How to Make a GPS Tracker at Home for Your Motorcycle?

How to Make a GPS Tracker at Home for Your Motorcycle

Whenever you are going to ride for a long drive beyond your locality, there is a probability to lose yourself. I think you will appreciate my opinion. GPS tracker is an essential device for not only your child and pets but also your safety. At the age of technology, we have come to the edge of the wonder of modern science. If you are apart from a GPS device currently, you must install one to confirm your direction.

Worried about the price! Hah? 

Don’t worry. You need not buy a GPS device anymore though it has become so sophisticated. I have shared my own experience in this matter. You know, I am very much happy to help you there. Read the article top to bottom to make a GPS tracker at home for your motorcycle.

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How to Make a GPS Tracker at home for your motorcycle

Step 1 Get mobile phone: You can use your current cell phone as a device. Here, you have to confirm that your cell phone can use the internet. On the other hand, you can buy a simple cell phone at a very low cost. A smartphone is a potential device to use the internet.

A smartphone with an unlimited data pack is ready to locate your location at any time. Make sure that you are familiar with the phone. Charge durability is also a matter for your mobile device. While you are using the internet, it may consume more charges. Make sure your mobile phone has charge enough to operate.

Step 2 Search for a program or apps: If you write a GPS tracker on your cell phone search bar, you will get innumerable programs and apps on the search result. Honestly saying, you can choose anyone from the search result. Here, you have to confirm that you are familiar with the app.

Some apps may require payment. In that case, you can select free apps without any doubt. Google Maps is one of the most preferable apps in the present time. Remember, some apps may not work on your locality. Choose a perfect one that can provide this service easily. Next, read out the terms of conditions of the app whether you can log in or not.

Step 3: Register to use the program: After choosing the perfect program or app, you have to register on the app. Registration is important to secure your access. Registration is an easy step. Just put your name, address, phone number, and password. It may require more information.

For your well-being, I must say that registration in these types of the app is completely safe. Experts suggest choosing a popular one so that you can rely on the app easily. After putting all the necessary information, press on the submit button to get you access to the app. Wait for a while. It may take a few minutes to justify your information.

Step 4: Install the program and log in: You are ready to download the app on your cell phone.

Once you get access to the app, you can log in to the app from any device. Download the app from the authorized site. Now, log in to the app and put your current location. Make sure, your cell phone data connection is ON. It may require more data.

Find a CURRENT Location button on the app and tap on it. You will see your current location with a Red or Green dot. To examine the location, move aside for a few minutes. You will see the dot mark is moving with your steps.

Step 5: Now track your motorcycle: Now, your GPS tracker is ready to go on. Install a cell phone holder on the handlebar of your motorcycle. The cell phone holder should be smooth and strong enough to hold your cell phone on the rocky roads.

Put your cell phone on the holder. Turn on the app and find your current location. You will see a map on the screen including roads and tracks behind you. Try to hide anywhere in the world. Your motorcycle GPS will find you in just a click.

Look: Sometimes it may not work due to lack of internet access to that place. Don’t be a worry. Look at the network bar whether there is full network access or not.

How does GPS work on a motorcycle?

GPS is not a single device that provides your location alone. GPS works connecting three other sections; satellite, ground station, and GPS receiver module.

The satellite catches your signals and sends it to the ground station. The ground station confirms your signal and location then send your location to your device. The main principle of GPS is time. It calculates your location depending on the exact time. You can send and get the receiver with just your mobile phone. Read the next to know what you need to make a GPS Tracker.

What do I need to make a GPS Tracker at home for your motorcycle?

  • A cell phone: Use your cell phone if it has internet access. Need not to buy a flagship phone.
  • Data pack: To get a mobile connection with the ground station, you need an internet connection.  
  • Program or app: There are several apps or programs that you can use. Google Maps is the preferable one.
  • Phone holder: Install a phone holder on your motorcycle to grab the phone over the handle.

Bottom line: Finally, you have the easiest way to make a GPS tracker at home for your motorcycle. I hope, you will cope with the steps easily. Try the steps at your home. Leave a comment with your current status. In the case of any disturbance on the steps that you failed to follow, write below in the comment bar.

Before following the steps, read the instructions again and be familiar so that you can make a good result in the first attempt.


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