The 10+ BEST Heated Motorcycle Grips (Reviews) in 2020

Are you feel very annoying with your cold hand?? Really it’s a quite irritating matter for motorcycle riders when especially winter comes. Thereby heated gear is pretty demandable on the market all time. However, there are one more pesky things besides this, and that’s nothing but finding a best heated motorcycle grips among so many brands. Now, hellfire these troublesome objects and kick-off to find the perfect solution.

As a motorcyclist, I know the feeling that how terrible it was to ride a bike in the winter with a cold hand, and that damn issue keeps me far away from my bike for long days until the heated grip comes. It’s changed my past awful experience with the motorbike and turn my day into a great one. If you want to go through that feeling, then take a quick look at our top 5 best options for heated grips for your bike and extended buying guide before wasting a single penny.

Koso AM111030 7/8" + 1" Apollo Heated Grips
  • Integrated thumb switch designed for easy installation and setting. Allow...
  • 'Plug & Play" wiring connections to shorten the installation time
  • Wide temperature settings for cold weather conditions
BikeMaster Heated Grips (7/8)
  • For twist throttle applications
  • This new elegant grip design with revolutionary heating structure delivers...
  • Elegant, open-end grip design make the heated grip both functional and...
Heat Demon 215049 High/Low ATV Clamp-On Heated Grip Kit...
  • Fits all ATV makes and models with a 7/8" handlebar
  • Two (2) heated clamp-on grips - no adhesive required for installation
  • Comes with a 3-position (off, low, high) round rocker switch
Oxford OF692Z Heaterz Premium Sports Heated Handlebar...
  • Soft, ultra-grippy diamond tread is inspired by race grips for comfort and...
  • The intelligent heat controller uses a sealed-for-life welded case...
  • Ergonomically engineered grips

Are Heated Motorcycle Grips Worth it?

In a word, Yes! While you get out with the bike in winter, after a few trices, the cold catch your hand badly although you are wearing a muff at that time. Coldy hand also affects your whole body, and you become unable to handle yourself.

In this situation, heated gear plays a vital role for you. It helps to keep your arm warm for a long time and refresh your journey. Every time you will feel lucky to have you such a phenomenal accessory for bike riding. Only muffs can’t help you to rid of that situation, though they are also great, but both together fantastic.

Best Heated Grips for Motorcycles

The Best Heated Grips for Motorcycles

1. BikeMaster Heated Grips

BikeMaster Heated Grips (7/8)
  • For twist throttle applications
  • This new elegant grip design with revolutionary heating structure delivers...
  • Elegant, open-end grip design make the heated grip both functional and...

A fresh heated grip on your bike is a great way to make it feel young again. Bikemaster Heated grips that brand names tell us everything about its design, durability, and functionality. I would like to describe this as an actual budget killer. 

When I bought it, first of all, I was facing a few difficulties in terms of installation. I must recommend everyone should install it by a certified mechanic; it will be better. Now, after I finish this job, I was taking preparation for a test. Unbelievable it’s impressive performance influenced me so badly that I forgot all the difficulties which I faced before.

Why should you pick this??

  • There are five level temperature controller which synthesize the grips precisely to avoid overheating
  • Elegant grip design and highly efficient heating formation deliver you heat faster than traditional heated grips.
  • Open-end grip design gives the heated grip both stylish and functional look, which will catch your eyes.
  • That’s rubber material resist the outward environment and give you a secure and comfortable grip.

Additional info:

  • It’s only compatible for 12 DC application
  • Available for 1″ handlebar or 7/8″
  • 13.5 v working voltage
  • Power draw 34.155W – 37.395W
  • Grip length 4.75 inches.

What people say??

“Bought them before, saw good reviews, and ended up liking them on my last scooter. Now, this set is going on my lastest scooter.”

“These grips are fantastic; they truly are a game-changer for anyone that rides their bike year-round. If you’re like me and you ride every day, rain or shine, you know that the first part of your body to get cold are your feet and your hands. With these grips, all I now use are a pair of thin leather riding gloves whose purpose is to be anti-abrasive in the case of a fall.”


2. BikeMaster Heated Grips With LCD Switch

BikeMaster Heated Grips with LCD Switch (7/8")
  • Never let a cold day stop you from riding.LCD controller shows the five...
  • Display also shows the vehicle's available battery voltage.Improved rapid...

We reviewed before about bike master heated grips, but now we will introduce another twin brother of this, which is a little bit different in terms of the facility. BikeMaster Heated Grips With LCD Switch made it different from other heated grips. That’s why I decided to try it for once.

If I Talk about the performance, so it was too good. I was feeling the same experience that I felt for the bike master heated grips. There I felt a little bit low comfort in gear; they were hard with a bit of cushion. Then I understood that this might be required to confirm that as much of the heat produced reaches your hand.

However, The LCD was utterly blown my mind because of its tremendous performance. That display able to show you a variety of information such as heat level and battery voltage. Also, I would like to recommend you not to use the superglue, which comes with a gear pack. Maybe, you will face the problem further whenever you try to remove the grip from your bike.

