who makes oil for harley davidson

Maintaining proper lubrication is crucial for the performance and longevity of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle’s engine. If you’re wondering who manufactures oil specifically formulated for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, this guide will provide you with the information you seek.

Harley-Davidson recognizes the importance of using high-quality oil that meets the unique requirements of their engines. While they do not produce oil themselves, they collaborate with reputable oil manufacturers to develop and produce oils that are specifically designed for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Here are some key oil manufacturers associated with Harley-Davidson:

Mobil 1: Mobil 1 is a renowned oil manufacturer that offers a range of high-performance synthetic oils. They collaborate with Harley-Davidson to produce the “Mobil 1 V-Twin” line of oils, which are formulated to meet the specific needs of Harley-Davidson engines. These oils provide excellent protection against heat, wear, and deposits, helping to ensure optimal engine performance.

Spectro Oils: Spectro Oils is a trusted brand that specializes in producing lubricants for various powersports applications, including motorcycles. They work closely with Harley-Davidson to develop oils that meet the brand’s rigorous standards. Spectro Oils offers a range of products, including engine oils and transmission fluids, specifically tailored to Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Amsoil: Amsoil is another reputable oil manufacturer that produces synthetic oils for motorcycles. They offer a line of oils designed for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, delivering exceptional performance and protection. These oils are formulated to withstand high temperatures, reduce friction, and minimize engine wear.

When selecting oil for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, it is essential to refer to your motorcycle’s owner manual for the recommended oil specifications and viscosity. This ensures that you choose an oil that meets the specific requirements of your engine.

Regular oil changes are crucial for maintaining optimal engine performance and longevity. Follow the recommended oil change intervals provided by Harley-Davidson and the oil manufacturer, and always use the appropriate oil filter when changing the oil.

While Harley-Davidson does not produce oil themselves, they collaborate with reputable oil manufacturers like Mobil 1, Spectro Oils, and Amsoil to develop oils specifically formulated for their motorcycles. These oils are designed to meet the unique requirements of Harley-Davidson engines, providing excellent protection and performance. When selecting oil for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, refer to the owner manual and choose an oil that meets the recommended specifications. Regular oil changes using the recommended oil and filter will help ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Harley-Davidson engine.

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