8 Best ATV Passenger Seat – Reviews

ATVs are the great stuff to heal our mind whenever we ride on it at any time. The best part of having an ATV is the customization option. Among the customization options, the ATV passenger seat is the common stuff.

A suitable ATV passenger seat enables you to have a great outlook, the option to carry things, and padded seats for a comfortable feeling.

Don’t think anymore if you haven’t bought one yet. I have mentioned the top 8 best ATV passenger seat reviews and guides so that you can pick the best one for your ATV.

Read the features, pros, and cons to know about the rear seat well. Pay attention to the top picking portion also.  

Listen: Have a look at Things to Consider before Buying the ATV passenger seat. You must know the fundamental issues that you must observe when you are ready to buy one.  

Let’s see the divers rear seat for your ATV.

List of 8 Best ATV Passenger Seat 2021

#1. Black Boar ATV Passenger Seat And Lounger

Black Boar is an imminent brand for ATV and UTV accessories that provides their product worldwide. The key feature of the black boar ATV seat is to create stylish stuff for ATV. Following their tradition, they have made this rear lounger unique one. Dashing design, enough storage, and black color have made this model premium.

Black Boar (66010) ATV Rear Storage Box and...
2,882 Reviews
Black Boar (66010) ATV Rear Storage Box and...
  • Provides a cushioned seat and additional storage on your ATV
  • Constructed of durable impact resistant polyethylene material
  • All mounting hardware included, compatible with most tubular racks
  • Integrated rust resistant stainless steel lock with keys and adjustable...
  • Note: All keys and accessories are packaged inside the lounger

Features and specifications

The key feature of this model is its outlook made of polyethylene materials that have made the passenger seat durable for a long time.

The best part is, this rear storage box enables you to have additional storage of 7 cubic feet on the ATV that is completely dust and water-resistant.

Moreover, you are getting mounting hardware including the tubular racks to install the seat easily on your ATV.

Surprisingly, this passenger seat features stainless steel locks with keys with completely rust resistance capability. It also adds adjustable latches.

On the other hand, the back and the sitting position of the rear seat provide comfortable feelings with soft padding support.

With the amazing issues of security, storage space, comfortability, and design the rear seat is a complete package for the passionate person.  


If you are looking for a premium one with larger space, dashing style, and from a reputed brand, Black Boar 66010 is a top pick for you.


  • The passenger will feel the ultimate pleasure of seating on the rear seat.
  • 7 cubic feet is really good enough for holding the necessary things.
  • The stainless lock with adjustable latches will provide extreme security.
  • You will get the essential tools with the purchase to install the seat.


  • It may wear out very soon from the bottom of the seat.

#2. Quadboss Weekender Trunk/ATV Passenger Seat

Quadboss weekender trunk by Quadboss features a comfortable seat in a versatile way. You will see a different use of storage in this rear seat. This passenger seat comes with a hard structure with long-term durability made of Polyethylene. You can carry additional fuel for your ATV on the gas tank attached to the rear seat.  Look at the amazing features of this weekender trunk.

Quadboss Weekender Trunk
158 Reviews
Quadboss Weekender Trunk
  • Our biggest seat/storage system with stowing compartments underneath each...
  • Side lids open from back to front
  • Middle storage in rear will hold a gas container
  • Overall dimensions: 42in. x 17in. x 28in.
  • Container opening dimensions: 10-1/2in. x 9-1/2in. x 5-1/2in.

Features and specifications

The key feature of this model is its storage capacity including the gas containers. you can carry additional things with extra gas also.

The seat cushion is very comfortable with a concise size. It looks great having long-term durability.

The best is that you can customize the seat with your own choice including changing position, storage capacity, and sitting position.


If you have planned to go for a long ride whether with your dear one or passenger, then this rear seat is a perfect choice for your ATV. This storage trunk will provide you extra fuel to go a long way.


