How To Name Your Motorcycle: Bike Names For Male & Lady

I have bought Yamaha TW200 which has a custom name Faith Doer. A friend asked me, How to name your motorcycle? Name your motorcycle is vital for some groups of bikers, and some are think naming is not that much important. But all the passionate bikers think about their bike naming according to their choice besides the brand or model name. So when bikers want to set a custom name for motorcycle, they get confused about how to name his or her bike.

I have talked with some group of bikers they don’t think about their bike name, and I also found some group they are earnest about naming with their preference like they called their bike with their favorite movie name, some of them named with an old-school name like Mildred or Gertrude, so many criteria they follow in choosing the name.

You don’t find any specific factor in choosing your bike name. That depends on your sector of interest. Like you can name your bike with your favorite movie name, your favorite word, color, hero, or anything that you want to call. Some people like to appoint their name.

Here, we discussed the guideline for choosing your bike name if you are not finding your motorcycle name yet.

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Why You Need a Custom Name Your Motorcycle?

Every bike has a default name when you buy that. That can be the model name or brand name. If you buy a Yamaha R15 motorcycle, the name already assigned and is Yahama R15. That name is for all those who bought that. But if you named that with your own choice, then that can be unique, and you can love your bike more than ever before you calling that with your preferred name.

Another important thing, if you are a bike collector and like to make a garage for your bikes with your preferred collections, then you should go for the custom name to distinguish your motorcycles with your custom assigned name, and that would be very significant.

Primary criteria for choosing a motorcycle nickname

Selecting a bike name is not only a nickname of your bike, that is also a reflection of your thinking and mentality. A nickname for your motorcycle can be a story for your bike. That can be history too. Every biker has a story behind his or her buying the motorbike and choosing that specific bike.

So, for some reason, the nickname for your motorbike is very significant for some specific history. Your affection, love, demand for your motorcycle can entirely depend on that nickname. The nickname can make you nostalgic sometimes.

Before naming your bike, you can set the gender for your bike. If your motorcycle is male, you can choose a name according to that, and if your choice is female, then name with that.

We can see two bikers according to gender as male and female bikers.  So, the nickname of your bike can vary with gender. So, I discussed here the core reason for choosing your bike.

Bike names for a male biker

The motorcycle name comes naturally. But that is not fixed. You can also choose that, as I said before. If you are a male biker. You should follow some basic things.

  • Easy to remember: The most important point for choosing a bike name is to select the name that is easy to remember. Choose a short and straightforward name so that your fellow bikers can also call your bike with your bike name.
  • Personal Name: Make a particular name for your bike. To do that, you can choose your name, your interest, your hometown, country, and also you can use a unique name that may suit your motorcycle.
  • Funny Name: Setting an unusual motorcycle name is not that much important. A jocular name can great for conversation with your fellow bikers. An excellent history is working behind I Bet Rooster to choose a funny name.
How To Name Your Motorcycle

Bike names for a lady biker

Riding bike is not only for the male. Lady bikers are also increasing day by day, and they also want to name their bikes with their choice.

  • Fierce: Are you a fast and drift driver? OK! Go for a full name can be the best choice for you. Remember your bike name and spread the name among your fellow bikers.
  • Suit you: The most vital fact for your bike name that suits you and with your nature. The funniest names suit you is Tequila or Margarita. Ginger or curly can be the best option for the lady bikers.
  • Stylish name: Choosing an elegant name is very important for lady bikers. Go for a sleek, sexy, and smart name that you think to set with your bike.

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