hip protection. The denim of these jeans is very comfortable for 100% cotton. You find here the waist belt loop. Five traditional pockets were added.

It can provide some unique aspects that other jeans cannot offer. Biker gets the benefits of removable protective armor.

To provide extra comfort rider finds a PORON XRD foam piece on the impact zone. High graded YKK fly zipper added here.

Nowadays, fast and drift riders’ first choice is Klim fifty 1 for the additional protective equipment. 

6. ScorpionExo jeans

Best Motorcycle Jeans

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ScorpionExo Covert Pro Jeans are stylish, viable, and comfortable riding jeans in the market. Traditional five-pocket design, wash color, and high-quality protective armor make Covert pro top class in the market to bikers.

Outer Shell: It is made with Cordura 373 GSM. Mainly Cordura 373 GSM is a mixture of 85% cotton and 15% Nylon (T420). The exterior part is abrasion-free.

Inner Part: Inner part of Covert Pro jeans designed with different sections. Hip, knee, and lower part separated with different fiber. Here, hip and knee are designed with rub-free denim. For tear resistance, they use 250 GSM DuPont Kevlar lining.

Safety Armor: You find a pocket for removable SAS-Tec level 2 armor in the knee and optional level 1 armor in the hip section. But you need to buy them separately.

Design: It is designed as usual five-pocket jeans that can use as casual and riding pants.  Night Viz reflection material is used on the lower hem to detect riders at night to other motorists.

Why should you buy ScorpionExo Covert Pro Jeans?

ScorpionExo Covert Pro Jeans can be your choice for some unique aspects that only Covert Pro can offer. You find mash lining that provides a ventilation system on your pant, which can increase comfort at the time of riding. 

Here, SAS-Tec armor is used on the knee and hip area. Night Viz reflection is a unique feature of ScorpionExo, which is a preferable aspect for all. Besides, ScorpionExo Pro can provide you all types of usual needs like traditional pocket design, wash color, and perfect fitting.

Usually, people buy Covert Pro riding jeans for some significant properties like Night Viz, adjustable SAS-Tec armor, Invista’s T420 fiber, and DuPont Kevlar lining. 

The jeans use on street-sport, street-cruiser, street-touring motorcycle, and street-motor-scooters. For the ordinary design of ScorpionExo jeans, People can use Covert Pro as irregular jeans and riding jeans as well.

7. Street & Steel jeans

Best Motorcycle Jeans

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Street & Steel Oakland Riding Jeans is one of the jeans that can use as regular jeans woven with stretch denim. Design, style, protection system, inseam, and outseam structure are snug enough to buy Oakland riding jeans.

Outer and Inner Shell: Oakland jeans outer and inner part made with stretch denim. Mash fiber is used to provide a ventilation system between the internal and external elements. The exterior color is dark blue. Seat, hip, and knee coated with heat and tear resistive fiber.

Design: In the knee section, Street & Steel riding jeans is seamless that offer a clean look on the knee. 12oz Blue stretch denim and ordinary five-pocket used to produce Oakland. You find here 33.5 inches long inseam with a boot-cut leg.

Protection: It can only offer you CE-approved knee protection to protect your knee from getting injured.

Why should you buy Street & Steel Oakland Riding Jeans?

You should buy Oakland riding jeans for heat and tear resistance features that other riding jeans cannot provide. Besides, Street & Steel riding jeans can meet your different needs like CE-approved knee armor, smart look, long inseam, and boot cut leg, though Oakland doesn’t offer you hip armor.

People prefer Oakland for design and fitting. Usually, for those who are professional bike rider, Oakland riding jeans is not for them. People who search for ordinary riding jeans for occasionally use, Street & Steel riding pant is for them. A rider can use Oakland both for riding and casual use.

8. Alpinestars jeans

Best Motorcycle Jeans

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Alpinestars Resist Tech Pants is riding jeans constructed with durable denim, coated with abrasion-free fiber, and lining with yellow Kevlar fiber. Tech pant is becoming preferable, riding jeans for all class of motorist for some significant features differ from other riding jeans.

Outer Shell: It is made with viable 13oz denim at the outer part. The critical zones are reinforced with superb abrasion-free material. Outer lines stitched with yellow Kevlar fiber. 2% Lucra provides you extra comfort, which is implemented on Tech jeans for the first time.

Design: Yellow Kevlar fiber provides a smart look. Here, the jeans are designed for those who are fashion conscious. You find here a leather belt patch and leather logo of the company. YKK zipper, button, and rivets are used to set an option to choose a preferred one.

Safety Armor:  It can provide you CE approved knee and hip protection system to protect you from getting injured. 5mm hip pad protection set for your hip protection with Velcro attachment. Seat, hip, knee, and all the impact zones reinforced with abrasion and tore resistive fiber.

Why should you buy Alpinestars Resist Tech Pants?

Durable denim, straight fit, portable CE approved safety armor, aramid reinforced superb abrasion-free fabric, the pre-contoured designed leg can offer you such riding jeans that other jeans cannot. 

Lightweight for comfortable driving and 2% of Lucra used for ultimate comfort. So, you can choose Tech to resist riding jeans without any doubt.

Alpinestar comes in the market to provide extra comfort to the biker by adding Lucra. Besides, they used yellow DuPont Kevlar on the lining area to offer a smart look. 

Tech jeans can use in your daily work and as riding jeans. You can remove the armor when you are not riding. YKK zip, buttons, and rivet are available here. The leather belt patch is available on Alpinestar. Besides, 5mm hip pad Velcro protection can offer you premium riding jeans in the market.

