Best Tuner for Milwaukee 8 (2024): You Can Explore for Your Harley

Milwaukee 8 engine is the ninth generation of what they call big twin engines or big V twins developed by Harley-Davidson. Numerous exhausts are propitious for m8, so you need to find the right option out of many on the market. 

I am pretty sure you already know what an Exhaust system is, but still, let us talk a little about what they are and what they get used for. The entire system conducts kindled gases from the engine and comprises one or more exhaust channels. They get used to controlling reaction exhaust gases away from controlled oxidization inside the motor.

Best Tuner for Milwaukee 8

There are a lot of reasons why someone who loves bikes would pay attention to the exhaust system. It will improve the bike’s performance and increase the bike’s sound, both of these things are some of the most significant pieces of the bike.  To help you, we will review the best tuner for Milwaukee 8. 

Best Tuner For Milwaukee 8

List of Best Tuner For Milwaukee 8

1. Fuelpak FP3 – 66005

The most important part of the FP3 system is what Vance & Hines company does with it. Meaning, after running the bike for a bit, you will send Vance & Hines your map right from the app, after that, they will look at where it is lacking and tweak that for you. This auto tuner gives you a usable tune from day one, but then it can get even better.

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When you add a slip-on, an air cleaner, or even a whole exhaust system on your bike, later it adds the airflow into and out of your motorbike. The entire process speeds air consumption and but fuel stays the same, hence creating your bike to run strong.

At the first look, having the lean motorcycle is excellent, but on the other hand, powerful bikes run hot, which will make your ride very uncomfortable as the inside of your thighs will become extremely hot. Another great thing that Vance & Hines Fuelpak is great for is because it adds extra fuel back in where it is needed, therefore your bike cools down, and you are going to enjoy your ride regularly. 

2. Fuelpak FP3 Autotuner

Vance & Hines is one of the most popular companies on the market, and it provides the best auto tuners, one of the examples is 66005. It has many very essential features, for example, if you keep it plugged into your bike, you are going to be able to get live data as you ride, or if there is something wrong with your bike, it is going to give you the Harley trouble code that they use at the dealer.

Most of the time, the canned maps will work just fine, but you will not get the most horsepower out of it. To do that, you have to go to the seller and then get it on a dyno, wideband, and o2 sensors. The process will cost you way more than this little tuner, even up to 600 – 700 bucks.

More importantly, in the end, it will make your bike run way better and smoother and will richen it up to where it needs to be. Another great thing is that the ECM and the bike take over in about a tank or two gas and adjust these little fine details out for you.

3. Dynojet Tuner PV-2B

If you want to find the best tuner for Harley m8, you are at the right place. Let us start the review with one of the most remarkable qualities of the tuner. Firstly, you can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes on a wide assortment of bikes. When you put a power vision onto your bike, it partners with the bike, but only as far as actually affecting the fuel management. However, if you have a Dynojet tuner, you can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes on your or your friend’s bikes as there is no end to how many motorbikes you can use.

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Another essential point is that on the traditional fuel injection, after running on the motorbike, you will be putting it on a dynamometer, right at this time, you have to look at your fuel tables and dial in where you need to add fuel in or take it away. However, you do not have to do that with a powerful vision. It lets the ECM do what it does the best, to be exact, to look at the fueling and adjust things where they need to be improved. It unlocks the ECM and supports it to do its job without so much matter for environmental comfort.

4. Vance and Hines Fuelpak

The fuel pack FP3 is an inventive device that uses the phone or the tablet, and with Bluetooth, you can connect your phone to the bike, which creates a wireless connection to your tuner and can get used as it guides you. 

Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3 - 66005, Black, One Size
  • Fuelpak FP3 revolutionizes fuel management for Harley-Davidson motorcycles...
  • Uses Flash technology to recalibrate engine parameters and mapping for...
  • Autotune feature makes use of all factory sensors to add another layer of...
  • Live Sensor Data can be viewed through the smartphone to display speed,...
  • Compatible with Harley-Davidson models: '14-'19 Electra Glides, Road...

It can access all your ECU tables, alter everything with it, but the one big problem with the Vance & Hines tuner is that if you are doing any heavy editing should be done through the Vance & Hines system. It has to go through their servers, you can share and edit maps, but you have to send it through Vance & Hines. 

Despite that, you can view live data from your bike in real-time to help you make network improvements to your map, and also, if you have a problem with your map, you can collect data and send it to Vance & Hines.

Another con of the FP3 is that you can not take it to a dyno tuner unless the dyno tuner has invested in the fuel pack Pro. It is a wideband tuning system that a dyno tuner can hook to your motorcycle, and plug your FP3 into it.

Guide To Buy: Best Harley Davidson M8 Fuel Tuner

As already said, even factory bikes can profit from a retune. Most of the time, the factory is not tuning for maximum power, as they have to comply with effusion laws because, of that, the bikes get tuned to get through emissions rather than making them run their best.

There are various types of auto tuners you can install on your bike. For example, for more classical carbureted bikes, you can go to the seller and pick up a couple of new jets or even a jet kit that involves different doodads. It can help you pull power and a little better running out of your carburetor.

If you do not want to pay all of this money into buying a new tuner, you can use either a slip-on exhaust or maybe even a high flow air cleaner.

On the other hand, for a newer fuel-injected engine, you will need a new fuel tuner. There are different options on the market that you can get, and to help you find the best tuner for Harley Davidson m8, we will review the best choices out there.


Do I need a fuel injection controller if I put slip-one or an air cleaner on my bike?

Yes, you need fuel injection controllers even when you put a life-sized slip-on on your exhaust because most bikes from the factory get outlined to help pass emissions.

Which is the best tuner for Harley Milwaukee 8, Power Vision, or FP3?

If you are not going to go any further than stage one, then p3 is what you need, but if you are serious about getting your motorbike dialed in on the button, you want to purchase power vision.

What does ECM mean?

ECM, also called the engine control module, is an electronic control unit that controls the power of your motorbike. The ECM controls everything the engine does and then reports back on the strength of the engine overall.

What do Stages mean regarding auto tuners?

There are four different stages, meaning various things.
The first one proposes replacing the air cleaner and exhaust.
The second means regard modification by adding cams.
Stage 3 upgrades indicate installing high-compression cylinders
The last one means adding ported cylinder heads.


In conclusion, there are various reasons why you have to retune your bike, even if it is fresh from the factory. The tuner supports your motorcycle and makes the ride way smoother and comfortable. It will also help your bike to cool down way faster than before, which prevents getting your legs too heated.

Allowing that make sure to look for the right characteristics before purchasing auto tuners, for example, it is very important to find the tuner that you can take off from the bike easily. When the weather is not good, it can get wet, and you do not want the auto tuner to get damaged, as they cost up to hundreds of dollars. Hopefully, this is the review that helped you find the best tuner for Milwaukee 8.

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