5 Best Motorcycle Seat Pad For Long Rides

Motorcyclist always love long drive and want to get the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides. The motorcycle seat pad is a very important part of a motorbike for every rider. We may go for a long ride anytime from anywhere. It relies on the temperature of the mind. 

To go for a long ride, health safety is the priority to ensure a pleasant journey. You may feel pain in your buttocks and loss of energy to go for more. These all may happen you ride the motorbike without any seat pad.

A seat pad is specialized for long rides. It provides you enough comfortable feeling for a long ride. It may reduce severe pain on hip adding a pleasant feeling. 

Several types of motorbike seat pad vary from person to person. Depending on your motorbike model and size, you can choose anyone suitable for the model. 

Don’t think just go for it. Buy a seat pad now and have a comfortable journey. 

Best Motorcycle Seat Pad For Long Rides
AirHawk 2 Comfort Seating System Seat Cushion - Medium...
933 Reviews
AirHawk 2 Comfort Seating System Seat Cushion - Medium...
  • Inflatable Seat Cushion with Black Cover - Medium Cruiser
  • Unique inflatable, multiple-cell design for the ultimate in comfortable...
  • Made from polyurethane and features a breathable, stretchable outer cover...
  • Feature open-mesh side panel to allow air circulation through individual...
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Airhawk - R-REVB Cruiser R Large Motorcycle Seat...
1,374 Reviews
Airhawk - R-REVB Cruiser R Large Motorcycle Seat...
  • PRESSURE POINT SUPPORT - Built-in stress relieving features reduce pressure...
  • EVERLASTING COMFORT - Patented air cell technology in the cushion prevents...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Center cutout area runs front to back of cushion while a...
  • MATERIAL - Air pad is made of durable polyurethane and cover is made of...
  • AIR CELL CUSHION - Cell height lowers on front for better leg passage and...
Coleman MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector
2,330 Reviews
Coleman MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector
  • Soft-molded foam adds extra cushion
  • Covers existing rips and tears and stops them from growing bigger
  • Three quick release buckles easily secure protector to the seat
  • 1-year limited warranty

The Best Motorcycle seat pad for long rides

#1. AirHawk Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Best Motorcycle Seat Pad For Long Rides

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Air Hawk is the most reliable, durable best motorcycle gel seat pad on the market. It is known as Double-Your-Seat time guaranty.

It is very famous for your physical comfort that helps a rider to get relief from his back pain, and you get extra time to ride on the motorcycle.

The design, support, air cell, and extended driving time facilities placed Hawk at the top of all the seat cushions in the market.

Build Material: The central part built with polyester. Polyurethane used for long-lasting and cover made with exclusive mash apparel. For air circulation, three-layer knit polyester added here with a non-skid bottom.

Ergonomic Design: It is very much comfortable and suitable for the human body that helps to circulate your blood without any barrier. The default stress reliving component can reduce pressure on tailbone, prostate, and scrotum. You don’t face the common issue that is back pain problems if you use this seat pad on your bike.

Long-lasting driving: The air cell three-layer seat pad technology can provide you with a long way driving on the highway without any injuries. Air cell helps to ventilate air through your seat pad to offer you an enjoyable riding facility.

Check Airhawk motorcycle seat cushion fit chart Here.

Why buy AirHawk Motorcycle Seat Cushion?

First of all, you should buy AirHawk for the human body suited cushion on the market. The blood circulation and other impact zones of your body like tailbone, buttock, and prostate can be safe while fast and drift driving. Secondly, the simple design and breathable three-layer seat pad can provide you extra comfort.

Why People buy AirHawk Motorcycle Seat Cushion?

AirHawk seat pads represent the bike seat cushions in the market. Durability, reliability, design, and long-lasting feature placed Hawk at the top of all buffers in the market. Breathable Air Vassel technology can provide a long journey on the road with a non-skid base, which helps the pad to glued with the bike. Three sizes are available to be fit on various motorbikes. Get relief from back pain and be stress-free from tailbone and buttock is the center of attraction for all ages bike rider.