Why should you pick this??

  • Their LCD controller helps to shows the available heat levels and vehicle battery voltage.
  • They improved their rapid heating mode, that’s for grips heat up more quickly and also will provide you a quick comfort zone.
  • A more tenuous diameter pattern will give you greater ergonomic comfort.
  • In-line fuse protection and sealed connectors will allow you for all-weather riding
  • Easy to install

Additional Info:

  • Only for 12 DC application
  • Suitable for 7/8” bars
  • Plug n play wiring with lock connectors.
  • 12.8 ounces shipping weight
  • 4.75” grip length

What peoples say??

“I installed these on my wife’s commuter 2017 Duke 390. I really like the controller in this thing. You can set up the default heat level for when they initially power up. It will make rapid heat to that level. The rapid heat on start is a great feature.”

“These Heated Grips are excellent. Easy to install and the variable heat output is great. The switch on then handlebar also shows System Voltage which is a real plus. I’ve used several different brands over the years, but none were as user friendly as these. Buy them; you won’t be disappointed.”


3. Koso Apollo Heated Grips

Koso AM111030 7/8" + 1" Apollo Heated Grips
  • Integrated thumb switch designed for easy installation and setting. Allow...
  • 'Plug & Play" wiring connections to shorten the installation time
  • Wide temperature settings for cold weather conditions

Wintertime brings many problems for a motorcyclist, foggy environment, snow, slippery road, and so on. Sometimes we need to reduce the temperature of heated grips, but due to the bad shape of the way that’s not possible to remove our hand from the gear all time. But Koso apollo made these messy things easy for us.

 Integrated switch system which is the peak feature of this Koso apollo grips. This needle is located right next to the grip on your right hand, and you can change the temperature with that switch without removing the hand from your grip. Also, It has not any exact dc requirement like the black master. 

Grips were very soft and comfortable, and its substantial cushion didn’t impact to provide heat precisely. I didn’t have to face any problem in the installation process because of plug n play wire connection, that was made this task quite easy, simple, and not so time-consuming.

Why should you pick this??

  • Nonsegregated thumb switch intended for effortless installation and setting
  • The wiring that comes with the grips is well laid out and includes waterproof connectors for each of the grips to the controller box/harness. 
  • A User can change settings without removing hands from their handlebar with just a click
  • Plug-and-play wiring connections helps to reduce the installation time
  • Low Battery Warning assures the bike has enough power to start
  • Grips automatically will shut off, if the bike voltage drops below 11.5V for 5 seconds
  • Five-color LED indicator allows the rider to know the heat-level setting quickly

Additional Info:

  • 7/8” diameter handlebars
  • Approximately 130mm length
  • Grip surface diameter 35mm
  • High-temperature grip glue ( Not recommended to use )

What people say??

“The grip warmers are an effortless and easy install. I like that the controls are on the grip, and I didn’t have to mount an additional module. LED is easy to see to know which setting you’re on. I hooked it up to a switched power source, so I don’t have to think about shutting it off every time I use them.”

“Installed in my Ducati Scrambler…agree completely with the next reviewer. The only fault is they are too easy to turn on. I’ve used them for two years now. Very warm. Rarely use more than the 2 lowest settings.”


4. Oxford Heaterz Premium Heated Grips

Oxford OF692Z Heaterz Premium Sports Heated Handlebar...
  • Soft, ultra-grippy diamond tread is inspired by race grips for comfort and...
  • The intelligent heat controller uses a sealed-for-life welded case...
  • Ergonomically engineered grips

If you have a sports bike and wanna enjoy the ride with full hotness in winter so you should try the Oxford Heaterz Premium Heated Grips, I used this my Kawasaki ZX-10R SE, and now I want to share my fantastic experience with you.

Since I have recommended it for you, now the question is, why do we dig it ?? Because they are just under 100$ marks, there’s a bang for the bug factor here and a silicon cables which provide flexibleness in the most inclement weather, and you will like where they have gone with a new premium line. 

I fell in love completely after using it. It gave me just amazing ride in the winter season, and their LCD made it easy to control section and also I could actually feel my hands riding at 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Although the price is below 100$, even then it offers us so many extraordinary features which may it’s out of our imagination.

Why should you buy this??

  • The exceptional heat controller uses a sealed-for-life combined case construction for long-term durability and weatherproofing
  • 5 carefully chosen heat settings provide the perfect temperature( heat up to 50 c ) in all weather with LED lights to indicate the level.
  • The battery saving mode protects batteries, and even when the voltage drops to 10.5V that time if you forget to on the switch so it will automatically turn on that time
  • If the engine is switched off, so the grips will automatically turn off until enough power is available.
  • Also, there’s a new waterproof connector so that you can chill in rain days without any tension. 
  • The grip compound and thermoplastic rubber construction are designed to absorb vibration, making them extremely comfortable and durable.

