Top 5 Best Solo Seat for Street Glide You Can Explore in 2023

Do you have a street glide and want to have the most comfortable ride? We will help you find the perfect seat just for you. Street Glide is a bike that is approximately 20 pounds more volatile than the regular Road Glide. Discover the 5 Best Solo Seats for Street Glide in 2023 and transform your riding experience with enhanced comfort and style. Our comprehensive guide delves into the key features and benefits of each seat, empowering you to make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences.

Elevate your Harley-Davidson Street Glide motorcycle with the 5 Best Solo Seats for Street Glide in 2023. Our carefully curated selection features seats designed to provide exceptional comfort, durability, and style, ensuring an unparalleled riding experience. Whether you prefer the plush comfort of a Mustang seat or the sleek design of a Badass seat, our guide has the perfect option for you. Explore the unique features and benefits of each seat and discover the one that best compliments your riding style and preferences. Enhance your Street Glide’s comfort and style with our expert recommendations.

Best Solo Seat for Street Glide

Despite the great ratio between power and weight, the bike is pretty comfortable, but you can get your bike even more satisfying for long rides. All of that can be reached, by finding the right seat, which will help you to find the appropriate positioning with your handlebars.

5 Best Solo Seat For Street Glide

There are a couple of problems with choosing the wrong seat, it can cause severe back pain, or even wrist pains, as most saddles get installed down, it causes more weight to rest on the hands and arms, causing muscle tension.

All of these things can be avoided by simply observing the seats before purchasing them. Today we will review one of the most popular seats on the market to help you find the best solo seat for street glide.

List of Best Solo Seat For Street Glide

1. Mustang Super Touring Seat

Mustang Motorcycle Seats 76860 Super Touring Summit...
  • Offers both driver and passenger the peak of comfort; Designed specifically...
  • Wide Super front bucket sits the driver further back than the stock seat
  • Passenger seat is wide and fits perfectly with the Rushmore speakers and...
  • Includes (1) Super Touring Summit one-piece seat in black; Suggested for...
  • Fits Harley-Davidson Road King '08-'21, Street Glide '08-'21, Street Glide...

If you look closely in every seat there are some key features, that make it targeted to some audience. If you have a back problem and want something that will feel comfortable then this one is targeted to you. This seat is a little bit flatter along the bottom so there are no stress concentration points in the posterior. It also curves back and stays away from your tailbone. If chosen poorly that area in the stock seat might give you some nerve issues or numbing. 

Regarding the size of the seat, some people complained about the width of the chair. On your legs, to be more exact, in the thighs area, it might be a little wide wider than the stock seat.

The seat gets made from thick fiberglass with huge rubber bumpers, these will absorb the vibrations of the bike. It also has a metal piece and aluminum that get riveted. Both of them are very nice because either one is not prone to rust.

Some people avoid buying a solo seat as their back might cause problems with the bike’s painting, but this seat comes with a cover, which goes under the back of the new solo seat to protect the fender paint. All of these features make these seats one of the most useful ones on the market, especially for shorter riders.

Additional Features: 

  • Flatter bottom design to reduce stress points on the posterior
  • Curved back to protect the tailbone
  • Thick fiberglass construction with rubber bumpers for vibration absorption
  • Rust-resistant metal and aluminum components
  • Protective fender paint cover

Features and Specifications:

MaterialThick fiberglass, rubber bumpers, metal, aluminum
DesignFlatter bottom, curved back
ComfortExcellent for back pain sufferers
DurabilityRust-resistant materials
ProtectionFender paint cover
SizeSlightly wider than stock seat
OverallIdeal for shorter riders

2. Mustang Wide Diamond Stitching Seat

Mustang Black Wide Tripper Solo Seat with Diamond...
  • Mustang advanced comfort technology has been incorporated into this totally...
  • Ride low, look cool and still be comfortable at the end of the day
  • Choose from detailed diamond stitchwork or smooth seat
  • Synthetic glove-leather cover
  • Driver backrest is fully adjustable and easily removed

The wide tripper is one of the most amazing things you can purchase. They will fit anyone who is looking for seats for short riders, tall riders, or even for street glide. The most maximum comfort is guaranteed when you are in the middle of the bike and are not sitting right in your seat rails.

The main difference between this seat and other Mustang seats are 2 things, width, and design. If you do not want a wide seat it can get a little uncomfortable for you, so think about it before purchasing. The second thing is the beautiful diamond stitch pattern, which gives it a very pleasant and attractive look. 

