Quietest Motorcycle Helmets 2023

Quietest Motorcycle helmets are the best choice for both regular and occasional bike users. Riding helmets can help you to be safe from getting injured in your head while riding a bike. While driving on the road, we face traffic sounds on our route. Traffic sounds destroy our concentration on the way and can be a reason for an accident. So, getting a proper tone is significant.

So, choosing the best quietest motorcycle helmets under $200 and also around 600$ for your bike driving, and is also important to enhance your hearing experience. But here is a question, what do you mean by a quiet helmet? A quiet helmet is none other than a traditional helmet, which has a distinctive aspect that is noise-reducing capability.

Quiet helmets should be the only choice of your helmet for motorcycle driving because a quiet helmet can help you to keep your head safe and to get an actual alert on your driving road to reduce your chance of an accident. So, properly fitted quiet helmets are dependable among all types of riders like regular, occasional, or racer.

Quietest Motorcycle Helmets

Shoei Quite Helmet Comparison

5 Quietest Motorcycle Helmets

You find a lot of quiet motorcycle helmets in your market, but finding the best one for you is not an easy task for you. Arai, HJC, Shoei are convenient, quiet helmet producer brands in our market. Brands have a lot of variants, and they have different specifications. Besides, you find various types of helmets like full-face, off-road, modular, open face, novelty, duel sport, and half helmet. Full-face helmets are most safe for all kinds of bikers.

Let’s talk about the top 5 quietest motorcycle helmets in our present market according to quality, price, and real-life use.

01. Arai XD4 Helmet – Noise Cancellation

Arai XD4 Helmet (White, Large)
  • Intermediate-round oval shape
  • New exhaust ports and shell shape
  • New larger side cowl vents
  • Emergency cheek pad release system
  • Fully removable/replaceable/washable interior

Arai XD4 Helmet is a trustworthy premium quality expensive helmet in the market. Fiber-made lightweight complex designed XD4 can provide you with convenient comfort while riding on a road. External and internal parts of XD4 can offer you a genuine quality that other helmets in our present market cannot provide. XD4 is known as the best quietest motorcycle helmet for riders.

Exterior and interior shell: Outer part of helmet made with lightweight fiber. Whole exterior part is isolated with texture. Internal part made with different three sections with soft foam that provides you comfort while riding.

Design: Arai XD4 can provide you a superior design with a quiet feature in the market. XD4 helmet is oval-shaped can fit any head properly—inner side designed to reduce excessive sound in your road. And also help you to get actual alerts in the street. As a result, you don’t get confused and can be comfortable on-road while riding.

Measurement: The helmet has Large, extra-large, and all other sizes to be fit on your head. You need to know about your head size. In a word, XD4 is true to size.

Certification: XD4 has a DOT and Snell certification that is proof of the safety of XD4.


  • Portable interior part.
  • Dry, cool technology for hot and cold weather.
  • Certified by snell M2015.
  • Exhaust port in the top panel to control airflow.
  • High-quality fibre made helmet with lightweight.
  • Emergency cheek pad removal system.
  • True to size with a perfect oval shape.


Very much expensive.

Why should you buy Arai XD4 Helmet?

Full-faced XD4 is now very popular for its noise cancellation features with perfect hearing capability while riding. XD4 is known as a quiet full-face motorcycle helmet in the market. Fully removable internal parts can provide you convenient experience in the street. Snell M2015 approval draws the attention of customers. Aerodynamic features can offer you extra benefits while you go for high speed.

Why people buy Arai XD4 Helmet?

Oval shaped XD4 helmet is a loyal choice for people for best fitting in the road. While you are riding in an urban area, traffic noise can go up to 115db, which is very harmful to our body and can be a reason for your accident. XD4 can provide you noise-reducing features that can help you to drive swiftly. Though XD4 is an expensive helmet, Arai can be worth your money. Cowl vest and exhaust technology can increase the ventilation system.