#2. Maddog Gear Comfort Ride Seat Protector

Best Motorcycle Seat Pad For Long Rides

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Maddog seat protector are the most sustainable and best motorcycle seat pad cushion in the market that can be fit on all types of the bike even on ATV bikes. 

It is one of the most durable and reliable seat pad with a simple ergonomic design and long-lasting using opportunity. The build quality and seat adjustment system can offer you a moderate seat cover for the bikers.

Build Material: The main structure of GearComfort made with high-density foam or gel, which can provide a comfortable soft zone between your buttock and the pad. Plastic made three buckles used to fit in the saddle correctly.

Ergonomic Design: It designed ergonomically to provide the best ease for the human body. Blood transportation between your buttock and body can be perfect for the rider. GearComfort seat cover can reduce your back pain and reduce stress on the critical portions of your body.

Others: Easy removable three buckle lock system can help you to remove the pad anytime, anywhere. The seat pad is tear and abrasion-free. GearComfort helps to protect the built-in seat of your bi

Why buy MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector?

MadDog GearComfort is known as seat protector because of protecting the built-in seat of your bike. The entire blood circulation system with enjoyable riding is preferable for all. Densely structured foam can offer you a comfortable place to sit. You can use the GearComfort seat pad for any bike. Portability provides you to release the cushion wherever you want.

Why people buy GearComfort Ride Seat Protector?

When you go to choose a seat cover for your bike online, your first concern should be fitting and replacement warranty. To ensure the fitting for all motorcycle, it can provide such type of seat pad that can fit all bikes. 

The price of this seat pad is lower than other traditional seat pads in the market. Durability, portability, one-year replacement warranty, three buckle lock system, an extra cushion can add additional safety for your bike to provide an injury-free enjoyable journey.

#3. ButtyBuddy Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Best Motorcycle Seat Pad For Long Rides

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ButtyBuddy Mounting Seat is a closed-cell cushion for the rear seat to provide a comfortable journey for your passengers or your partner. Ergonomically black colored design with three snap-together feature can provide extra relaxation on the road. OS2018 is 1.8 pounds and can store in a tote bag when you are not using ButtyBuddy.

Build Material: It is a closed-cell seat pad build with soft foam or gel, which hide by a black color cover. To set on the bare fender, you find rubber built suction cup. You get a black color bag with the box to keep your cushion while not using OS2018.

Ergonomics Design: The seat pad is a fully ergonomically designed seat pad on the market. Blood circulation and back pain issues eliminated on OS2018. Three-snap can fit your partner sitting position perfectly.

Installation: You find two types of OS2018 according to your setup. If you want to set the pad on your bare fender, you have to set by the suction cups. On the other hand, you can use this seat pad upon your existing seat. The portable installation system tool only five minutes to add and remove the cushion.

Others:  It is known as the universal fit seat pad. The ventilation system helps you in hot weather to be relaxed by the flow of air between inside and outside. Here, the range of your seat or fender should be 4 to 11 inches wide and maximum 9 inches space from front to rare portion.

Why buy ButtyBuddy Motorcycle Seat Cushion?

It is one of the most quality full seat pad in the present market with the perfect ergonomic design for the ultimate comfort for all day. You can buy for your partner or your passenger. The price is okay according to the build quality, durability, and ventilation system. Two types of use with three snap parts can provide you a premium look on your bike.

Why people buy ButtyBuddy Motorcycle Seat Pad?

When someone is looking for a seat pad, the first concert is a comfort. According to ergonomics, human relaxation on a motorcycle depends on ergonomic design. ButtyBuddy can provide you that design which followed by ergonomics. The price is higher than the regular seat cushions. The height becomes increased to 2-3 inches that can be a problem for the short people. Besides, here you get the lifetime warranty.

#4. Air Seat Innovation Motorcycle Seat Cushion – motorcycle seat gel pad

Best Motorcycle Seat Pad For Long Rides

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Air Seat Innovation Motorcycle Seat Cushion is the best motorcycle gel seat pad solution in the present market. High-quality neoprene rubber made the inner cushion with ergonomic design, and air vessels can provide a premium quality seat in the market. Proper blood circulation, back pain reduction, and pressure reduction on tailbone can offer you an injury-free extended driving facility.

