How to Hotwire a Motorcycle – 5 Easy Techniques You May Try!

Starting a motorcycle without a key is essential in some critical situations. How to hotwire a motorcycle? Yes! People like to learn to begin their motorbike without a key, though the method has some negative sides. But if you want to learn only for educational purposes or to get rid of any crucial moment on the road, then you welcomed to learn to start your bike without a key.

I found some methods regarding turning on bikes without a key. But all of them are not working as testing them. I found only one way that is working correctly without any problem and risk. But here you have to know that in some modern bikes, the manufacturer encrypted the system of staring without a key. Because if a thief knows the method, he can easily steal your bike if you don’t use the neck lock.

Why should you know, How to Hotwire a Motorcycle?

Suppose you faced an accident and lost your key, but you need to take your bike in the garage. What should you do then? You may have to take your bike on foot. But if you know the way of starting your motorcycle without a key. Then you can start your bike and reach the nearest garage within a moment.

You can think of another situation like you may lose your bike key, but you need to go somewhere urgently. Then you can use the trick and start your bike without any problem.

Start your bike without a key – You have to follow some steps to start a motorcycle without a key. You also have to know some basic terms and fundamental parts regarding the bike. Don’t think the method is very tough. You can do the technique with only three simple steps. Just follow the steps. Take a piece of wire, locate ignition cable, Plug the cord into the socket, and you have done.

Technique #1: Take a piece of wire – Here, you can take any wire which can complete a circuit. You can also take a safety-pin or any slim metal with can bend and can go minimally. You can take a naked wire. But the best way here I am recommending to use both ends pilled wire. Just a take a covered wire and pilled both ends. I have seen many people use naked wire, and that is also completely safe.

Technique #2: Locate ignition cable – Locating ignition cable is confusing for some bikers because of ignition cable situated in different places on various bikes. In every motorcycle, an ignition cable used as a connecting brize between the engine and key. When you turn your key on, the circuit gets connected, and your bike gets turned on.

That’s why you need to find the ignition cable. Generally, the ignition cable found below the key of your bike. Here you find three-port and one of the port is ignition cable port, which directly connected to the engine. The last port that located below of all the port is ignition port. When you get the harbor, just unplugged that from the port and you find two sides. Use the side which connected to the engine. Leave the other part of the port.

Technique #3 – Plug the cord into the socket – In the first step, you have already pilled a wire. You have to use that wire now. Here you also get confused. In some port, you find four wires, and some are two wired. Two wired is okay. But when that is four wired, you get confused because you need two sides to put the wire.

When you get four-wire, you can see two sockets are smaller than the others. Choose the smaller one and put the pilled cord into the device, and you have done that. Your bike turned on without your key. When you need to turn on your motorcycle with a key, you need to reconnect the port as that was before.

Technique #4: Safety Precautions – The easiest and working trick to turn on your bike without a key is the pilled wire method. The method is safe, and no, you don’t face any trouble while doing that. But you have to follow some safety guidelines.

  • Try to use covered wire. Covered wires are safer than naked wire or safety-pin because the exposed wiring can be attached and create a short circuit issue and damage your battery.
  • At the time of plugging the wire into the socket, you may face minor spark. Don’t afraid. That is not a problem at all.
  • Sealed the port with glue so that no one can open the port easily to get rid of the stealing of your bike.
  • Don’t use the trick for any illegal activities. The content is for educational purposes and to help people in their helpless situations.

Wrapping up

If you are a motorist, you should know the simple trick to start your bike without a key. The method helps you a lot in any problematic situation. Though beginning a motorcycle without a key can be a security issue of your bike, but that can also be helpful in many ways.

A thief can easily steal your bike if they use the trick to unlock your bike. But you can easily protect that with your neck-lock because the neck-lock can not open without the specific key. That’s why your neck lock can save your bike from getting stolen. Try to use a neck-lock all the time.

If you have done that process as I described above, you can quickly start your bike. The method is entirely safe, and you don’t face any difficulties. You need only two minutes to do that. I hope you can do that correctly and have a happy driving.


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