02. HJC Full Face Helmet – UV Protection & Ventilation

HJC C91 Helmet (XX-Large) (SEMI-Flat Black)
  • Since 1971, HJC has specialized in manufacturing motorcycle helmets...
  • The combination of this extensive specialized manufacturing experience,...
  • It is HJC's continual goal to provide high quality, comfortable, and...
  • Uses the Pinlock®-Ready HJ-17 Shield as a replacement or upgrade.
  • Pinlock® inserts sold separately.

Are you looking for a quiet motorcycle helmet for under $200? Then you can choose a piece of HJC full-face helmet. It is offering the quietest modular motorcycle helmets. Build quality, outer and inner construction, ventilation system, UV protection feature, and sunshine protection system make HJC helmet can be in your choice list.

Inner and outer shell: Exterior part of the helmet is made with Polycarbonate and a chin bar made with a similar material that gives you a premium feel. The inner part is constructed with a soft cushion cheek pad. All internal pieces are removable.

Design: HJC MAX-II helmets are oval-shaped full-faced helmets in our market. The whole design looks premium under $200—the inner part is designed in such a way that you can remove sections easily and wash them—front glass made with a plastic lens. You find a sunglass in your helmet top portion, which is also portable when you need it that you can use, and when you don’t need it, you can pull over your sun-protective glass.

Sizing: MAX II is true to size. HJC has a maximum of 5 times the extra-large size, which is helpful to all types of user who has a large head.

Certification: HJC MAX II is DOT approved for build material, which is Polycarbonate.

Quiet: MAX II is one of the quietest helmets. HJC MAX can control to receiving excessive noise in urban traffic areas. You find a slot to use any external hearing device inside your helmet.


  • Lightweight Polycarbonate made frame.
  • DOT certified build material.
  • Five times the extra-large size.
  • True to size.
  • Cheek pad removal system.
  • Price is under $200.
  • Proper ventilation system.
  • 95% UV protective frontal portion.


  • When you stand in a foggy morning, fog goes up.

Why should you buy HJC IS-MAX II Helmet?

95% UV protection with the quietest modular motorcycle helmet is dependable to users. A perfect adjustable ventilation system in the crown can provide you a convenient service that others cannot offer. An external hearing device adjustable slot provides you with an extra feature. Ergonomically designed with CAD technology that can provide you with a dependable, quiet helmet at a reasonable price.

Why people buy HJC IS-MAX II Helmet?

Polycarbonate made oval shaped MAX II helmet is a top-notched bike helmet that can offer you a proper ventilation system and hot, cold technology. Advanced CAD designed with a soft cheek pad made the internal part offering people super comfort. ACS advanced ventilation system added from front to backplane. Adjustable sun-protective glass added to drive in heavy sunlight.  

03. HJC MAX II Helmet – Proper Comfort

HJC MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet is a little expensive but a premium quality helmet. It is famous for Skyrym graphics in design. Good airflow with an aerodynamic system can provide you a good experience at high speed. It is made for bike racers, but you also can use a bad boy if you are a regular rider.

Outer and inner construction: HJC’s primary structure is made with non-woven fabric that provides extra strength to the helmet. Matrix carbon fiber and aramid were also added to the mainframe. Materials made extreme helmet lightweight and comfortable with proper fatigue.

Design: The main attraction of MAX II Modular is Skyrym graphics design. Matt black with white combination makes RPH-11 very gorgeous to look at. You find crown and cheek pad is fully removable and washable. The aerodynamic system helps to drive at high speed with proper airflow. Central glass and sun-protective glass are properly inserted to protect you from sunlight and regular use.

Sizing: MAX II Modular Helmet is available in various sizes. You find the helmet is small to extra-large and accurate to an extent.

Certification: 11 Pro is ECE and DOT approved.


  • Non woven fabric and glass fibre provides a lightweight feature.
  • ECE and DOT certified in safety rating.
  • Proper fitted for all types of head.
  • Aerodynamic structure for high speed.


  • Not properly fit for some people.
  • Price is high.

Why should you buy HJC RPHA-11 Pro Skyrym Helmet?