Build Material: The central inner portion of Innovation seat cover made with a sustainable neoprene rubber where competitors are using inferior PVC plastic. Here, the central body part covered with a breathable custom-designed washable cover.

Ergonomic Design: A proper ergonomic measurement followed to provide ultimate comfort for the human body. Air cells can provide adequate blood circulation from your leg to the whole body part. Less air can fit your buttock perfectly. Innovation seat pad can offer you a tremble free riding experience on the road. The seat pad can reduce pressure on your tailbone, sit bone, and prostate area.

Application and installation: Innovation is compatible with most of motorcycles. Air seat cushion applies to adventure and sport-touring, touring model, Cruisers, and many more. The quick-release process with two straps made the installation system very easy for the rider.

Others: Innovation seat pad is 14.5 inches wide and 14 inches in length with 1.1 ponds lightweight. It offers you a money-back guaranty if you are not satisfied. The producer company provides you with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Why buy Air Seat Innovation Motorcycle Seat Cushion?

Air Seat Innovation cushion is the best cushion in the market till now. Neoprene rubber made the inner shell with a breathable wash cover offers you premium build quality seat pad. The ergonomic design with versatile use can be the reason of your choosing. Stress-free riding, proper blood transportation, pressure-free tail bone, and relaxed extended journey facility can be the focused reason for buying Innovation cushion.

Why People buy Air Seat Innovation Motorcycle Seat Cushion?

An innovation seat pad can provide the injury and painless long trip with your motorcycle. Air pocket patented technology can offer you a relaxed riding opportunity. Build material, human body consistency, and vibration free riding can offer the best seat cushion that other companies cannot provide at $109.99. Here, you get one-year manufacturer warranty with responsive customer support.

#5. HANSWD Pillion Passenger Motorcycle Seat Foam

Best Motorcycle Seat Pad For Long Rides

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HANSWD Seat pad made for the rear passenger seat. If you are a uber bike rider, you can buy Pillion Passenger Pad Seat for providing the ultimate comfort for your passenger. Simple rectangular shape with the black colored traditional design is the top notched feature of HANSWD. The pillion seat pad is the lowest budget seat pad in the market.

Build Material: It built with Soft Synthetic Leather. According to the price, the quality of Synthetic Leather is average. Here, Six suction cup made with rubber to grab the fender.

Ergonomic Design: It designed ergonomically with a rectangular shape. You find an arch-shape to set the pad to the fender correctly. 4.5cm height, 26 cm length, and 18cm width seat pad can fit on your motorcycle. Pillion is very lightweight of 340gm.

Compatibility and Setup: The seat pad is compatible with Motorcycle, Chopper, Cruiser, or other custom motor vehicles. To set Pillion on your bike, you need to clean the fender and place the suction cup to the perfect place.

Why buy HANSWD Rectangular Pillion Passenger Pad Seat?

You should buy a Pillion passenger pad just because of the low price. The quality is not good enough. But still, you can buy for the low price according to quality. Your back seated passenger feels comfort with Pillion. A suction cup attachment system with rectangular arch-shaped design can fit on your fender correctly. A versatile motor vehicle using capacity can be the reason for your preference.

Why people buy HANSWD Rectangular Pillion Passenger Pad Seat?

Rectangular Pillion Passenger Pad is a lightweight, average quality with the most focused feature low price. People are always searching for a low price seat pad for the rear part, and HANSWD is one of them. The soft synthetic leather can provide extra ease to your passenger. Suction cup glued technology can offer quick portability.

Why do you need a motorcycle gel seat pad for a long ride?

You need a motorbike seat pad for a long ride for numerous reasons. If you use one for a little longer, you will have an experience of using a seat pad. 

To avoid pains in the backside: 

Pains on the waist is a general issue for motorbike riders. When the question is for a long ride, it is obvious that you will feel the pain.

Built-in seats are not those much comfortable that may keep you apart from feeling pain. You can avoid this pain by using a seat pad only. 