  • Additional storage with the gas container has made it extraordinary.
  • The seat cushion is very comfortable with long durability.
  • The sitting position is secure to go for a long ride.
  • You can customize the rear seat to make it suitable for your ATV.


  • The seat is a little bit smaller for tall people. They may not post their legs properly.
  • There is no hard locker to protect your things from strangers.

#3. Rage Powersports ATV Passenger Seat

This cargo box made by Rage Powersports comes with high-density polyethylene that confirms the great durability. The built-in cushioned seat provides ultimate comfort with armrest areas. This stylish cargo box is big enough to seat everyone. The storage capacity enhances its features perfectly.

Rage Powersports Black Widow ATV-CB-L7500 16.5' H ATV...
88 Reviews
Rage Powersports Black Widow ATV-CB-L7500 16.5" H ATV...
  • Stores and carries extra cargo on a rear ATV rack; includes armrests
  • Measures 42' W x 25" D x 17" H
  • Key-lockable to deter theft; includes 2 keys; built-in cushioned seat with...
  • Rear reflectors provide nighttime visibility; comes with 4 U-bolts for easy...
  • High-density polyethylene construction

Features and Specifications

The key feature of this ATV cargo box is it’s a built-in cushioned seat that provides optimum comfort with the armrest area to your passenger during the long ride.

The best part of this rear seat is that you are getting two keys with this lockable storage to avoid unwanted theft.

The cargo box holds two rear reflectors that are visible at night. It needs no electric connection from your ATV.

You will get 4 U-bolts with the seat for easy mounting on the ATV.


This is a top pick for you when you are looking for a strong sitting position. This seat requires 4-U bolts that keep it stronger on your ATV when riding.


  • The built-in cushioned seat with backrest and armrest provides comfortable sitting.’
  • The storage size is big enough to hold multiple things on it.
  • The box is lockable with two keys that protect it from theft.
  • Rear reflectors are visible at night that provide you extra security without any electric connection.


  • You have to drill on your ATV body to install this rear seat.
  • Drilling may cause permanent damage to your ATV.
  • It may change the padding shape when in use.

#4. Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag/ATV Passenger Seat

Mossy Oak Breakup 91150 made by Kolpin features a sporty stylish look with comfortable seat cushion. The brand is imminent for the sportsmen worldwide.  The detachable gear bags with cooler sections can hold cool beverages providing extra spaces for additional goodies. Nylon fabric has made the seat soft and durable in heavy use. Let’s see the amazing features of this matrix seat box below.

Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag - Mossy Oak Breakup - 91150
555 Reviews
Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag - Mossy Oak Breakup - 91150
  • 3-piece design includes detachable gear bags - center Matrix bag cooler...
  • 2.02 cubic feet of accessible storage constructed of Durable 600D nylon...
  • Padded back rest for added comfort. External shock cords for securing...
  • Reinforced buckles to allow for easy on/off of most tubular ATV racks
  • Overall Dimensions: 32" x 22" x 11 ; Side Pod Dimensions: 16" x 6" x 8"

Features and Specifications

The key feature of this rear passenger seat is the detachable gear bags that you can separate at your need.

Next, you can hold 12 beverages in the cooler sections with other additional things on the seat bag separately.   

The Hydro-Shield and UV coating have made the 600D Nylon fabric soft and strong enough to get long-term durability.

2.02 Cubic feet storage is good enough to carry extra things when you are in a long ride.


If you are looking for an ATV rear seat with a cooler, then this one is the top pick for you. It has a cooler section that can hold up to 12 beverages as your demand.


  • 3 pieces of the detachable bag enable you to customize the storage capacity.
  • It has a cooler section that can hold the thing to be cool for a long time.
  • Padded backrest provides comfort feeling in the zig-zag roads.
  • Reinforce buckles allows you to On/off easily.


  • It may lose water from the cooler section in the heavy jerking when riding.
  • The fabric may lose its shape during heavy uses in the sun or extreme heat.

