Best Exhaust for Harley Fatboy You Can Buy in 2024

Let’s explore best exhaust for Harley Fatboy! Is your stock exhaust system the best choice? You know the answer. After buying a new motorcycle, even if it is fresh from the factory, a brand new exhaust system will give your bike a whole different design and sound.

If you find the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley Fatboy, first of all, it will increase the sound of your motorbike by approximately 50% and will give you a great performance and style upgrade. Because there are numerous choices for a V-twin Softail cruiser motorcycle, we will help you not to get overwhelmed.

Best Exhaust For Harley Fatboy

Best Exhaust For Harley Fatboy

1. Chrome Twin 2018

First of all, let us start with the installation process. It will be simple even for a beginner, where all you need to know is how to use a wrench. The only problem with an installation that you might have is with taking exhaust clamps off and putting them back on. What you can do is to keep the original clamps with the stock slip on and then install the new ones.

Because it is just a slip-on and you will not upgrade the air filter system, the bike is running on everything on stock minus the exhaust. The sound will be pretty good to the point where it might wake up the neighborhood, but will it improve the bike’s performance? It will probably not, or the improvement will be so slight that you might not even notice.

2. Black Eliminator 300

If you will see inside the muffler, you will see it is pretty straightforward, which will give you a guarantee that the sound will be deep and throaty like true Harley Davidson should be. This one’s design is nice and simplistic. The slip-on is pretty long, so you need to align it to make sure it fits your riding style. It will be nice and comfortable on a long ride.

The sound of slip-on is pretty powerful for its price, so be aware if you live in a neighborhood where loud noises can not get tolerated. Like any other slip-on, this one will not give you a performance upgrade, just a sound increase. The only unfortunate fact about this slip-on is that they are not weatherproofed and can not get used to extreme conditions.

3. Big Shots Chrome 17911

There are multiple reasons to purchase the big shots. They have a crossover tube in them like your stock exhaust, which creates the necessary back pressure to keep the low-end energy intact for you. It is a trade-off, you gain performance in the higher RPMs, but you lose a little of that low-end torque because of the back pressure issue that the Vance And Hines short shots can not produce. 

It is not a huge loss, but still a little loss in the low-end torque, probably, with these big shots with the crossover tube. The installation is straightforward if you follow the directions. It is an easy process, even for someone who is a beginner. Vance & Hines is good at their fit, it is spot on. Once you get slip-on in the right position everything lines up perfectly.

4. Cobra Exhaust Chrome for 2007-2011 

There is a reason why Cobra 3 Inch Slip-On is one of the best mufflers on the market. It is a great way to give your bike a little performance gain and more audio output or sound out of the motorcycle. The baffles themselves are designed for performance gains and also for a nice bass. 

The installation of this slip-on muffler is a pretty simple process. You will retain the factory head pipe, unbolt the factory muffler and install a beautifully chrome-plated highly engineered slip-on muffler.

One of the reasons why Cobra mufflers are unique is that they perform surprisingly when you need them. On the other hand, they are quiet and do not tend to attract attention when not necessary. When it comes to slip-on mufflers, there is a numerous of designs and styles available from Cobra. 

5. Exhaust Chrome 17939

If you want to receive the right amount of sound, meaning that it will be strong at the start but will not give you a headache after a long day of riding, the reason why Vance & Hines is one of the best brands in the industry is that they can adjust sound perfectly.

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This slip-on is not an exception too. It will give you an excellent sound increase and a little performance update without paying for the whole exhaustion system. The only downside you might find with this slip-on is the rear O2 sensor, which is located on the pipe about 2 inches lower than the stock pipe. It will require you to buy an extension or a new sensor with a longer pigtail.

How To Buy: Exhaust For Harley Fatboy

If you are on a budget, or maybe you have specific requests, you have a couple of choices before you start thinking about changing the whole exhaust system.

First, let us start with the easiest and the most affordable choice. You can change out your muffler with a slip-on one. In this case, you keep the same stock header pipe and change out the slip-on muffler portion of the exhaust system. Unfortunately, you will only get anywhere from a thirty to fifty percent sound increase. You will not get any performance increase and just going to get noise growth.

Furthermore, you can change an air cleaner and also a tune. In this case, you will get the full benefit out of the performance increase. If you want to get extra power out of your bike, stage one is probably not the best use of your money.

On the other hand, if you want the bike to sound way louder, you can change out the header pipe and combine that with a muffler of your choice as well.

Last but not least, you can change the entire exhaust system, where you will get a fresh custom look and will get more volume out of it compared to just doing the muffler. You will be one of those guys whose roar can be heard from blocks away.

In case if you are someone that does not care about your warranty, or it has already expired, there is plenty of aftermarket choices out there, which will give you a great sound and performance upgrade. The one other thing you need to keep in mind while purchasing and installing the mufflers is that the bikes have a catalytic converter.

Anytime you remove that equipment, you are officially polluting the environment, which is illegal in some US states. The most strict state about these rules is California, where most influential manufacturers of mufflers have gone through the certification process. On the terrain motorbikes, you have to stick to mufflers on the soft tails.

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What are the best pipes for a Harley?

It is a little hard to say which the best pipe is exactly. It depends more on your desires, what you want from the tubes, but determined by the popularity, prices, and quality Vance & Hines 2019 Fatboy exhaust leads.

How can I make my Harley louder?

We have already discussed the choices in the buying guide but to sum up, you can change only the muffler, or buy air cleaner and a new tuner. For better sound improvement, you can change the header pipe and combine them with a muffler. Last but not least, you can change the whole exhaust system.

Is a shorter exhaust pipe better than a longer?

If better means louder, then yes. But other than that, it is a little hard to say which is better. For example, the longer pipe can improve low-end horsepower, while shorter tubes are sound better. To sum up, both of them have their positive and negative sides.

WhichHarley Davidson FAT BOY Exhaust is the loudest?

Out of every product we have reviewed, all of them have different pros, which makes them unique, but the loudest is probably from Cobra.


In conclusion, there are dozens of different choices on the market, which promise you to be the best Harley Fatboy 2 into 1 exhaust. Before you decide to pay hundreds of dollars on something, you have to take deep research, some of them will give you a sound upgrade, some both sound and performance increase. It is also vital to find an eco-friendly exhaust system. The exhaust contains gases, for example, carbon dioxide, which adds to global climate change. Hopefully, this review helped you find the best 2021 Fatboy exhaust system on the market.

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