To make the motorcycle more comfortable: 

The main advantage of a seat pad is to provide you a comfortable feeling. As we can install a seat pad in our bike easily, it makes our seat more comfortable than a built-in seat. 

Manufacturer companies only think about the style and model of the bike ignoring the rider’s comfortability.  

To have a safe journey:

When you are calm without any pain, you will have a safe journey ever. A pleasant seating position on the bike can help you to lead a safe ride. 

To change your motorbike-style:

Obviously, a seat pad can change the style of your motorbike. Seat pads possess different looks with different sizes. 

Different colors of seat pad can change the look completely. 

To have a pleasant long ride:

When you are riding a motorbike without any tension having a comfortable seat, you are the happiest person at that time. Along with speed and style, the seat pad is also important for your pleasure. 

Cheap in the price:

On the other hand, the seat pad is so cheap so that everybody can buy it. Everybody has the same right to have a healing long ride. 

Best Motorcycle Seat Pad For Long Rides

Key features of motorcycle seat gel pad

Comfortable: Comfortable feeling is the first key feature of a favorable seat pad for long rides. You are buying this one just to make your ride more comfortable. 

Fit for almost every bike: An excellent seat pad must have the system to install in any motorbikes. You will find different seat pads for a different bike. You can buy one regarding your bike model and style. Whatever it is, it must fit in your bike. 

Quality foam: Some seat pads are made of foam. To ensure the best quality you have to gather enough information about foam. A decent seat pad must have upstanding quality foam inside the cover so that the shape exits for a long time.

Air and water resistance cover: Air and water resistance cover is very much required for a motorbike seat pad. During a journey, you may fall into a poor weather condition. Your motorbike may wet on raindrops. 

Size: Size is a matter for the riders. We have different shapes on our buttocks. A suitable seat pad can provide the same pleasure for different sizes of people. It must have a suitable size that fits the bike. 

Color: Color is a matter for the motorbike style. Vibrant colors add extra beauty to your bike. 

Lightweight: A seat pad is lightweight that everybody can carry without any pressure. Your bike will not sense any extra pressure for having extra material. 

Absorb vibration and shock: The seat pad provides a comfortable feeling by absorbing vibration and shock from the shockers. Air absorbs extreme vibration and shock.  

Measurable air pressure: Some seat pads are inflated by air. It must have something that measures the air pressure into the seat pad. Extreme or low air pressure may discomfort your ride.  

The right amount of gel: Gel seat pads are also a great source of a pleasant journey. The best quality seat pad must ensure premium quality gel so that it does not dry within a short period.

How to Install Gel Pad in Motorcycle Seat for a Long Ride

Using a motorcycle seat pad is very easy for everyone. To use it in the perfect way follow the instruction below. 

At first, buy a quality seat pad for your motorbike. You must consider the above phenomenon before buying a seat pad. 

See the strips carefully. You need to engage the strips under the seat cover. You know the easy way to fold a seat. 

If you are going to install an air pocket seat pad, check the air pressure inside the pocket. In the case of the gel seat pad, check the amount of jet properly. 

Wrap the cover properly and tighten the strips, as you need. 

Sit on the new seat pad and have a test of how comfortable it is. Examine the setting and position carefully whether the pad is in the exact position or not. 

You are ready to go. Enjoy your ride.  

Best Types of motorcycle seat pads for long rides

The best type of motorcycle seat pad will help from backpain and inflammation. I found four types of seat pad in the motorbike market  Regarding the condition of weather, motorbike model, and your demand, you can choose anyone among these four-motorbike seat pads. 

Air pocket seat pad:  This is the most comfortable seat pad. This seat pad has an inner portion, which is built with rubber. This rubber has a zigzag shape. Generally, those shapes hold air and make the seat pad comfortable. Lightweight allows you to carry the pad easily. You must check the inner portion by maintaining a routine. 

Foam seat pad: Foam seat pad is imminent in the world. Density and longevity is the key feature of this seat pad. Moreover, the foam seat pad is very cheap to buy. Anybody can check and choose the foam seat pad because of its simplicity. Due to global use, this type of seat pad is very common.  