9. MAXLER jeans

Best Motorcycle Jeans

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MAXLER JEANS Biker Jeans are the gorgeous jeans in the market with a stylish look, safety equipment, and, most importantly, the design. Here you find the MAXLER summer edition, which is comfortable for use in the summer season. 

Front and back look, the position of pocket and color combination offer you a Jeans that can use as traditional and riding jeans as well.

Outer shell: Outer shell of MAXLER summer edition riding jeans is a combination of 98% of cotton and 2% spandex. Spandex is used to make the fabric more flexible, and Mesh fiber used to provide extra comfort in the summer season.

Inner Side: On the inner side of these jeans, you find abrasion-free Dupont Kevlar fiber on the knee and hip protection area to provide extra protection.

Design: The design of MAXLER jeans is unique from other pants that you can use as casual and also as riding jeans. Measurement of MAXLER based on South Koria. Gear aspect is relaxed, but a trendy look with Black color and pocket design.

Protection: It can provide CE approved riding protection equipment. Here, you find removable knee and hip protective equipment that help to be safe in any critical situation while riding.

Why should you buy MAXLER JEAN Biker Jeans for Summer?

Usually riding jeans are heavyweight and warm. That’s why in the summer season, you may feel discomfort at the time of riding. In that manner, the MAXLER summer edition offers you their special edition. 

Not only for these aspects, but it can also fulfill your other needs like CE certified armor, comfortable denim, abrasion-free Dupont Kevlar in the critical zone. So, MAXLER can be on your list of choices.

It can use in urban areas as well as in rural areas. You can wear Jeans, both casual and riding purposes. Mash fiber is added here to provide extra comfort in the summer season. You find the summer edition feature on MAXLER 1614 summer 34. Besides, people prefer 1614 for their daily use for unique design and look. Adjustable safety armor, smart model, and other features make MAXLER top class on the current market.

Guide To Buy The Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans

Motorcycle riding jeans have become famous in the present market. A biker finds a lot of motorist jeans in the market. Finding the best one is very difficult for them. So, we are here to help to find out the best riding jeans with the selection criteria.

Before buying riding jeans, A biker should be careful about the fitting, price, protection, and chemistry of denim. We discuss below the factors that you should maintain before buying bike riding jeans.


Fitting is a vital factor in any jeans pant. But when we talk about riding jeans, the importance increased. Because your comfort depends on the fit of your jeans. So, at the time of buying riding jeans, you have to care about the measurement.

The manufacturing companies are from various countries, and they care about their country’s measurement standards. Like Maxler jeans, they are from South Korea and following their measurement standards if a USA consumer buy those jeans that don’t fit them.

So, before ordering, check the measurement table and choose your jeans to get your perfect-fitting riding jeans.


Pricing is a significant factor for any riding jeans. If you are looking for the best quality protection with a smart look, you have to spend more. But you have to know the factor behind the quality to optimize your prize to get the best jeans with your budget.

First of all, think about your choices that you focus on design or protective equipment, or both. If you only focus on design, your price is standard. If you think about protection but not design, your amount is moderate. But if you like to drive fast and drift in urban areas with security and looking, you have to spend more.

Your price varies with the quality of your protective armor and denim. If the denim is a mixture of cotton, spandex, and nylon, then the price is higher. But if the denim is the only cotton, then the cost is average.

CE approved protective armor adds more money to your budget. DuPont Kevlar lining also added cost to your budget. Now the choice is yours.


The most important and significant part of riding jeans is protection. Without safety armor, your driving is not safe. So, before buying riding jeans, your first concern should be protection. To know about the safety armor, you have to know about the factor behind this.

First of all, look for portable knee, and hip protection with DuPont Kevlar reinforced. After that, check your safety armor is CE approved. Zipper-locked shields are preferable. Heat and tear resistance denim is more comfortable and safe.

So, if you are a fast and drift bike rider, you have to be concern about your safety and keep yourself safe before riding a bike.


Denim is the mainframe of riding jeans. High-quality denim is a mixture of spandex, cotton, Nylon, mesh fiber. Spandex makes the denim flexible. Cotton makes your denim comfortable, and the ratio of cotton is always higher than other properties.

Nylon helps to make denim more durable. Mesh fiber helps to ventilate the air between the outside and inside of your jeans. So, before buying riding jeans have a look at the denim chemistry to get your most comfortable riding jeans.

We discussed all the factors regarding motorcycle riding jeans. Follow the elements, think about your choice, and find out the best riding jeans for you from the present market.

Picking Up The Best kevlar Motorcycle jeans

Motorcycle riding jeans can provide you safety while you are riding on a bike. We tried to discuss top-notched featured riding jeans in the market. 

Choose your preferred one for your use. Our discussion is clear enough and also concise to decide for a rider which one is the best riding jeans in the market. You discussed both fashion and riding gear-based jeans. However, A biker is always looking for safety armor. 

We talked briefly about armor also. Besides, we find out the unique features of every single pant with the basic aspects of riding jeans. So, the decision is yours.

All the brands can fulfill their fundamental structure of driving jeans, but some brands have some extra features to provide more comfort and safety. At the time of choosing the best Kevlar motorcycle jeans, you have to choose CE approved armor (Highly recommended).

So, the reason for wearing motorcycle apparel is now apparent to you. But choosing the best one is confusing because of having a lot of bike jeans on the market. What should you do? The answer is straightforward. We are here to help riders with finding the top bike jeans on the market with an explanation.

Find out your preferred one that is suited for you with your preference, style, comfort, size, and, most importantly, safety.

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