RPHA-11 is one of the best helmets for a bike racer. Though the helmet designed for bike racers, you also can use RPHA-11 Pro. Aerodynamic technology with ergonomic design can help you to prove proper comfort with HJC 11 pro. The price of RPHA is higher than another quiet helmet, but HJC’s quality is different from low priced helmets.

Why people buy HJC RPHA-11 Pro Skyrym Helmet?

11 pro is worth the price. People who are looking for a gorgeous design motorcycle helmet then go for buying RPHA-11 Pro. The helmet is not only useful to design, quality, ventilation system, non-woven build frame, but lightweight, and an aerodynamic system can also provide super comfort while riding. RPHA-11’s quiet feature can help you to reduce noise in urban areas and heavy traffic when road sound goes up to 115db.

4. Yema Quietest Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle Modular Flip-up Helmet DOT And ECE Approved...
  • Advanced Modular/flip Up and Three visor included (Inner Smoked visor/outer...
  • Outstanding Aerodynamic ABS Shell and Multi-density EPS
  • Quick Release Buckle and Removeable and Washable Inner Lining Pads.
  • Fully Adjustable Intake and Exhaust Vents to Keep Cool.
  • Meets or Exceeds both ECE and DOT FMVSS 218 Safety Standards.

Yema Helmet YM-829 is a quality helmet in a low budget in our market till now. YM-829 is a lightweight full-face helmet for both males and females. Airflow system, build material, and other features are satisfactory according to price range. If you are searching for a quiet helmet under $100, then YM-829 is for you.

Construction: Outer and inner shell of helmet made with aerodynamic ABS shell, reinforced shin strap with multi-density EPS, can provide you with a beneficial quality at a reasonable price.

Design: YM-829 is designed for both men and women with a quick-release buckle. Fully controllable ventilation system but not that much quality full but okay with the price. You can easily use sun vison and clear visor without using any tool—linear pads placed in such a way that you can easily remove them and wash them.

Sizing: You find all sizes that you can easily choose for your head. Just check their size list. Sizing starts with Small to two times extra-large.

Quiet: Being quiet is very important for YM-829, and the helmet is okay with that. When you go at a high speed, YM-829 can help you to reduce noise but not that much.

Certification: DOT FMVSS 218 approved for both men and women.


  • Price is low.
  • Quality is okay, according to price.
  • Lightweight
  • For both men and women.
  • Proper fitted.


  • No fog removal system.
  • The ventilation system not worked properly.
  • Not quite entirely in high speed.
  • Aerodynamic technology not used.

Why should you buy Yema Helmet YM-829?

the main reason for buying a helmet for you should be the price. quality of YM-928 is okay, but not best. If you go for purchasing the best quality helmet, then YM-829 is not for you. If you are a regular user, then you can buy a bad boy. Moderate level ventilation and noise cancellation system can provide you with an average level service, not best. You have to face fog issues, and you don’t find any aerodynamic system whether you go for high speed.

Why people buy Yema Helmet YM-829?

You find some problems when you are going to use YM-829 on the road, but not that significant if you think about the price. If you are using a regular bike and you need a mask to protect your head with a little ventilation and quiet feature, then you must go for YM-829. Before ordering a Yema helmet, be careful about size. Try to order one size larger than your actual size.

5. Shoei Quietest Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei RF-1400 Scanner Men's Street Motorcycle Helmet -...
  • Aerodynamic Performance
  • Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ Shell
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Optimized Ventilation System
  • DOT Approved, Meets FMVSS 218 Standard

Shoei Rf-1200 is the lightest helmet that is Snell certified in our market. Though RF-1200’s price is around $600, quality, comfort, performance, and protection draw the attention of riders to buy RF-1200. Build quality and ventilation systems with noise reduction capability that can take place on your list.

Build material: Shoei Rf-1200 made with a fiber with matrix shell construction that makes helmet lightest. The inner part made with a fully removable soft cheek pad that makes RF-1200 more comfortable.