Motorcycle gel seat pad: By the name already, you knew that this seat pad is made of gel. You will find water like something under your butt. A quality amount of gel is poured into the gel pack. In dry weather, there is a chance to dry up the gel. You need to check this out regularly. Gel foam for motorcycle seat is also popular. 

Heated seat pad: Motorcycle heated seat pad is very common in the icy area. In the case of a long ride, you must wear warm and air resistance jacket. 

What’s about the motorbike seat?

This type of seat pad may feel you warm under your butt. You will feel your hip warmer than your entire body. Heated seat pad run through an electric connection.

Motorcycle Passenger Seat Pad Pricing

As I have mentioned that seat pads are very common for the rider because of its cheap price. The exact price depends on the type of seat pad and the brand. 

Foam seat pads start with USD 15 to USD 100. 

Gel seat pads are a little bit costly than foam seat pad. You may buy a gel pad at USD 40 to up in your local market.

Next, the air seat pad is also quite nearer to the gel seat pad. You may purchase an air seat pad at USD 35 to up.

The heated seat pad is also very cheap like foam seat pads. You may buy the heated seat pad kit at USD 19 to up in the markets. 

Factors of buying a Best or Cheap Motorcycle Seat Pads

Size: Before buying a seat pad measure the dimension of the built-in seat. Be sure that the sizes of both seats are equal. The length is not a matter but the wide size should match together.  

Weather: What types of seat pad you need to buy, it depends mostly on the climate. If you are riding to an icy region, you must buy a heated seat pad. In a wet region, you need to buy a water-resistant seat pad. Otherwise, you can use other types of seat pad as your demand. 

Range of journey: If your journey is too long, make sure that the seat pad can stand up to your journey. You may need to take some rest meanwhile of the journey. Try to buy a premium one to be sure of your journey. 

Envelope: Check out the cover carefully. The cover will take the whole pressure of your body. Cover insures the longevity of the seat pad.

Ingredients: Different types of seat pad are made of different ingredients. If you choose especially one, you must know how the pad is made. If you have the whole affair, you can judge the seat pad exactly.

What kind of foam for motorcycle seat

Motorcycle manufacturer companies use accurate foam to create a motorbike seat. Motorbike seat possesses advanced technology to modify a seat regarding comfortable and shape.

Foams are of two types that you can see in motorbike seat. The foams are open cell-foam and closed cell-foam. 

The quality of the foam depends on its density and firmness. Density measures the flexibility of the foam and firmness calculates how much pressure it can take. 

The open-cell foam allows air on the foam so that it can give a comfortable feeling to the users. It provides a cushioning effect to the seat pad.

On the other hand, closed cell-foam is harder than the previous one. Closed-cell foam is also quite similar to open cell-foam having a little difference. 

It does not allow that much air. One can cut this foam to make shapes from various angles using a knife. 

Benefits of Motorcycle Gel Seat Pads

If you go for a long ride regularly, you must know the benefits of motorcycle seat pads. You cannot count the benefits of having this seat pad when you are on your bike. 

Avoid unwanted pain: Everybody fears to have severe pains on their hip whenever they think about a long ride. Pain is a compulsory issue for a long ride. Your pains are no more. Say goodbye to your hip pain using a seat pad. A seat pad provides you a healing state of a pleasant journey. 

Comfortable seat: A seat suitable seat pad provides you a very comfortable journey time. You will never feel bored riding a motorbike for a long time. 

Dashing style: Numerous models of seat pad may add an attractive look to your bike. As you can buy seat pads with different colors, your bike’s model may have a different look.  

Safe to use: Built-in seats are not as comfortable as a seat pad. If you use one, you will experience the complexity between the two. A seat pad absorbs the extreme vibration that protects you help from several pains and other disturbing issues. 

Bottom line: Already you have an idea of the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides. Now it is your turn to be a pro rider.  Before buying a seat pad read the article once more so that you do not miss any single issue. 

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Best Motorcycle Seat Pad For Long Rides

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