Other features are the ones that all other Mustang seats have too. The chair gets stitched into marine-grade vinyl, which is a remarkable material as it is UV and weather-resistant. There it is also aluminum rivets holding the cover down. It is a great way to hold the hood down, as it keeps the lid super secure and is not likely to corrosion.

An installation process like every seat on the market is not very difficult. Under this thing, the seat gets made from fiberglass. It is solid, firm, and even though it does not sound comfortable for a chair, in reality, it is very convenient.

Additional Features: 

  • Marine-grade vinyl cover
  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Aluminum rivets
  • Fiberglass base
  • Comfortable for short riders, tall riders, and even for street glide

Features and Specifications:

Cover materialMarine-grade vinyl
UV and weather-resistantYes
Rivet materialAluminum
Base materialFiberglass
Comfort levelComfortable for short riders, tall riders, and even for street glide

3. Mustang Wide Tripper Solo Seat

Mustang Motorcycle Seats 76766 Wide Tripper Solo Seat...
10 Reviews
Mustang Motorcycle Seats 76766 Wide Tripper Solo Seat...
  • Solo seat cut low with extra width in the hip area; Allows all-day comfort
  • Places the rider slightly lower and further than typical stock seats
  • Features detailed diamond stitch work in the highly durable synthetic...
  • Includes (1) Wide Tripper solo seat with diamond stitching, brown
  • Fits Harley-Davidson Blackline '11-'13, Slim '12-'17

There are a lot of great things about this seat, but if you are an impatient person this one is for you. Every chair needs some time to break in and feel as comfortable as possible, but this one has a proprietary foam blend. It is a mixture of chemicals that melts together to make an open-cell foam. Because of that, they do not need a break-in period at all, not even 500 miles. They are ready to go right out of the shop, and ten years down the road, they will feel the same. At first glaze you might think that this is purely an advantage but might make you hesitate about them is that every time you sit on them within the first 15 minutes of your ride, the seat adjusts to your body. That is not always a comfortable feeling.

All of the other features are technically the same as other Mustang seats. They get made greatly to last you for a very long time, as they are resistant to almost everything will it be UV, weather, or sitting on it for a long period. It gets made from fiberglass, so it is hard and dense. The seat has aluminum and steel rivets. The seat has diamond stitches that will blend with your bike beautifully.

Additional Features: 

  • Proprietary foam blend for immediate comfort
  • Fiberglass construction for durability
  • Aluminum and steel rivets for strength
  • Diamond stitching for a stylish look

Features and Specifications:

Comfort Level6
Break-in PeriodNone
MaterialFiberglass, leather
Dimensions14″ (front width)
FitmentHarley-Davidson Touring 2008-2023

4. Mustang Wide Tripper Seat

Mustang Motorcycle Seats 76705 Wide Tripper & Wide...
  • Designed with extra width in the hip area for enhanced comfort
  • Features detailed stitch work in the highly durable synthetic glove-leather...
  • Use alone or pair with the matching solo seat for 2-up riding (not...
  • Includes (1) Wide Tripper passenger seat with diamond stitching in black,...
  • Fits Harley-Davidson Switchback '12-'16, Super Glide '06-'10, Street Bob...

In the real-life, this seat has all of the same features except the part that it is cut low with a wide driver seat that features extra width in the hip area so you can ride low. 

The seat has rivets to prevent your paint from scratching, but after using it for a month or even years, you will probably still see scuff marks. In defense of the seat, it is something that you will notice with every kind of chair, but the density from this seat is not that bad compared to other chairs.

The seat is excellent for bigger riders as they do not flex much because of the material. Foam has a great quality that will not lose its shape even after a long time of handling the bike.

At first look, you might think it is leather, as it looks and feels like leather, but underneath you will see it gets made from fabric. You might be a little disappointed about that fact but remember that faux leather requires little maintenance and does not crack or fade quickly. It is also UV and stain immune. The design of these seats is a little different, as most of the Mustang chairs are black leather. This one is cream, faux leather.