Design: Rf-1200 is one of the best-designed quiet full-face motorcycle helmets. Then aerodynamic system with noise reduction capability can help you while you are riding at high speed. You find an exhaust vent in the rear portion that helps to keep your head cool and dry in hot weather. You see pin-lock anti-fog system—overall Rf-1200 designed by an experienced engineer team. Look at your front glass and fix that in a slot.

Sizing: Shoei Rf can fit on all heads with a compact design. You find various sizes that you want. Rf-1200 is true to size.

Certification: Rf-1200 is the first lightest helmet that is Snell certified. Shoei RF is also DOT M2015 approved.

Quiet and ventilation: Rf-1200 is known as the quietest helmet among bikers with a convenient ventilation system. You find two vents on the front side and one exhaust vent in the back portion. You see, a noise reduction feature worked while you are riding. You find slots for using any external hearing device.


  • Compacted lightweight design.
  • Noise reduction worked perfectly.
  • Two front and one back exhaust vent added.
  • Two-layer EPS.
  • 3D max dry technology.
  • Four shelled frame.


  • Price is very high.
  • For some people, you may need to thinner cheek pad to fit.

Why should you buy Shoei Rf-1200 Helmet?

Rf-1200 is the best of all quiet helmets in our present market at $500 with working all features properly without any issues. Ventilation, protection, and the inner part can provide you with a dependable service that others cannot. 3D max dry and aerodynamic technology made Rf-1200 can be your top pick. Four shelled compact designs can give you reliable protection while you are driving.

Why people buy Shoei Rf-1200 Helmet?

When people want to buy the best helmet at a reasonable, then they look for updated properties features, and they are working correctly. Rf-1200 designed in that way, which can provide all current technology, and they are working correctly. Proper fitted lightweight Rf-1200 is now top of the choice of people. You don’t find a lightweight helmet that is approved by Snell certification. People buy Rf-1200 for being the quietest motorcycle helmet. While you are riding at high speed on the road, Rf-1200 helps you to reduce excessive noise.

Buying Guide for Quietest Motorcycle Helmet

Quietest Motorcycle Helmets
Source: badasshelmetstore.com

Recently US Federal Highway Administration releases statistics about highway traffic sound. According to statistics, highway sound can reach up to 70 to 80 decibels. That is okay in an ordinary sense. But when you are driving on the road, you may face a sound amplification problem. And that can be a reason for your accident. From some authentic sources, our road sound increased to 115db and created disturbance for riders.

If you are a motorcycle rider, then you must consider the noise level when purchasing your helmet. You know how frustrating it is to use a loud helmet if you are riding bikes for a while.

The noise inside your helmet can reach 115 decibels at high speed. This noise comes from only wind, and if you consider other factors of road noises, then total noise will rise.

Studies show that when you are exposed to a noise starting at 85 decibels, then hearing loss occurs. You can expect hearing loss is more common among riders with 115 decibels and more noise.

It’s super dangerous to ride under noise apart from hearing loss. If you stay in an environment with sounds, it causes fatigue, and it is the last thing a motorcycle biker need.

Riding becomes enjoyable when the helmet is quiet. You can reduce all noises to below 85 decibels with a proper helmet. You are putting your life in danger if you are not using a quiet helmet.

What Makes A Motorcycle Helmet Quietest?

The biggest issue you are going to face is when a rider goes into a windy area, and that makes it incredibly loud inside your helmet. Helmets of different models can help to shield you from most of the noise. On the other hand, not all helmets are the same.

Because of this reason, it’s vital to choose a helmet that has a more aerodynamic design. Aerodynamic design will allow wind to slide over a surface of the helmet quickly and thus results in a significant drop in wind noise.

The number one factor that makes a helmet quiet is aerodynamics. When the helmet has less resistance, wind slides over a surface smoother. All motorcycle manufacturers invest a lot of effort and time in creating a perfect design to make a helmet quiet.

Any element that disrupts a smooth flow of air over a helmet allows noise inside your helmet. Some other things like visor seals, air vents, and space between the chin will enable sounds to the helmet.  

