Tom Cruise Motorcycle Collections in His Movies: 11 Best Collections with Images

Do you ever check out top collection of  Tom Cruise motorcycle? Tom is one of the most popular actors and producers in the American film world. In 1981, he made his debut in the film world through the film of Endless love. Due to his extraordinary performance, he has played a significant role in various films. 

For instance, A Few Good Men, Interview With The Vampire, The Last Samurai, The War of The Worlds, Mission Impossible, Oblivion, Edge of tomorrow these type of pictures have gained a lot of popularity. 

He is one of the most expensive actors in Hollywood because of his outstanding acting and selection. Fortuitously for riders all over the place, Cruise love bikes! Tom Cruise has a long history of consolidating motorbikes into his movies. 

He is unmatched by everyone else in terms of riding a motorcycle and the choice. In many of his films, he has used different types of bikes. Here we assembled them and presented the secrets behind the reasons for using these bikes in a nutshell.

Untold Collection of Tom Cruise Motorcycle In His Movies

01. TOP GUN- Kawasaki Ninja 900/GPz900R

Tom Cruise Motorcycle

From his first blockbuster, ‘Top Gun’ the hunger for speed was self-obvious. In the scene of the film, he is shown down the runway, alongside a fighter jet. He also performed many stunts in this film, and for all this, he chose Kawasaki ninja 900, because it was the fastest motorbike production in those days. This is a sportbike that has a 908cc motor with the greatest intensity of 322bhp. The top speed of here bicycle is 254 km/h.

02. Days Of Thunder- Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic

celebrities who ride motorcycles

A movie called Days of Thunder was released in 1990, where he played the role of coal trickle. He added a scene with Harley Davidson heritage Softail classic bike, even though it was a NASCAR movie. 

03. Knight And Day- Ducati Hypermotard

celebrities who ride motorcycles

In this film, he is seen with his co-star Cameron Diaz. In one of these scenes in this movie, Tom is seen riding a Ducati Hypermotorad with his colleague Diaz through the streets of Spanish Seville. Tom’s Ducati motorcycle was the best for this fascinating ride because of its 937cc liquid-cooled engine with 113bhp power and also 125 mph top speed performance. Hypermotard was awarded ‘Best of the Show” at EICMA and had since on other show awards.

04. Oblivion- Honda CRF450X

Tom Cruise Motorcycle

The oblivion of tom’s one of the sky-fi movies. Here he went to 64 years in the future according to the movie story and was appointed as the maintenance of Robot drone. In this movie, he is seen to ride a bike which was from the future, and that name was Honda CRF450X. It’s an off-road motorcycle which currently has 450cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine. The Honda CRF450R is the motocross variant of the Honda CRF450X.

05. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – BMW S1000RR

BMW R1200RT Review

This movie is not just a movie; it was a symbol of the 30 years of success in his life. It’s a significant movie that Cruise marks nearly thirty years of bringing his motorcycle passions on the big screen. In this movie, his two-wheeled love is shown on riding a BMW Motorrad S1000RR where he also defies death. S1000R a sportbike and one of the most potent, dependable bikes in the world. Michael Dunlop, who is a bike racer, won many races with this bike.

06. Mission Impossible II – Triumph Speed Triple 

Tom Cruise Motorcycle

In the mission impossible two movies, Tom is seen using a Triumph Speed Triple. To many, this may seem like a funny thing, but it is true. Many of the stunts in this movie are played by Tom himself without a helmet! Triumph speed triple considerate as the focused, engaging, sport bikes for the street.

07. Mission Impossible III – G3 Hellcat


For the premiere of Mission Impossible 3, Tom is giving a dramatic entry with his G3 hellcat. Confederate Hellcat is much unique than any other bike. It is also is known as Rebel fighter. The Average speed of plane according to the Bonneville speedway report is 155.8 mph. This bicycle has a different spot in the hearts of bike lovers.

08. Mission Impossible: Fall Out – BMW R9T Scrambler


Recently, 55 years old Tom cruise was seen in a ride with the BMW R9T. It has a 1,170 cc air-cooled flat-twin powerful engine and can hit a top speed of 124mph. This bike has helped him to make great stunt, racing and also showed a gorgeous look in the movie.

09. Edge Of Tomorrow – Triumph Thruxton

Tom Cruise Motorcycle

After Oblivion, the edge of tomorrow was another sci-fi movie. This motion picture is to some degree like Groundhog Day, as Cruise gets trapped in a period circle upon the arrival of his demise. Tom is seen to do the battle with the armed aliens in this picture. This movie assortment was set to England. For this movie, he picked up the British bike Triumph Thruxton, Cruise ride a British Thruxton motorcycle as beautiful as his co-star through the streets of London. Thruxton has 865cc DOHC four-stroke engine with 5speed chain drive transmission. 

10. Vyrus 987 C3 4V

Tom Cruise Motorcycle

Tom take this motorbike on his 51st birth anniversary. Vyrus 987 one of the most expensive bike production in the world. It’s more potent than Ducati Desmosedici RR, MV Agusta F4 312RR, Suzuki’s Hayabusa or Kawasaki ZZR1400. The cost of these motorcycles around 103,769 $. Vyrus runs a 211 bhp supercharged 1198cc 1098R Ducati engine, weighs just 158 kg, Top speed of the virus is about 209mph.

11. Ducati 999R

celebrities who ride motorcycles

The name of the Ducati motorcycle is quite popular in celebrities. Our biker junkie tom is on his 46th birthday give himself a grey Duati 999R, and it made his day quite special. This bike was a lot of hidden reasons behind the selection, some of it has 999cc liquid-cooled , four-stroke V twin DOHC, four desmodromic valves per cylinder engine, six speed gearbox and also 179mph top speed performance. 

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