Cracked Fuel Filter Shell: Problem and Solution of Harley Davidson Bike

We will talk about the Cracked Fuel Filter Shell and its’ Problem and Solution of Harley Davidson Bike. Purity is of the utmost importance when it comes to engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid. Nevertheless, the fuel system, as opposed to any other system, is the one in which clean fluid is the most important. Fuel contamination can cause a whole host of problems for all types of vehicles, no matter what kind of fuel they use. 

All vehicles come with fuel filters as a means of removing any particles that may be embedded within the fuel that could harm the engine if they were to reach that stage. A fuel filter is typically designed to have an outer steel shell enclosing a paper filter within, similar to an air filter on your car, with an inner steel shell enclosing the paper filter.

As their name implies, filters identify dirt, rust, and other particles in the fuel line and remove them from the gasoline. It typically comes in cartridges that contain filter paper.

Fuel Filter

Each type of car engine has its own fuel system that stores gasoline or diesel in the tank of the car and then draws it through the fuel lines so that it can be delivered to the carburetor or fuel injector through the fuel filter. As soon as this gas is supplied to the cylinder chamber, it is mixed with air and ignited in order to generate power in the engine.

Cracked fuel filter shell problem solution Harley Davidson
Cracked fuel filter shell problem solution Harley Davidson

This is a very important part of the engine system since it protects the engine from harmful waste, thus preserving its functionality, and it is also referred to as a fuel strainer. It is a fixed filter that is installed within the fuel line, and it is responsible for detecting dirt, rust, and other contaminants in the fuel and removing them from it. There is a cartridge that holds the filter paper that is usually built into it.

If the filtration is not done, the fuel pump and injectors will soon suffer damage, which might eventually lead to the pumps failing. The filters aid in enhancing performance since fuel may burn more effectively when there are fewer impurities present. For best performance, they also need to be serviced on a regular basis. 

Workings of a Fuel Filter

Fuel systems consist of filters and screens that protect the fuel pump and carburetor from dirt entering the air or from the ground.  If the fuel pump and carburetor are clogged with dirt, not only do they cause poor engine performance, but they also prevent the fuel pump from working normally. 

As you might expect, a fuel filter serves as a barrier to protect the rest of your vehicle from potentially damaging elements that might enter the tank.

It is inevitable in the course of your vehicle’s lifespan that it will receive a lot of heavy use throughout its lifetime and, as it does, it will accumulate and hold a lot of contaminants. Eventually, if not attended to, it will become clogged and eventually stop working altogether.

Fuel Filter Shell cracks in Harley Davidson bikes


The Harley-Davidson Motor Company has determined that there may be a defect relating to the safety of motor vehicles on certain 2008 models of Harley-Davidson vehicles. It has been reported that some motorcycles are susceptible to cracks in the fuel filter shell that lead to a loss of fuel pressure when they are operated.

Depending on the degree of loss of fuel pressure, it may affect the engine’s performance as well as cause it to stall or not start in some cases. A collision due to this condition can have serious consequences for the rider, such as injury or even death if the crash occurs.

As per the officials of Harley Davidson; the motorcycles you sell to your customers may be sold, but cannot be delivered until the remedy is completed for the safety of your customers.


If the fuel filter shell needs to be replaced with a new fuel filter shell, you would have to remove the old one and replace it with the new one. The repair and credit procedure will be explained in a service bulletin that will be published within two weeks.

In the first wave of sales of Harley Davidson repair kits, we could expect hundreds of repair kits to be shipped worldwide, based on statements provided by Harley Davidson. 

All affected bike owners will receive notices, along with instructions on how to bring their vehicles in for recall service, as per Harley-Davidson Motor Company, where the repair will be done free of cost.

How to know you have a faulty Fuel Filter?

Sudden loss of engine power

Lack of fuel reaching the injectors may be the cause of an overall lack of engine power in all ratios. It could occur as a result of a break in the filter’s outer shell or internal dirt blockage. A check engine light will appear on the dashboard and the engine will enter limp mode as a result.

The need for gasoline is substantially higher while you’re accelerating or hauling a load, though. Your engine’s ability to create more power is limited by a clogged fuel filter, which inhibits the fuel rail from keeping topped off with gasoline.

Engine starting problem

Your engine will probably still start if your gasoline filter is faulty, but it might need to run a few more times before enough fuel pressure is built up to keep it going. The fuel pressure sensor, which is placed on the fuel rail, will occasionally detect an out-of-range fuel pressure reading if the fuel filter is almost clogged.

In addition to this, when a vehicle is left overnight with a faulty fuel filter, it is likely that the fuel pressure of the engine will decrease as well.

The fuel that is being pumped from the fuel tank to the engine of your car is no longer under pressure when you turn off the engine when you turn off ignition of the engine. While the engine is off, and even when the fuel system is not operating, the pressure should remain constant throughout the system.

Mileage of the vehicle reduces

Fuel consumption can increase if a fuel filter is blocked, which might seem counterintuitive. Due to some faults or cracks in the fuel filter, the fuel is filled with contaminants and thus not reaching the engine of the vehicle. 

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