What are Helmet Lock? Top Helmet locks for a bike rider

If you ride a bike, you already know the importance of helmet locks, but if you don’t, this article will explain it to you. You will also learn how to use helmet locks in this article. If you are a motorcycle rider you must never be reckless and impatience while riding the bike, but as it says accidents don’t knock on your door before coming and that is why a proper bike helmet is a must.  

Attaching the helmet to your bike is easy and you can walk away without thinking twice. Even if you’re not near your bike, a high-quality helmet lock ensures your helmet’s safety. In this article, you will find the assistance you need to select the right helmet lock if you are in search of one.

Helmet Locks

Often time when we ride a bike we tend to carry an extra helmet for our co-passenger until we reach our destination. Once we reach our destination caring for both the helmet throughout our visit kind of feels like an extra burden.

So that is when the Helmet locks come to play, a proper helmet lock is something that will properly be attaching your helmet to your bike and nullify the chance of theft, and extra burden.

So choosing the right helmet lock is important, and you need to follow a few factors before buying the helmet lock, which we have mentioned in this article.  

Pros and Cons of Helmet Locks


  • Provides safety and security to your helmets.
  • Hassle-free access to your helmet whenever required.
  • Available in lots of designs to choose from.
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • Often involves compatibility issues while installing.
  • A helmet lock could result in a minor scratch on your bike.


Helmet locks possess a number of distinguishing features, which are as mentioned below:-

  • Due to the fact that helmet locks are portable, you can always carry them with you no matter where you go.
  • Helmet locks ensure that the lock is durable and secure against tampering or breakage.
  • Additionally, the helmet locks are lightweight and portable allowing you to carry them anywhere needed.

Types of Helmet Locks

Here are a few basic types of helmet locks:-

Corded-type helmet lock

In this type of helmet lock a cable surrounds the helmet and another component of your bike and is wrapped around a rope covered with rubber, and that is how this lock keeps your helmet firmly in place.

You can open a corded helmet lock with a key or a combination lock. It is best to tuck away or stow loose cables when the bike is in motion in order to prevent any damage to the components. To maximize safety, it is important to securely stow the cord when the bike is in motion.

Bolt-type helmet lock

Typical motorcycle helmet bolt locks are cylindrical and require a key to operate, and they are permanently attached to your motorcycle. It is quite easy to put them on various parts of your bike, such as engine guards or frame tubes.

In addition to being versatile, motorcycle helmet bolt locks offer superior protection, as they cannot be tampered with or easily removed.

Handlebar-type helmet lock

Seeing as your handlebar helmet lock is prominently visible on your bike, you’d expect it to serve a purpose, and this type of lock was created with style in mind since it’s prominently displayed on your laptop.

Not only do these handlebar helmet locks add style, but this type of lock is designed to effectively secure your bike, providing you with peace of mind.

How Does helmet locks Work?

It is important to be familiar with their operation. Most modern helmets come with built-in locks, and these are the easiest ways to attach your helmet to your bike.

Keys and wires are incorporated into most locks to prevent misplacing or stealing the helmet and bike. Combination locks are also used for this purpose by some people.

Alternately, other people opt for electronic locks that can be opened with some advanced means for an extra layer of security.

List of some top-rated helmet locks

Master-Lock Helmet locks for bikes

(Price – around $20)

Motorcycle Helmet Lock-Master Lock #99KA - 2 Keyed...
  • You may purchase up to 8 keyed alike helmet locks, or said in another way...
  • A similar cable lock keyed alike is available with a length of 3 ft.....
  • 14" (35 cm) long vinyl covered cable with a 5mm cable diameter. 4-pin...
  • Attractive plastic lock cover prevents scratching the helmet.
  • Dead-locking mechanism to prevent rapping the lock open.

The Master-Lock helmet lock is the best choice if you are looking for a helmet lock that is both ideal and affordable. This motorbike helmet lock was made by Master-Lock, a company that knows how to make a good lock. 

If a burglar wanted to steal your helmet, they would need heavy-duty bolt cutters to break the lock. Due to the vinyl-coated cable and plastic-coated lock, you do not have to worry about scratching your helmet or bike.

Helmetlok Carabiner Helmet locks

(Price- around $41.39)

Helmetlok 4104 Carabiner Style Helmet Lock and...
  • HelmetLok is a Carabiner-style lock, with a 4 digit programmable locking...
  • Open the lock, slip the Carabiner through your helmet's shackle, attach it...
  • The locking arm pivots outwards when open, allowing you to attach it to...
  • The 4 digit locking mechanism is made from weather resistant zinc alloy and...

The Helmetlok Carabiner Style Helmet Secure locks your helmet to your bike quickly and easily in your luggage, pocket, or belt loop. You can mount it almost anywhere on your bike, thanks to its four-digit programmable locking mechanism.

Plus, the hardened steel construction and weatherproof coating make it highly secure and durable, giving you peace of mind that your helmet is safe.

With this shape, it will be easier to grip your helmet correctly without losing it, since it fits into the D-rings on your helmet. After you have locked it with the pin, you must be cautious to remember it so that you can unlock it.

BigPantha Helmet lock

(Price- $25.27)

Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable. Sleek Black Tough...
  • CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE - We'll email you a comprehensive User...
  • PLEASE READ FOR YOUR HELMET SAFETY - The BigPantha Helmet Lok is a security...

There is an additional layer of security against helmet theft with the BigPantha Helmet Lok. One of the best helmet combination locks for practically any motorcycle is the Big Pantha lock, which uses a combination key and flexible cable to lock.

Maybe the best feature is the protective rubber sleeve attached to the helmet. Rubber construction prevents it from scratching or damaging the paint of the bike. D-Rings are also nicely protected by rubber to prevent accidental scratches.

Pitbull U helmet lock

(Price- $44.50)

This strong motorcycle helmet lock is also one of the best locks available, ensuring the safety of your helmet. A helmet lock’s maker compares the lock’s strength to that of a pit bull, so you can see how strong it is.

It’s not only strong but also highly durable, making it an ideal choice for motorcycle owners looking for a reliable way to secure their helmets.

Kuryakyn license plate helmet lock 

(Price- $48.50)

Kuryakyn 4248 Motorcycle Accessory: License Plate...
  • Allows you to safely and securely lock your helmet
  • Designed with tamper-proof screws providing extra security
  • Easily bolt to the back of many bikes and allows stress-free access
  • Includes (1) black helmet lock and key set, (1) lock mount bracket, (1)...
  • Universal; fit to use on most flat license plate brackets

A Kuryakyn Motorcycle License Plate Helmet Lock is another excellent choice. Kuryakyn already holds a prominent place on this list. Your helmet can be easily stowed away on it because it mounts securely to the rear license plate frame.

The helmet lock’s best feature is the tamper-proof screws, which make it even more secure, as well as its universal design.

Key factors to consider

There are three essential factors that need to be considered before buying a perfect helmet lock for your bike are as follows:-

Easy to use: No matter which locks you choose, the ideal lock should be easy to lock, and the key lock or combination lock should not pose any difficulty.

Build quality: Verifying the build quality is the most important factor to consider when selecting a helmet lock. It is necessary to use high-quality materials for withstanding rough situations. Using these high-quality materials guarantees that the helmet is not destroyed and stays in position.

Flexibility: Material quality plays a significant role in ensuring that the lock will be sturdy and long-lasting and will not need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

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