#5. ATV Tek ASPBBLK Arch Series Passenger Seat

The ASPBBLK Arch series black padded by ATV Tek comes with a hybrid model that provides ultimate durability due to its steel body. The seat cover made of tarpaulin enables the bottom bag waterproof, fold, and mold resistance. The large padded seat allows you a comfortable feeling in the short distance. Besides, the brand ATV Tek is popular in this industry for providing hybrid accessories. See the features below.     

ATV TEK ASPBBLK Arch Series Black Padded Bottom Bag
227 Reviews
ATV TEK ASPBBLK Arch Series Black Padded Bottom Bag
  • The Arch Series Cargo Bags take ATV bags to a whole new level!
  • A tubular steel frame offers superior strength and durability.
  • It also maintains a weather tight seal, performance, and appearance...a...
  • Made from tarpaulin, a superior grade, waterproof, fade and mold resistant...
  • Equipped with a padded seat and backrest that is supported by the steel...

Features and specifications

The key feature of this rear seat is its hybrid design with a backpack that is removal at your need.

The best part of the seat is the frame made of tubular steel that has made it strong and durable.

Moreover, the tarpaulin fabric made the cover waterproof, mold, and fold resistance. So you can ride your ATV anywhere in any weather condition.

Next, the padded armrest with a backpack has made it comfortable.

4000 cubic inches is good enough to carry your additional things safely wherever you go.


If you are looking for a hybrid design with a removable backpack and a large sitting area, then this rear seat is suitable for you. It can be a top pick if you are looking for a zipper-free design and drink holders.


  • The tubular steel frame has made it strong and durable.
  • You can use the backpack to carry things and drink in the side pockets.
  • The hybrid design will enhance the outlook of your ATV.
  • This rear seat is waterproof, mold, and dust resistant.


  • The steel frame may hurt the passenger when in the zig-zag road.
  • It has no armrest and handlebar for the passenger.

#6. Coleman ATV Rear ATV Passenger Seat

Coleman ATV Rear Padded-Bottom Bag comes with a very simple look with large storage capacity. The padded seat with the extra-large area has made this back seat comfortable. The interesting thing about the seat is that you can install this rear seat in any ATV without drilling. This passenger seat holds three compartments that provide enough storage area for additional things.

Coleman ATV Rear Padded-Bottom Bag
1,610 Reviews
Coleman ATV Rear Padded-Bottom Bag
  • Create an extra seat on your ATV
  • Seat area is comfortably padded and extra-large
  • 3 large storage compartments
  • Padded inside walls protect your gear
  • 2 water-bottle holders

Features and Specifications

The key feature of this rear seat is its padded seat that provides an extreme level of comfort.

The best part of this passenger seat is the three compartments that are ready to carry your additional things.

Moreover, It has two water bottle pockets in each armrest.   

Next, It has a padded inside wall that protects your ATV gear and gives your passenger comfort experience.

The simple design has made the rear seat common to everyone.


If you are looking for the simplest and large storage rear seat, then this is a suitable choice for you. On the other hand, the padded seat back and armrest provide good comfort at dirt roads.


  • This rear seat is easy to install at any ATV.
  • It has three separate compartments that can hold different additional things.
  • It has two water holders at the front of the armrest.
  • The extra-large size allows anyone to seat properly.


  • It may not provide you that much durability.
  • The fabric may change its shape in heavy use.  

#7. Kolpin Rear Helmet Box/ATV Passenger Seat

ATV rear helmet box 4438 by Kolpin comes with 3.5 cubic weather resistance storage capacities that are enough for family tours and long ride. This helmet box rear seat made of heavy-duty materials enables you to do rough driving due to its long durability. The brand has used black linear polyethylene to expose the outlook and enlarge the longevity. See the amazing features below.

