Possible Brake Failure: Problem and Solution of Harley Davidson Bike

As we all know that brakes are one of the most important parts of any bike. They help the bike to stop when we desire and if there is any fault or failure of the brake in bikes then we will not only be able to stop a running bike but we might be seriously injured and it might even cost us our lives.

Harley Davidson Bike Brake Problems and Solutions

Harley Davidson Bikes is a luxurious bike brand and the looks are brakes of each car are unique and build to last. But sometimes it might have some problems. Therefore, you should periodically check the condition of your bike’s brakes. Brakes change over time in terms of their properties, characteristics, and behavior. Here we discuss the problems and the solution to brake failure in Harley Davidson bikes 

01# Brake Fading  

A brake fade occurs when the brakes fail to hold onto the wheels after prolonged use. An increase in temperature caused by prolonged use changes the friction behavior of the brake and deteriorates its performance.

Repeated severe braking can cause brake fade because it expands the brake drum, or causes the brake lining to losing its frictional ability. Use lower gears and reduce speed or load if necessary. Upon cooling the brake lining, the faded brake effect disappears, and the brake effectiveness returns.

There is a possibility that the brake fluid has deteriorated in this case. Alternatively, fresh fluid of the correct specifications could be pumped in and flushed out. There is also the possibility of brake fade occurring when the brake lining does not make good contact with the drum. It may be necessary to grind the shoes to the correct radius and/or adjust them in this case. 

02# Overheating of the brakes

The Brakes getting overheated are generally due to similar reasons for the binding for the brakes of a Harley Davidson bike. Friction properties tend to decrease when overheated, and binding tends to increase as well.


In addition to the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraphs, they can also occur as a result of prolonged use of the brakes while descending a slope. The piston in the caliper may also be seized, which can occur in the case of disc brakes apart from the above. This problem can be fixed by reboring the caliper and replacing the piston as a remedy for this.

03# Indecorous Bleeding

The most important step you need to take when installing brakes for the first time is to blow them out. This is the most important part of the whole process. When we talk about bleeding, we are basically referring to the removal of air particles from the internal system of the body. A particle of air present in the system will get compressed if it is present there, preventing the air from passing through it.

04# Brake Judder

If you are experiencing brake judder, it can either be caused by improper brake adjustment, which can be corrected, or if the brake lining rivets are loose, in which case you will need to replace the rivets in order to reattach the lining to the brake drum. As a rule of thumb, it is also necessary to replace the lining in most cases in a Harley Davidson bike.

05# Brakes Grabbing

Brakes that are seized or have a tendency to seize are said to be in this condition. Generally, greasy linings are the cause of drum brake grabbing. The workers sometimes forget to clean the liners before assembling the chairs, which results in grabbing after a few uses as a result of poor assembly.

It is possible that the shoes could be misaligned as a result of brake grabbing. The grabbing of the brakes can also be caused by a scoured brake drum. Similarly, the drum can be grounded within limits so that the same issue can be eliminated.

The brake shoe assembly may have also been contaminated with dirt or dust which has entered the part. The brake grabbing should be removed by cleaning it so that it does not occur again.

06# Brake line is filled with air

Because disc brakes work with incompressible brake oil, this defect is particularly prevalent. Between the brake lever and caliper piston, this incompressible oil acts as a linkage. A brake lever is used to magnify and apply brake lever force to the caliper piston. High viscosity brake oil is necessary for this purpose. Air is a compressible fluid, so even a small amount of air in the brake line will cause the system to fail. At the time of braking, air remains in bubbles and compresses, reducing its braking effectiveness.

Air bubbles in brake lines can only be produced by leaks. It is possible for the reservoir or the caliper to be defective, which causes the system to leak air. In case of leakage, the pipe should be repaired or replaced. To prevent air bubbles from forming, tighten any loose connections properly. Bleeding your brakes is a very safe way to get rid of air bubbles. This maintenance process should be performed at a genuine service station or any authorized Harley Davidson Repair Point. 

07# Brake Dragging

In this type of condition, the brake gets a tendency to stick to the brake drum and remain in the applied state even if the brake lever is not pressed and the brake liner is bound to it. There is also a term called brake binding that is used to describe this phenomenon.

Defective springs are one of the main reasons why brakes bind when they are applied. There may be weak or broken springs on the brake shoe retracting spring or on the pedal return spring which should be replaced as soon as possible.

The anchor pins can also be jammed by jammed brake shoes. There is a possibility of eliminating brake binding by lubricating the anchor pin on the brake shoe. It is possible that the fluid level in the reservoir of a disc brake is kept excessively high, which should be rectified if the brakes are binding due to an excessive fluid level.


Brakes are the most crucial part of a Harley Davidson bike or any bike in general, and they can be a factor of life or death if there is a possible break failure, So one must always look out for the above-mentioned signs and if any problem arises must get it fixed by a professional mechanic.

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