Dirt bikes with gears with Top 4 Dirt Bike Gears to buy in 2024

Let’s explore dirt bikes with gears along with a few top dirt bikes. There are more automatic dirt bikes available for adults now than ever before, and they are a great way for beginners to learn off-road skills. When it comes to riding a dirt bike, if you are unsure of your abilities, you can think about an automatic bike. With a semi-automatic or fully automatic machine, you can eliminate the clutch from riding.

dirt bikes with gears top-dirt bike gears buy
Dirt bikes with gears top-dirt bike gears buy

Getting the hang of riding a dirt bike normally takes a few sessions. The process of mastering your skills and moving on to other related sports such as motocross, however, can take a lot longer. The proper riding technique and safety are also crucial when riding a dirt bike.

Define Automatic Dirt Bike

Similarly to automatic motorcycles, automatic dirt bikes have automatic gearboxes to transfer power from the engine to the drive-train.

With a conventional manual clutch, there is no need to change gears when riding this motorcycle. When riding an automatic motorcycle, a rider can simply twist the throttle to start the vehicle.

In terms of automatic dirt bikes, these are automatic motorcycles designed specifically for off-road riding, featuring long travel suspension, off-road tires, and other features to improve riding on unpaved surfaces.

Top 4 Dirt Bike Accessories to buy in 2024

Motorcycle Body Armor Vest Chest Protector

EVA Foam Padded Protection

Body armor vests are made with Lycra and high density foam fabric on the inside for chest and back protection. You will stay dry and comfortable with a ventilated body shell.

Easy to Wear

Motocross chest protectors are designed with buckles. Open the buckle first to adjust the waist size according to your preferences. You can adjust the buckle to the correct size, then push the buckle to complete the fitting. The buckle is comfortable to wear, suitable for people of different sizes.

RIDBIKER Chest Protector Motocross Adult Body Armor...
  • 100% Brand new and high quality, professional protective body armor vest.
  • Great for Sports: Cycling, motorcycle, motocross, skateboarding, skiing,...
  • Chest protector back can follow the bending when the body moves, more...
  • Snap-on design, the lining and plastic case can removable.
  • One size fit all, fully adjustable in wirth and length to a customized size...


This motorcycle chest protector is used by men to protect their chest, back, and spine for various outdoor activities such as dirt bikes, motorcycles, motocross, skateboarding, skiing, etc.

Crash Proof Shock Absorbing

PP plastic provides abrasion resistance and impact resistance and is a sturdy protection for the outermost corner of the body of the motorcycle body armor vest.

Elastic Slide Adjustment

The dirt bike chest protector has wide stretch elastic bandages on the shoulder and side waist, so there is no damage to the skin. The armor vest is secured to the outside of the body with strong hook and loop straps and buckles.

Ridbiker Motorcycle Full Body Armor Protector

Air Permeability

This motorcycle chest protector features high elastic mesh for excellent fit, comfort, and resistance to wear. Featuring many large vents, this jacket is extremely breathable and impact-resistant. Cool down your body by letting it get rid of the sultry heat.

Kids Dirt Bike Body Chest Spine Protector Vest Gear for...
  • [PP Armor Shell, Sturdy and Wear-resistant] - Made of high-quality...
  • [Safe, Breathable and Comfortable to Wear] - There is a 7mm plastic...
  • [Suit- Dirt Bike Gear for Kids] - This suit including 1pc body chest spine...
  • [Detachable, Easy to Put on and Take off] - The dirt bike armor vest can...
  • [Kids Protective Gear] - Youth chest protector set protects children's...

High Density Foam Filled

Ridbiker’s motorcycle armor jacket is made of high-impact PP injection molding & it has hard shell padding on the chest, back, shoulders, elbows, and forearms.

This cushion features high-density, durable, and stretchable EVA material with a thickness of 1.5 cm.


This gear is suitable for dirt bike riding, motocross, biking, skiing, snowboarding, skating, and other extreme sports, which provides complete body protection.

Easy Zipper

Hook and loop kidney belts ensure a secure fit around the abdomen and arms, allowing you to ride safety.

A polyester thread is used in the zipper, which is durable and can be pulled repeatedly without jamming.

Motocross Goggles


The lenses are enhanced with a PC and the frame is made of ABS. A fiber motorcycle goggle with an impact-resistant color PC Lens to protect your eyes during any outdoor activity against wind, dust, dirt, rain, snow, sunlight, and UV rays.

BATFOX Dirt Bike ATV Goggles Motorcycle Gear Riding...
  • Secure and Durable Design: Our dirt bike goggles feature an anti-slip...
  • Lightweight and Portable: Weighing only 3.52oz, our ATV goggles are...
  • Versatile and Multipurpose: Our motocross goggles are perfect for various...
  • Three Versions Available: We offer three versions of our goggles, including...
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Our goggles come with a 1-year warranty, and if...


Water, dirty dust, bright sunshine, strong winds and heavy snowfall are all protected from your face by this product. Better protection for your eyes due to exceptional toughness. During prolonged wear, the sponge layer on the frame is designed to provide padded comfort around your eye sockets. The material is a transparent aeronautical PC, and you won’t have to worry about it being dropped or hit fiercely.


This extra long size strap is suitable for sports fans with different head sizes made of durable nylon. By using these goggles, you will receive 360-degree protection from glare or bright light, strong winds, dust, and UV 400.

This jacket is comfortable, safe, and windproof, with high-quality foams and multiple layers. You are protected from any incidents caused by a powerful impact-resistant lens and durable frame.

Motor-cross Dirt Bike Goggles

With an anti fog and scratch resistant lens, these motorcycle goggles are very light and easy to carry. For snowmobiles, snowboards, and skates, these goggles have a good ventilation system and an elastic strap that can be adjusted. As well as motocross goggles for open face helmets, they are suitable for hot air balloons or car enthusiasts.

JAMIEWIN Motocross Goggles ATV Dirt Bike Motorcycle UTV...
  • 【Soft Bendable Material】Bendable high-quality PC material secure more...
  • 【Multiple Applications】Cross-country vehicle, motorcycle, motocross,...
  • 【Lightweight & Bendable】The off road goggles are super lightweight...
  • 【Anti-Fog Skiing Goggles】Full channel vents on top and bottom side help...
  • 【Package Including】1 x Motorcycle Goggles, 1 x Pouch, 1 x Goggle...

The Motocross Off road Trials helmet can be adjusted to fit different sized heads. ATV dirt bike motorcycle goggles are comfortable and feature a foam frame for protection.

Riders can wear glasses while riding with goggles because they cover the glass. The goggles provide clear vision, ensuring the rider’s safety.

Do Dirt Bikes have Gears?

Dirt bikes with adult sizes usually have manual clutches. Despite this, even small dirt bikes do not have automatic transmissions like cars. There are gears that require you to up shift and downshift, but there is no clutch. 

Wrapping it Up

Depending on what you want from your dirt bike and what you are willing to pay, you have a few options when it comes to finding the best automatic dirt bike. You can choose from a variety of fully automatic dirt bike models whether you want something fun that won’t break the bank or you want something electric and ready for some off-road trails.

It is nearly impossible to ride off road without a clutch for many riders. A dirt bike that is automatic is beneficial in some situations and at certain times. With clutch less riding, young and new riders have the opportunity to focus on controlling their body, learning how to apply brakes and throttle, and staying up on two wheels in rough conditions.

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