Additional Features: 

  • Enhanced sound and performance
  • Easy installation
  • No modifications needed
  • Durable construction

Features and Specifications:

Pipe Diameter3″
MaterialHigh-quality steel
FinishChrome or black
SoundDeep, rich tone
PerformanceIncreased horsepower and torque
Compatibility2014-2022 Harley-Davidson Sportster Models with Stock Headers
ModificationsNone required
Warranty2 years

5. Mustang Standard Touring Solo Seat

Mustang Motorcycle Seats 76157 Standard Touring Solo...
  • Designed with a wide driver bucket and a slightly raised back
  • Seat keeps the driver planted comfortably while providing lower back...
  • Use alone or pair the solo with a matching wide passenger seat for...
  • Includes (1) Standard Touring solo seat in black and (1) fender nut kit;...
  • Fits Harley-Davidson Sportster '04-'21 Models with 2.1 & 3.3 Gal. Tank

If you are someone who is not comfortable with mechanic things, and you do not know how to install any seat then this particular seat is for you. You can take this chair, and after finding the hole on the seat, you push it as down as possible. Then you just shift this on, and the whole process gets done without any tool.

You will notice from the first look that this seat is probably much thicker than your stock seat. As far as padding, there is a lot more girth to it. The underside of the chair is very regular. It has a high-quality, more developed vinyl cover with conflicting synthetic leather inserts and a marine-grade fiberglass seat pan. 

If you are not someone who loves a long-distance ride, you will love this seat. Sometimes all you do is ride on the bike for one hour, but your stock seat can not even hold up to that. You will not feel too tense even after long hours on it.

With this bike, you will notice that if you are hastening hard, this seat will hold you better. That gets provided by little sharp part of the seat, that regular stocks do not have. All of these will give you a very secure and stable feeling.

Additional Features: 

  • Effortless installation without tools
  • Enhanced comfort with thicker padding
  • Durable marine-grade fiberglass seat pan
  • Secure grip during spirited riding

Features and Specifications:

PaddingThicker for enhanced comfort
Seat panMarine-grade fiberglass for durability
GripSecure grip during spirited riding

How To Choose Touring Solo seat for Street Glide?

Before we start the review, let us take a guide that will help you to resemble the right characteristics in the seat. To begin with, the most important thing about the seat is comfortable. The most common reason why any rider would change their stock seat is the fact that chairs are very uncomfortable. Try to look for a seat that has a good and delicate foam in it.

In conception, the more seat foam it has, the better. However, sometimes chairs get too high that will not give you that authentic look you might want. Not only that, but it will feel very uncomfortable. Let us start talking about the length of the seat. Of course, it is a little difficult to say what height is the ideal one as it depends on your height and your needs but speaking commonly 16-18 inches is perfect.

Another reason why seat foam is a good idea is that the best seat gets made from durable material, most of the time it is fiberglass or plastic. The custom seats cost a lot, so when you purchase into one, you want them to endure as long as possible. The durability will be provided by durable material, rubber bumpers, or aluminum rivets.

One of the most convenient features of the seat is its backrest. They are there to prevent your back from getting too tense. Make sure to look for a chair that has an easily removable backrest. Last but not least, the pattern of the seat is very important. Most seats are just smooth black leather chairs, but some of them have a pattern on them to give a bike a more authentic look. Let us start the review of the most comfortable seat for Harley street glide.

People May Ask: FAQs

What is the difference between road and street glide?

The most noticeable difference is the price road glides cost more than street glides. The reason is that street glide is lighter than the Road Glide, which improves the power-to-weight degree. If you are a shorter rider, the street glide is a better choice as they have a lower seat.

What is the most comfortable road glide seat?

Since road glide seats get used for long rides, you will need a chair that will be durable. For example, one of the best is the Mustang 75376MV Standard Touring Solo Motorcycle Seat.

What are the Mustang seats get made from?

Most of the mustang seats are leather on the front, and their back gets made from material that will last for long years and will not break even when you are sitting on them for a hours straight.

What is the difference between seats for short and tall riders?

Well, we all know the height difference between them, but the more hidden feature is comfort. The seat for tall riders is way more comfortable, as they have more seat foam to raise the height of the chair.


In conclusion, it is very hard to find the right seat, which will last you for a long time and also will feel comfortable enough to make you feel satisfied after 15,000 miles on them.

As already mentioned, the wrong seat might give you a lot of problems, like back, wrist, and leg pain. All of these things might make you awkward enough that the ride that should have been unforgettable, will make you lose all of the motivation and satisfaction.

Finally, it is a little hard to say, which one of the already mentioned seats is the best. If we consider all of the specified features in the buying guide, you can choose either from Mustang 76704 Wide Tripper or Mustang 75376MV Standard Touring Solo Motorcycle Seat. Hopefully, this is the article that you will use in the guidance of finding the best touring seat for street glide.

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