Dirt bike grips: Factors to Consider, Texture, Signs to Replace, List

Let’s talk about dir bike grips! The thrill of motocross is second to none, but most of the fun can be lost if you lose control of your bike and you could end up being critically injured or maybe even worse if you suffer a catastrophic injury. This is why it is so important to have the best handlebar grips and safety that provide you with superior control, sensitivity, and grip when riding a bicycle.

As one of the most essential components to being able to have a good dirt bike ride, hand grips that are of good quality can give you better control, reduce vibration, and reduce blisters, and do not cost a lot of money to buy.  

Dirt bike grips

A dir bike grip is no doubt one of the most essential elements in a dirt bike; you must be unaware of the fact. But whenever you are performing a dirt bike stunt or speeding up handling is the element you are mostly relying on and the proper handling comes when the handle grips are intact.

Dirt bike grips factors consider texture signs replace list
Dirt bike grips factors consider texture signs replace list

The front wheel of your bike is also attached to the handlebars, allowing you to get a better sense of how much control you have and if necessary, to adjust the handlebars to suit your needs.

Importance of dirt bike grips

A dirt bike’s grips are the primary point of contact between you and the bike, so choosing the appropriate one for you is very important, and ensuring they’re installed correctly is even more important. Apart from protecting your arms and preventing blisters, they also help you control the ride on rough terrain since they help with control even when you run with an arm pump or vibration.

There is no doubt that they are important pieces of equipment that help keep you safe, by making sure that you both have a tight grip on your bike and have more control over it as well.

Dirt bike hand grips: factors to consider

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when buying dirt bike grips for your dirt bike:-

The density of the dirt bike grip

There are three types of grip densities to choose between based on your preference and the fittings of your bike’s handle; they are as follows:

Hard-density type Grips

One of the biggest advantages of hard grips is that they will last longer than soft or medium grips, however, you may not get as much grip or control as you would with soft or medium grips. Some may consider this to be a lower-end option, but it does have its benefits for those who are already seasoned riders.

Soft-density type grips

When the weather turns bad or you find yourself trail riding a lot, these grips are perfect for you. Besides giving you the most grip, these soft-density grips are better at absorbing vibrations than those made of other densities since they give you the most grip. It is great to have grips like soft-density grips in different weather conditions, as they give you the most grip under those conditions.

Medium-density type grips

A medium grip is a great all-rounder because it absorbs a lot of vibration, provides a great grip, and will not wear out your gloves over time.

The texture of the dirt bike grip

There is a lot to consider when it comes to the texture of your mattress after you’ve made your gut-wrenchingly hard decision between soft, medium, or hard.

Full Diamond textured grip

It appears to be as if there are many diamond-shaped gems connected across the entire grip surface of the full diamond textured grip for the dirt bike, providing a much better grip to the riders after they grab onto the grip.

Half Waffle textured grip

Diamonds will be placed on top of the waffle and waffles will be placed on the bottom. As a result, you will have maximum control and comfort. Ideally suited to motocross riders, providing a much more comfortable and protective ride.

Signs that you need to replace the dirt bike grip

When your grips start to deteriorate, there may be several signs that point to the need to replace them and it isn’t just a matter of the rubber shredding.

  • Check the tread on the grips and if they are worn in any area, it would be a good idea to replace them if the tread is worn.
  • Also, if your grips start to bend or sag at all, it could cause your grip to become unnatural, and this could result in you slipping and falling as a result of this unnatural grip.
  • For your safety of yourself, it’s best if you change the grip if you notice that your hand is slipping all the time.

Some best dirt bike grips in the 2022 market have been illustrated below:

KTM Dual compound Dirt Bike grips

There is no question that KTM set the bar high with their enduro grips. They are dual compound grips to give you a comfortable grip even during the most intense parts of the ride. If you are ripping-roaring through the forest, don’t worry about damaging the ends because they are ridiculously resilient.

KTM Open End Dual Compound Hand Grips
  • Grips combine the durability of KTM Firm Compound Grips

KTM Dual Compound grips are thin and perfect for riders with smaller hands or who prefer a thinner grip. KTM Dual compound grips are also thin and perfect for riders with smaller hands.

Renthal G097 Dirt Bike grips

A thin dirt bike grip makes it easier for you to feel the bike and, as a result, improves your comprehension of how to manage your bike. They are therefore not the greatest if you’re seeking something to stop you from experiencing bumps.

Renthal G097 Black Full Diamond Firm Compound Trials...
  • Available in 3 advanced synthetic rubber compounds
  • Optimum combination of strength, tackiness and shock absorption
  • Very good resistance to tearing and abrasion
  • Available in 3 different patterns

These dirt bike grips are made of strong materials, making them both more durable and grip-enhancing. These dirt bike grips also have the benefit of being simple to install. Simply lubricate them enough or get a dirt bike grip adhesive to slide them on. There are no issues at all, and the journey is pleasant and comfy.

Scott Deuce Dirt Bike grips

Half-waffle Scott Deuce grips are made to provide you with the necessary grip. They are lovely and soft for a comfortable riding experience because the grip is a dual compound.

These Scott deuce grips include a medium-density waffle portion and a softer density in the palm area. This helps to better absorb vibration and prevent arm pump and fatigue. The Scott Deuce dirt bike grips maintain their durability while achieving a good grip.

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