Mount for Phone on Bike or motorcycle: Which one should you buy?

In this article, we will provide an overview of the best mobile mounts available in the market for GPS phones that you can buy for your motorcycle.

mount for phone bike motorcycle gps phones which buy
Mount for phone bike motorcycle GPS phones which buy

What do you mean by Mount for Phone on Bike or motorcycle?

Generally, a phone mount is something that gives you the ability to place your phone on the phone mount so that you can use your phone hands-free and can access different features. Mainly riders use the phone mount to put their phone and turn on the map app and GPS which helps them to navigate throughout their route.

The advantages of using your smartphone as a navigation device are that it is cheaper, easier, hassle-free, and more efficient than buying an expensive sat-nav unit. Phone mounts are useful for riding while using the GPS or listening to music using your phone while driving.

Where should you mount your phone on a Bike or motorcycle?

Your phone should be mounted so that it does not interfere with your bike controls. It should also be easy to view and easy to use. It is important to keep your focus on the road in front of you at all times. A location near the tachometer is generally the best place for the phone to be positioned.

If you are looking straight ahead, it’s best to have your phone mounted near this position or easily visible when you glance at your tachometer.

A phone mount is one of the many accessories that can be attached to a bike, but each bike comes with its restrictions and challenges. The most important thing is to find out what is the best-suited product for your driving style and your motorcycle.

Can a mobile get damaged due to the vibrations of your motorcycle?

Mobile phones might get damaged if you mount your mobile phone to your motorcycle in the long turn. Many brands now offer vibration dampener accessories that you can attach to your device to prevent it from being shaken by vibration. You should consider this if you are riding a bike that vibrates a lot when considering your mounting options if you are riding a bike that vibrates a lot.

Should a magnetic phone mount be considered for mounting your phone to your Bike?

When it comes to mounting your smartphone on your motorcycle, you shouldn’t rely on magnets. Despite the strength of the magnets, the phone will bounce free at the first bump you will find on the road while riding. Your mobile device might even be damaged by the magnets in the long run.

What are some of the best phone mounts for a motorcycle available in the market?

01. Ultimateaddons motorcycle phone mounts

Ultimateaddons Motorcycle Bike Mirror 8-16mm Mount with...
  • ✅ DEPENDABLE - A solid, high quality build featuring aluminium...
  • ✅ UNIVERSAL - No need to remove your phone case. The holder connects...
  • ✅ EASY TO FIT - Mount attaches in seconds with a simple fastening nut....
  • ✅ IDEAL FOR GPS - The best motorcycle phone holder for GPS navigation on...
  • ✅ MIRROR MOUNT - Fitting to mirror stems from 8-16mm, the Ultimateaddons...

The price of the motorcycle phone mount is just $80 and has multiple options for mounting and comes with a durable and waterproof case. For ease of use, the Bike mount has quick-release buttons for easy attachment to your phone’s case. The ball mount allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your phone 360°.

Furthermore, your phone is fully protected from the elements with the UltimateAddons case, yet the touch-sensitive screen can still be operated with gloves on.


  • The case is waterproof and dust resistant
  • Even at putting your phone in the case, you can still use the front and rear cameras
  • The case provides additional protection against crashes or other elements.
  • The phone mount also comes with an in-built silicone layer in order to reduce vibration.


  • The product is extremely bulky

02. Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount for iPhone and...
  • The Strongest, Most Secure & Versatile Smartphone Motorcycle Handlebar...
  • Patented dual-stage lock ensures your phone is held securely to your...
  • Quick to attach / detach providing easy access to your apps on the go
  • Multiple mounting configurations. Suits bar sizes 7/8” (22mm), 1”...
  • Compatible with all Quad Lock Cases & Universal Adapters (Not included)

When you do not have easy access to a bar mount for your phone, Quad Lock makes the most versatile mount system on the market. A vibration dampener can also help improve legibility and protect your phone from damage caused by vibrations. It is also possible to mount Quad Lock systems on bicycles and car dashboards.


  • The product is very slim and comfortable to hold
  • The phone mount also gives positive haptic feedback that will help you know if your phone is properly fitted in the mount.


  • It can be difficult to mount a phone when it has to be twisted into its locked position
  • The phone case must be Quad Locked in order to mount it properly
  • There are not enough cases for Android, only for iPhone

03. Givi S957B Universal motorcycle phone mount

Givi S957B Smartphones Holders
  • Sold in each
  • Highly Efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Smartphone holder specially designed for the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung...

The Givi Universal Smartphone Holder is a handlebar mount that comes with a case that includes a sunshade, a cable port, and a waterproof cover that can be used to attach the phone to the handlebar. Rather than clipping your phone into a specific case for your model of phone, your phone is placed inside the case and zipped up.

Givi phone holders are a pretty standard handlebar mount, but they can be attached to items as small as 8mm, so you can mount them to the stem of your mirrors if you wish. The price of the phone mount is $50.


  • The case comes included
  • The cover is waterproof
  • There is a charging port to charge your phones
  • The phone mount is easy to use and install


  • The case is bulky so you would not necessarily want to remove it and take it with you wherever you go.

04. RAM 1 X-Grip motorcycle phone mount

RAM Mounts X-Grip Phone Holder with Motorcycle Fork...
  • Spring-loaded 'X' design with rubber caps sports great holding power...
  • Includes motorcycle fork stem base that works with stems 12mm to 38mm in...
  • Phone Holder Dimesions: Width Range: 1.875" - 3.25", Depth Range: .875"...
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

Due to its spring-loaded stainless steel arms, the X-Grip phone holder can accommodate a wide range of RAM mounting products, as well as devices with a width of 1.75 inches to 4.5 inches. Make sure you get the right X-Grip by measuring your phone and comparing the width and depth provided for each size.

You can also prevent scratches on your phone by using rubber-coated tips. The product also comes with a lifetime warranty, and the holder is also made of durable materials. The cost of the product is somewhere between $70


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • It is rust resistant
  • It is also very durable and easy to use
  • It can mount almost any type of mobile


  • Vibration protection is not available on the phone mount, so if you are using a phone with cameras you need to be cautious
  • There is no handlebar attachment included, so you must purchase a RAM holder that is compatible with the phone holder.
  • The price of the product is on the costlier side.

05. Grefay motorcycle phone mount

Grefay Bike Phone Mount Metal Motorcycle Handlebar...
  • 【Sturdy&Secure】The motorcycle phone mount has 4 stainless steel clamp...
  • 【Universal Compatibility】Grefay bike phone holder match with smartphone...
  • 【360 Degree Rotation】 360 degree rotation bike cell phone holder, easy...
  • 【Easy to Install】 This upgrade mountain / bicycle phone holder is easy...
  • 【Handlebar Compatible】Suit well with various types of bicycles,...

In terms of budget phone holders, the Grefay phone holder is a good value-for-money alternative. The lockable stainless-steel arms that hold your device in place enable it to accommodate a wide range of mobile phones as well. Due to a tool-free mount that includes rubber spacers for smaller handlebars, the mount itself can be attached to a variety of handlebar sizes. You can adjust your phone 360° with its ball swivel.

Despite not being one of the best options out there, the Grefay mount is incredibly popular as a cheap and simple alternative to many of the other mounts. Our recommendation is to go with this phone mount if you plan on riding more than city and commuter ride with occasional long tours.


  • Can be adjusted to 360 degrees
  • No additional tools or equipment are needed
  • The mount comes out of the box
  • Can fit almost any type of mobile device
  • The cost of the product is low when compared to other competing products.


  • No vibration protection, so if you use a mobile with a camera, you need to be cautious.

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