How To Start a Motorcycle Without Key – 5 Steps You Must Apply!

Have you lost your motorcycle key! Now, How to start your motorcycle without key? Don’t worry. I have experienced this nightmare several times. Ignition a motorbike without the key has become an ordinary task for me.

You should try to find a key at first initially. Once you use the hotwire process, you may find hazards in your motorbike wire system. No time! When there is no option to find the key, you must read the article thoroughly.

Today, I will share my own experience on how to start a motorcycle without the key. You just need to go through step by step. At first, you have to know a basic fact that is the only way to ignite a motorbike. Spark, spark, and spark. If you are able to spark the ignition process, your motorbike is ready to go. Now the question is “HOW?”.

Listen: Hotwiring a motorbike can be a complex job too if you are riding an updated present model. You must have an idea about wiring cap, sleeve, ignition wiring system, and speaker wire. Although you will not be an expert in hotwiring reading the article, you can start the bike easily.

What Do You Need To Hotwire A Motorcycle?

Recognition of wires: At present, we are most familiar with digital gadgets. To reach the need of the customer, automobile companies have started manufacturing motorcycles with upgraded technology. In this sense, a motorcycle holds a bundle of wires inside its cover.  

Recognition of caps: In every end and beginning of any wire you will find caps. Having knowledge of caps may serve you the process faster.  

Recognition of sleeve: Sleeve is the joining section of wires. Sleeve divides the connections between wires to wires.

The idea of the ignition wiring process: You may know that the lock system of a motorcycle takes part in activities through wires. When we place a key in the right position, it enables the engine to ignite.

To hotwire a motorcycle, we have to use three wires. In this case, you have to select the right wires. Let’s dig into a little deeper!

How To Start A Motorcycle Without Keys: 5 Steps

Do not jump to the next step without finishing the current step.

Step #1: Search the wires – Look below the handlebar. You may need to rotate the handle to find the wires. You will find a bunch of wires tight together.

You will also find two or three caps or sockets. At first, look at the sleeve. See the colorful wires. You may get confused seeing the bundle of wires.

In the case of the latest bikes, you may spend a little bit longer than the older one. Finding the wires depends on the cover system of the motorcycle model. However, in most of the models, you will find the wires easily.

The colors of the wires can be red, green, blue, white, black, and yellow. You have to find the right wire which is the source of ignition.

Step #2: Get the caps and sleeve – After tracking the wires, you will find three wires in a sleeve joint together in a cap. One end of this cap goes to ignition and the other one joins the other parts.

Here, you may find two or three more caps too. If you get confused here, insert the ending of the wires. You will find only three cables that connect to the ignition device.

The easy way to find these wires is to look at the bottom of the lock and the end of the wires. The three wires are of different colors. When you can notice the ignition cap, open out the socket. Here you have to ring the bell to the cat. Look for the next step.

Step #3: Find the speaker wire – Speaker wire is the big fish. When you open up the socket you will notice three connections. Here you have to separate the speaker wire.

To get the speaker wire, look for the ignition area. Separate the area that comes from the lock. Do not separate the other area. Here you have to take any action to free the ignition lock.

Do not fear to touch the wires. The wires will not harm you. Take the selected wire out. Look for the next step.

Step #4: Put in the wire in the socket – Now it is time to take an action. If all the steps you have followed and done successfully, you should have the result for the first time.

The speaker wire will take you to the action through the socket. Reconnection of the wire will take you to the ignition section.

If you successfully put in the speaker wire into the socket, your motorcycle will be ready. Take the end of the wire and put it in the wire into the socket. You can use an external four inches wire in this case.

Look at the meter. You may notice the neutral indicator LED on. It assures that the ignition is ready to start your engine.

Step #5 Press your click-start or kick the kicker – Now, simply press the click-start button. You should hear the starting sound of the motorbike.

If the battery of the motorbike is down to create enough spark, kick down the kicker strongly. It may result in the engine on.

What to remember before using the method?

Try to find the lost key.

Don’t be hurry to use the instructions so that you may not harm the bike.

Try to use external wires to connect the ignition process.

Fix the wires into the right place where you found them.

Do not use the method of Illegal tasks.

Bottom line: You may not get the result for the first time. The process is easy but not the easiest. I think that I have shared the precise, efficient, and suitable way to start a motorcycle without the key.

You have a complete solution on how to start a motorcycle without the key. If the article helps you, share it with your near and dear one.

how to start a motorcycle without a key

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