Kolpin ATV Rear Helmet Box - 4438
641 Reviews
Kolpin ATV Rear Helmet Box - 4438
  • Accommodates up to (2) adult helmets and more; Opens in the rear with...
  • Mounts to most tubular ATV racks using four U-bolts & sealing washers
  • 3.5 cubic feet of weather-resistant storage
  • Dimensions: 36.75" x 27.88 x 17"

Feature and Specifications

The key feature of this model is its heavy-duty, rotomolded, UV stabilized construction that enables you to do the aimless job with your ATV.

The best part of this rear seat is 3.5 cubic feet storage that is waterproof and dust resistant that enables you to ride your ATV in any weather condition.

Next, 4 U-bolts with a sealing washer has made the installation process easy and friendly for everyone.

Then, this back seat can hold two adult helmets normally in the box although you can cover the space with other necessary things.

It features strong black polyethylene in the construction that has made the rear seat durable for a long time.


If you are searching for a heavy-duty rear seat box to use in any weather condition, then this model can be a perfect choice for you. The body is strong enough to put extreme pressure on it.


  • This ATV rear helmet box made of polyethylene enables you to use it in any weather condition.
  • You can carry other things instead of the two helmets.
  • 5 cubic feet storage is good enough for small family vacations.
  • You can install the seat easily without arranging many tools.  


  • This rear seat is so straight that you cannot lean back.
  • You have to drill on your ATV that can make permanent damage to the gear.  

#8. Yutrax Universal ATV Backrest/Passenger Seat

This is the simplest backrest made by Yutrax for the ATV rider. This backrest is adjustable in three positions so that the rider can adjust the backrest by his need. Undoubtedly, it is very easy to install on any ATV. You can attach the backrest quickly in a while. On the other hand, it has a two inches thick cushion that provides you comfort when riding. Check out the features below.

Yutrax ATV Backrest, 1 Pack
154 Reviews
Yutrax ATV Backrest, 1 Pack
  • Adjustable 3-position reclining seat back
  • Folds down flat for safe trail riding.
  • Easily adjustable with back storage pocket
  • Quick to attach
  • 2" thick cushion

Features and Specifications

The key feature of this backrest is its adjustable system that you can adjust the position at your need.

The best of the backrest is the simplest design that can add a unique look to your ATV.   

Moreover, two inches of a thick cushion on the backrest gives you comfort in riding the ATV smoothly.

Finally, The backrest is easy to install on your ATV by any tools at your home.   


If you are looking for a backrest with a good cushion, then this backrest can be a suitable choice for you. You can install it at home using home tools situated in your garage.


  • The backrest is easy to install.
  • 2 inches cushion can provide you comfort during the ride.
  • You adjust the position of the backrest anytime at your need.
  • The simple design has made it durable.


  • It has no storage capacity.
  • It is for personal use only for the rider.

Things to Consider before Buying the Best ATV passenger seat

Quality: Quality should be the first priority when you are buying such important stuff for your ATV. The durability of the seat depends on the quality. The easy way to measure the quality is to judge the materials of the rear seat. Look at the features of the seat of each brand to get the best ATV passenger seat. On the other hand, you may face a little bit of pressure buying a standard quality passenger seat due to the expensive cost. I should suggest you measure the quality of the rear seat otherwise it may lose its shape and tear at any time in heavy uses. You should consider the cheapest one to get the best one.

Storage capacity: Storage capacity is a big fish when you are going to add a rear seat on your ATV. You may think about just arranging a comfortable seat for your passenger on your ATV. A seat with storage capacity gives you advantages to carry essential stuff or refreshment things. When you are going on a vacation with your family or friends, you may use the rear seat as storage instead of your backpack. Not all the rear seats have the same storage capacity. The seat with a hard body may contain more storage than the soft one. So, you must check out the storage capacity of the passenger seat before buying one.