Additional info: 

  • Perfect fit for 7/8” handlebars.
  • Standard length – 4.84”
  • Minimum cut length – 4.48”
  • Grip outer diameter – 1.31”
  • Warranty for 2 year

What people say??

“Just installed these on my Speed Triple. Great quality product, the installation was straight forward and easy with no real surprises. The controller looks quite nice; the buttons give good feedback through my gloves, and the LED indicator for the power level is very nice.”

“This is my second pair of Heaterz grips by Oxford, and they are fantastic. Top-quality, long-lasting. My last set lasted two years (which is about 46K miles–I have a long commute).”


5. Symtec 215047 Heated Push On Grip

Symtec 215047 Heated Push On Grip and Thumb Kit with 2...
  • Includes push-on heated grips, thumb warmer, and dual channel heat...
  • Winter pak with 4 Zone controller comes with an additional 2 variable...
  • 4 zone controller has setting memory

The best stories are always in the window where nobody looks—Symtec heated grip as like that, which comes with some extraordinary convenient features. If you ride either, motorcycle, snow sled, or four-wheeler and relish where the temps drop to and underneath freezing, so you must try these, guarantee you will never feel regret.

I placed it on my Honda TRX350; the fit was excellent; the lock-on vogue grips are easy to install and very secure when squeezed. All over was noted, but there was an irritating thing that the inserted instructions did not match the exact product, and features of the controller are not described.

Here, you will show some enormous feature which will help to understand the core value of this grip.

Why should you pick it??

  • The most significant advantage of Symtec grips is five levels of temperature control.
  • includes push-on heated grips, thumb warmer for the riskless ride.
  • There is a winter pack with 4 Zone controller comes with a new 2 inconstant voltage plug-ins and 1 DC plug-in
  • Also, the 4 zone controller has a setting memory.
  • You can use those grips for many vehicles such as passenger cars, light trucks, motorcycles, commercial trucks, etc.

Additional info:

  • 8x6x2 inches product dimension
  • 12 ounces shipping weight

What people say??

“I love these grips. We recently bought a used bike, and it had these grips on it; I liked them so much that I bought a new set for my other bike.”

“I have used these grips now for about one month. They are super to use and fit nicely and have remained tight. I didn’t apply the rubber shrink to the thumb grip as well as I should have, but it is ok, I should maybe have applied some superglue too for the edge. What a difference they make… They are simple to adjust for temperature and very warm.”


Best Heated Motorcycle Grips Buying Guide

You bought it, unboxed it, and happy to see this, but now the question is, how can you fix this?? That’s the worst part for unskilled people. Nothing to worry, you don’t need to spend your money on doing this work through some mechanics. In this buying guide, you will show the exact process of installation which I did my time as a professional. Let’s dive into the deep.

  • Try to release the grip from handlebar

It’s a prevalent and first step. You need to have a bar ends to remove the grip from your handlebar. Once this session is done, then it’s time to remove the grip from the metal tube. In that process, all you have to do is taking a normal screwdriver and move round and round between the grip and bar. It will help to release the sticky glue from your handlebar.

  • Remove the throttle rubber

Now you have to start the removing rubber process slowly no matter how stubborn it will, and you can use shears or some other things to remove it correctly.

  • Time for a slight test & fit

Take the heated grip and put it into the metal tube and see, does it fit well in this handlebar perfectly or not. If it’s ok, so let’s move to the next task, which will have to remove the rubber from the front side of the metal tube. Then it’s time to stick the grip in the metal tube by glue. I suggest you use the hairspray as a lubricant instead of the superglue which you will receive from the box. Once the hairspray dries, it helps prevent the possibility of grips from twisting. So that you will not face any problem with the hard ride.

  • Wring the grip

Now it; ’s time to do some technical work. You need to find some power source for your heated grips. Many people make the mistake of connecting the wire directly to the battery, but we will not do that. Because it will drain the battery power in a moment. 

So all we have to do, find the switching power and connect the wire with it, thereby the heated grips will only start while the bikes switch on. Connect the negative to the battery terminal directly instead of the frame of the vehicle. Because if you do it, it would be the reason for the electrolytic reaction. It will be the reason for weakening your structure soon. Also, if you want to test the power time, so take a multimeter to make sure and release your pressure.

  • Take a ride and enjoy it

It’s time to face the winter, take revenge, and to show them that no cold weather can stop us from going out. I can feel that it’s the happiest moment for a motorcyclist in winter. Because no wall is standing in front of us now. Hope you will enjoy your ride and comes to a feel for you like heaven.



Will Heated Grips work on my Motorcycle, ATV, or Snowmobile?

Of course, you can use, there are different types of manufacturer companies in the market who are manufacturing daily heated grips for each motorcycle, ATV, and also snowmobile. But be careful while buying a heated grip, Since I said they made for each vehicle so you should check once their vehicle requirement before buying it. If you wanna check the collection so click here.

Is it true that heated grips can’t burn out?

There are millions of heated grip users around on earth. Still, we didn’t find any clue about burning cases if you installed it correctly so that you can use it without any stress.

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