Chin curtains work to repel noise and wind and keeping it away from the front of your face. Chin curtains work wonders when it comes to noise reduction and lets you ride in peace even at higher speeds.

Cheek pads, neck roll design, and interior of the helmet also play a role in noise reduction. All these components can help to minimize wind noise and road noise and allows you to ride in a near-silent environment. Don’t forget to read our new post on motorcycle radar detector for 2021.

Different Types of Quiet Motorcycle Helmets

Full Face Helmet: From the name, we can understand that full-face helmets cover your head completely. Only eyes are part where they didn’t use any solid materials for protection. To protect your eyes from sunlight and any other debris on the road, they use visor eye protection.

If you don’t want any distortions in your vision, then you should consider a helmet with an anti-fogging visor. Full face helmets provide extra protection with a chin guard or bar and tend to be quieter than any other helmets and shuts all kinds of noise.

Off-Road Helmet: Because of angular chin bars and unmistakable sun peaks, off-road helmets differ from full-face helmets. We all know that dust and road noises are familiar with off-road riding. That’s the reason why off-road helmets are optimized with ventilation to supply fresh air when riding.

The design and shape of a helmet allow the smooth flow of wind over the surface. The helmet covers full-face doesn’t allow noises to pass through it, and thus, it turns out to be quiet.

Modular Helmet: Modular helmets come with removable chin guards. With the chin guard gone, the helmet turns into an open face helmet. Claustrophobic and adventure-seeking riders like modular helmets a lot.

You need to install a chin guard while riding to shut off outside wind noise. Read details about 6 types of motorcycle helmets.

Choosing A Quietest Motorcycle Helmet: Guide

Ventilation: Nothing is more awkward than feeling suffocated while riding. You need to feel comfortable even if you want a helmet to be as quiet as possible. You should look for multiple vents to flush out hot air and also make sure that you can shut off vents in case you need it.

Shell Material: Manufacturers use thermoplastic or fiberglass to make motorcycle helmets. Thermoplastic is a polycarbonate that needs more foam padding to satisfy safety standards. These kinds of helmets tend to be bigger and heavier, but they are more affordable too. Because of its complexity, fiberglass shells are expensive than thermoplastic shells. These shells are more lightweight and harder, but they can break too. Because of additional padding, thermoplastic seems to be quieter.

Safety Rating: Beyond everything, your motorcycle helmet has to be DOT approved to be safe for road use. Another safety standard is ECE, and It ensures high abrasion resistance and shell rigidity. Safety comes first always, and hence you should check all safety standards.

Coverage: You should go for a full-face helmet if you are searching for an excellent performance. A full-face helmet will give you less noise and high safety.

Comfort: Discomfort is the last thing you want while using a motorcycle helmet. You should look for a helmet that gives you the best comfort even if you are riding for a long time. Lastly, the choice is yours to make, and you can buy a motorcycle helmet according to your budget. If you have a bigger budget, then I would suggest you check different models and choose what fits you best. If you have free time then have a look to our best Bluetooth motorcycle speakers for 2021.

Picking The Quiet Motorcycle Helmet

The Quietest motorcycle helmet should be an apart choice for riders to be safe while riding. We discussed the best quietest motorcycle helmet in our present market of 2020. We find out features, pros, and cons. Reason for buying bike helmets. All quiet helmets discussed above are best according to price and quality. We picked a low-budget and flagship budget quiet helmet with user experience in real life. We also clear confusion in which the motorcycle helmet is the quietest.

If you are a bike racer or regular user and you can spend much, then you must go for Arai XD4 or Shoei Rf-1200. Both of them are premium quality helmets with working all features correctly. But if you are looking for a helmet for $200, then you must go for HJC IS-MAX II. But if you are looking for the cheapest and want a quiet helmet, then Yema Helmet YM-829 is for you.

Still, if you think they are not perfect for you and you need good graphics, then HJC RPHA-11 Pro Skyrym Helmet.

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