Materials: The quality and durability of the seat come from the components used in the construction time. You should have good knowledge of the materials also. If you are going to buy the seat made of highly demanded ingredients, then you may have to pay a good amount. Don’t think about the price of the seat if you want a long term durable passenger seat. Sometimes, you may not get a well-styled rear seat for ATV from a reputed brand but it may have the right components that provide your comfortable feelings. You should choose the ATV passenger seat with the right materials in lieu of good design.  

Design: A perfect design with your stylish ATV can attract the passenger to seat for a little while more. To get a premium design, you may have to look at some world-famous brand with a bundle of money. The design of the seat should match with your ATV properly so that it may decorate the bike. Otherwise, it may waste your money and the present look as well. Here, you have to judge the color, sitting position, handlebar, and leg position. In some models, you may not get the handlebar due to the sitting position. Before buying one, look at those issues carefully and think about what you want to look like with your ATV.  

Compartments: Number of compartments is also a great issue for the best ATV rear seat. You can see the compartments in the rear seat box. Notice at the seat box, you will find several compartments. Having one compartment is more common and efficient than the multiple compartments. The size of compartments is the real matter that provides you space to carry your necessary things. Counting the number of components, judge the spaces and think whether they are of any use or not.  

Waterproof: Waterproof is the key feature of the best ATV passenger seat. Read the features of the products attentively whether you are choosing a waterproof rear seat or not. A waterproof rear seat provides you potential support in any kind of weather condition. Having a waterproof seat, you can wander on a rainy day, fogs, winter, and so on. At the same time, you may have to consider some other facilities when you are buying a waterproof ATV passenger seat. Next, It may be made of hard materials that could be uncomfortable for your passengers.  

Additional facilities: We are living in an age of technology. Wherever we go, we search for a touch of technology. ATV rear seat with speakers is a popular demand for the youth although there is a question about longevity. Next, ATV rear passenger seat may hold rear Lids that reflects in the night whenever they get lights. You should think about this facility before selecting one for you.

Finally, think about the detachable backpack facility. Here, you will get an option to cast out the backpack if you don’t need any storage on your ATV. Check out the features of the detachable storage capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type is the best ATV rack bag?

Ans: The choice depends on your need and demand for the best ATV rack bag. If you like fixed storage with large capacity, then you can choose the steel or solid body rear passenger seats. Otherwise, detachable rack bags are easy and friendly to use in any weather condition.   

How much does one cost?

Ans: The cost depends on the style, storage, body, and brand of the rear seat. You can buy any one from the list above regarding your budget and choice.

Can an ATV rear bag come with a seat?

Ans: Obviously, check out the features of the rear seat above. You will find 7 rear seats on the review with bags. The seats are also of different style and cushioned.   

How can I size an ATV rear seat bag?

Ans: You can size an ATV rear seat bag in two ways. You can size an ATV rear seat bag using the customization option given by the brand. Then, you can modify the bag as need by removing or detaching parts.

Why does the bag need to be waterproof?

Ans: You should buy a bag with a waterproof facility for many reasons. You cannot predict the weather condition before starting your journey. A waterproof bag can save your things and provide you a tension-free ride.  

Picking the best ATV passenger seat for You

You must go through the features of all the ATV passenger seat above in this review to pick the best one for you. You have to decide which one you will go for. I can suggest in this regard.

If you are searching for one to use roughly in the dirt road, then you should select the Kolpin ATV Rear Helmet Box. Next, in the case of simple design, you can pick the Coleman ATV Rear Padded-Bottom Bag.

Moreover, to have cool drinks in the middle of the journey, you should select the Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag for its cooler section. In the case of going for a long ride, Quadboss Weekender Trunk can be a suitable choice having large storage capacity.

To sum up, if you are looking for your own backrest with an easy install facility, then select the last one the Yutrax Universal ATV Backrest.


Every brands and model have different features, quality, and attraction. I have mentioned all the necessary information about the top 8 ATV rear seat in this article.

I hope, with the help of buying guides and my verdict, you will select the perfect one for your ATV. Enjoy your ride with the newest ATV rear seat.

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