How Often To Lube Motorcycle Chain: 3 Stages You Must Know!

Are you surfing on the internet still with this question? Do you ride a motorcycle? Do you know how often to lube motorcycle chains? If you have these questions in your mind, you are in the right place to have a suitable answer. I am a professional rider. I usually take care of my motorcycle myself.

Several times my bike got stuck in the middle of the road because of the poor condition of the chain. Before then, I never thought about the motorcycle chain much. Now, I have realized that a motorcycle chain is as important as other parts of a motorcycle.  

After that, I made my own techniques to lube the motorcycle chain. Follow every stage very carefully to avoid unwanted nightmares on the road. You must have some knowledge about the chain. Do you know the types of motorcycle chains? Read inspection of the chain at first.

How Often To Lube Motorcycle Chain

Inspection of the chain

Normally you may notice two types of chains on the market. Superbikes use a chain with a cover of rubber. On the other hand, normal motorbikes use ordinary chains. How to lube your motorcycle chain and how often to lube the chain depends on the type of your chain.

The two types of chains are plain chains and sealed chains. Plain chains consist of metal-on-metal. Metal after metal makes the chain plain. The plain chain has a wider use than the sealed chain. Lubricate plain chain is so easy that anyone can handle the matter. 

On the other hand, a sealed motorcycle chain uses a rubber seal between the connection on the inner links and the outer links. At the present age, the use of a sealed chain have been increasing rapidly. The cleaning sealed chain consumes longer than a plain chain.  

Follow the three stages below to lubricate a motorcycle chain

How Often To Lube Motorcycle Chain

Stage #1: Check up Chain

Check up the motorcycle chain to know the current condition. Chain adjustment is a major part of motorcycle maintenance. Place the motorcycle in a flat place. Be sure that, the motorcycle cannot move and the rear wheel is up from the floor. 

Make sure the gear is in neutral mode. Turn the wheel with your hand clockwise. Try to hear the sound of the chain. If your chain is necked, notice whether the chain is loose or fit. If the chain is loose, tighten the chain using a hand wrench. Turn the wheel again and feel the adjustment whether the chain is fit or not. You may find the chain full of dirt and dust. Your primary job is to clean the dirt and dust. 

Note: Make sure the motorbike is cool enough to operate such a job. Do not touch the chain immediately after a ride.

Go for the next stage. 

Stage #2: Cleaning

In this stage, we will clean the dirt and dust from the chain. We can use several liquids to clean up with proper guidance. Turn the wheel a full turn. Examine the dirt level. Petrol and kerosene can be suitable liquids to clean up. We make a mistake every time that we use water whimsically. Water may affect the chain with germs and rust. 

Get an old toothbrush. The toothbrush should be of nylon. Get old and fresh cloth to wipe the chain. Pour petrol into a spray. You can use other liquids also. Before pouring any liquid into the spray, clean up the spray with fresh water. Let the spray dry up for a while. Get the spray bottle in one hand and hold the wheel with another hand. Turn the wheel and boost the spray on the moving chain. 

Put the toothbrush over the wet chain and press the brush harder. Shake the brush front and back so that the brush absorbs the dirt. Continue this operation three or four times. Let the liquid penetrate all over the chain. After a while, grab the chain with a soft cloth and wipe the liquids over the chain. You should have a glossy and lightning chain now. Look for the next step. 

Stage #3: Lubrication

People usually go to the market to buy costly lubricants without knowing the side effect. I think hard lubricant may encourage more dust over the chain. Regarding the side effect of hard lubricants, you may use soft lubricants or engine oil. Pour the lubricants into a spray bottle. Now make sure the chain is totally dry. If the chain is not dry enough, let it be for a while in the air. 

Now, likewise, in the cleaning process, spray the lubricants over the chain softly. The chain should be moving slowly. Do not press the spray button strongly. Too much lubricant on the chain may create dirt. I would like to suggest you use T2 engine oil. Let the chain dry up for an hour. Enjoy your ride.  

How Often To Lube Motorcycle Chain

How often to lubricate your motorcycle chain depends on your riding activity. If you ride the motorcycle just once a week, you may need to lubricate the chain every three months. In the case of a long ride, you should lubricant the chain after 400 to 500 kilometers. 

Sometimes distance does not matter for your chain. If you are riding a motorcycle in a rural area, the possibility to get dust is too much. Here, you may lubricate the chain after every 300 kilometers. 


Do not lubricate the chain before riding. It may cause a worse result. Do not use water over the chain to clean up at any cost. Stay at least an hour to take a ride after lubrication. Examine the condition of the chain before taking any ride. Try to use a sealed chain to ensure longevity.

Bottom line

Lubrication of the motorcycle chain is a must-do job for every rider. The smoothness of the chain may increase the performance of the motorcycle. I think a motorcycle is a sign of passion. We should take care of our passion. Related Post on Motorcycle Gears: You May Also Like!

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