Best Air Ride Suspension Harley Softail You Can Explore in 2024

Do you want to find the best air suspension ride for Harley Softail? You are at the right place. Let us start by explaining what air suspension is and why you should choose it from all of the different choices. In general, suspension can make you go from sitting on the bump to full-ride height. Air suspension decreases the chance of vehicles leaping over roads when they are empty.

Best Air Ride Suspension Harley Softail

Even if you have stock suspension, adding Softail suspensions will give you the needed luxury and a smooth ride. If you decide to save money and buy the cheapest choice, you might end up with a damaged motorcycle or destroyed suspension and wasted money.

Best Air Ride Suspension Harley Softail

To help you, we will review all of the best products and take a little buying guide to make sure you know everything about air ride suspension Harley Softail.

List of Best Air Ride Suspension Harley Softail

1. Legends Air-A M-Eight

Legends 1311-0156 Legend Air-A M-Eight Softail Air...
  • All-new design for the M8 Softail
  • Spherical mount bearings both top and bottom for ease of installation; this...
  • Six external knob adjustments allow fine-calibrating of rebound utilizing...
  • Provides optimum rebound performance for any given rider weight, personal...
  • Light to heavy riders can fine-calibrate ride preference

Legends produce one of the most inexpensive and the best air suspensions Harley Softail. They will save you a couple of bucks by making sure that adjustability is manual, so they provide you with the pump double as well as a tire pump. If you need one, it comes in the neoprene bag, and it will let you adjust the suspension just like the more expensive models.

The only difference is that you will do it manually, so you will have to pop off a bag to get your suspension to the factory.

2. Arnott Fox Series

Arnott MC-2909 Fox Series Softail Air Suspension -...
  • Arnotts new adjustable Air Suspension System for the compatible with...

Arnott air suspension Harley Softail gets built well. It comes as a complete kit with a rugged air spring bladder. The shock itself is a high-quality system and has a 13-inch overall length. It can go from 10 and a quarter to 13-inch under air pressure. 

The system gets designed in a way that gives you great control not only on your ride but on your ride height. When it comes to installation, as with anything that is the appropriate function of the motorcycle engine you need to follow the company’s explicit instructions.

3. SAS Rear Air Ride

Air Lift 57341 LoadLifter 5000 Air Suspension Kit
  • Fully adjustable air springs to level your vehicle when towing or hauling a...
  • Up to 5,000 pounds of load leveling capability
  • Easy to install with included detailed instructions
  • Fitment details listed in the product description
  • Lifetime Warranty with 60 day Ride Satisfaction Guarantee

SAS is one of the cheap Softail air rides and will be an excellent upgrade from the stock shocks. It comes with a good set of instructions and a bag of the ring terminals fuse for the smooth and polished up and down functions of the air ride. The body itself gets made from solid and heavy materials.

One of the most amazing things about this air ride is that it has the most straightforward installation process, as it has four switch wires and bolts.

4. Arnott – Ultimate Ride

Arnott MC-2904 Fox Series FLH/FLT Air Suspension -...
  • Arnotts stylish new chrome rebound adjustable FOXR Air Suspension System...

There are reasons why Arnott is one of the most popular brands for suspension. They will give you a pleasant ride and the ability to simply lower your bike while stopping or when parking. It is the new line of adjustable air suspension engineered specifically for Harley Davidsons.

Older and less expensive bikes do not offer smooth rides and do not feature quality shocks at an affordable price. Arnott air technology features a patent-pending process that blends high-quality shock restraints. Also, the quality of Arnott makes the complicated installation process way more natural.

5. Platinum Air Suspension

Platinum Air Suspension Twin Cam Softail Simple System
  • Adjusts up to 5"
  • Easily adjust ride height and comfort level
  • Easy installation

This system replaces the original rear shock on your motorcycle with a new high-performance air shock. It uses an included air compressor to adjust your motorcycle ride height and the suspension rebound. The system allows you to either lower or raises the motorcycle by a total of four inches, and it enables you to control the ride feel and the look of your bike as well now.

It is especially great for riders who are building show bikes who like to carry passengers, or you ride through a variety of different road conditions. It is especially great for riders who are building show bikes who like to carry passengers, or you ride through a variety of different road conditions.

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Guideline On Air Ride Suspension Harley Softail

Air suspension is the star of the suspension because there are no coils. A conventional shock is a shortcoming because those coils get made from a specific thickness of the wire. They can deal with a small weight range so that you can use a suspension for various things.

However, a lot of bikers are driving in ways where they need a little more adjustability. To give you more knowledge, we will try to examine all of the various situations. First of all, Softail riders should be looking at air suspension for different reasons. The rear end of a soft tail is compromising as far as suspension travel.

Sporty bikers ride the bikes hard and fast, so they need to change the suspension based on varying road conditions. On the other hand, for people on touring bikes, they might need to have bikes empty and light, but then on occasion load up the passenger or some gear that might be even 200-300 pounds worth. Depending on how heavy you are packing, you want the suspension that can deal with several situations.

An air suspension is vital. Instead of having several sets of coil shocks, air suspension lets you adjust things on the go.

Ultimately, you know why you need air suspension, but you also have to keep in mind that the most challenging part is the installation. The difficulty is hiding in the wiring, if you want it to look nice, you might have to disassemble big of the bike to get all the wiring run to make it looks good on the motorcycle. Have you time to read our new post on the Harley Fatboy Exhaust system.


In conclusion, air suspension is the top of the hill. It is the best you can put on your bike as it adjusts the struts to keep the desired height level. However, if you want to go lower, you select the lower mode on your control wrap, which sends a signal to release the pressure in the airbags lowering the vehicle to where you want it raised. Now with all the knowledge, hopefully, you can find the best air ride suspension for Harley. The best way to find the high compression Harley batteries now!

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